Buffalo Trace Cigar History, Vitolas & Price Guide (2023)

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Buffalo Trace is an award-winning distillery well-acknowledged worldwide. The famous whiskey producer teamed up with Cigars International for a whiskey and smoking collaboration. 

For true-blue fans of Buffalo Trace, can the cigar be a great addition to your Buffalo Trace collection?

Let’s discover some interesting facts about Buffalo Trace Cigar – price, history, and more. 

About Buffalo Trace Cigars

Buffalo Trace Cigars

Buffalo Trace cigar is an exclusive cigar released in June 2021 and is available in Meier & Dutch. The cigar is a collaboration of the popular Kentucky-based whiskey producer Buffalo Trace and Cigars International. 

The Buffalo Trace cigar is rolled at General Cigar Dominicana and pairs perfectly with the Buffalo Trace bourbon.

It bears the same name as the distillery and comes in three sizes: Toro, Robusto, and Churchill.

Key Facts 

Key Facts 

History & Origin

General Cigar created the Buffalo Trace cigar last June 2021 to celebrate the launch of the new SuperStore of Cigars International in Lutz and Tampa. The release took delight in Ybor City downtown, the birthplace of handmade cigarillos in the United States. 

The combined premium cigar and bourbon experience of Cigars International and Buffalo Trace joined forces for the spirits and smoke collaboration. It is crafted in General Cigar in the Dominican Republic. 

How It’s Made

Making The Buffalo Trace Cigars

Buffalo Trace is made with Brazilian Arapiraca binder, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and has a nice blend of flavors upon smoking. 

The handmade cigar [1] starts with the balanced yet potent mix of barrel-aged Piloto Cubano and long-filler tobaccos. It is encased inside a Brazilian Arapiraca binder and finished with an oily, dark Sumatra wrapper. 

Strength & Flavor

The distinctive flavors of the Buffalo Trace cigar came from the long-fillers containing barrel-aged Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigar flavors are blended to pair well with the classic American spirit. 

The cigar has rich notes and complexity of medium-roast coffee, tangy leather, black pepper, and generic tobacco. Also, it has a medium-full strength and perfect dry draw that stays while smoking and backs down at the end. 


Sumatra Cigar Wrapper

All three cigar vitolas are wrapped in a hearty Sumatra wrapper grown in the rich soil of Ecuador’s Los Rios region. The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper gives the cigar a firm and flawless appearance. 

The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper gives the cigar an exotic flavor, subtle musty alfalfa notes, and sweet chewing tobacco aroma. It has a medium and dark-mottled appearance.

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Shape & Length

Based on the Meier & Dutch official website, the cigarillos have three shapes: (1) Churchill, (2) Robusto, and (3) Toro. 

The Buffalo Trace Robusto is 5 inches in length and features a 49 gauge, while Buffalo Trace Churchill is 7 inches in length and has a similar gauge. On the other hand, Buffalo Trace Toro measures 6 inches in length and has a 52 gauge.

Filler & Binder

Buffalo Trace Cigar and bourbon

Buffalo Trace Cigar features a Brazilian Arapiraca binder and a blend of barrel-aged Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano long-fillers. 

If you are one of the whiskey lovers who love smoking handmade cigars, you will appreciate the barrel-aged filler of the cigar. Unfortunately, the filler is neither infused with bourbon [2] nor aged in used Buffalo Trace Kentucky bourbon barrels. 

Pairing Recommendations 

The Buffalo Trace cigar is designed to blend with the Buffalo Trace bourbon, and it pairs well with fingers of the good stuff. Some cigar enthusiasts claim it pairs well with whiskeys like Stagg Jr and sweeter ones like Maker’s Mark

After lighting the Buffalo Trace cigar, the quality and taste are evident. It pairs well with rum, bourbon, and Añejo tequila. However, it is best paired with chai tea if you want to chill and puff. 

3 Buffalo Trace Cigar Vitolas 

3 Buffalo Trace Cigar Vitolas 

1. Buffalo Trace Toro

Length: 6”

Ring Gauge: 52

Quick Description: 

Toro contains tobacco fillers, Brazil Arapiraca, and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers. It came from the Dominican Republic, and it has medium strength. Moreso, it has a nice balance of bitterness of coffee and sweetness of caramel notes. 

2. Buffalo Trace Robusto 

Buffalo Trace Robusto on desk

Length: 5”

Ring Gauge: 49

Quick Description: 

It is a handmade cigar with the following: Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra, Binder: Brazil Arapiraca, and Filler: Nicaraguan. It has nice notes of spice, leather, light black pepper, nuts, and hints of vanilla. 

3. Buffalo Trace Churchill

Length: 7”

Ring Gauge: 49

Quick Description: 

It is a quality cigar that is pleasing to the palate and nose. If you love to smoke handmade cigarillos, you will appreciate the complexity and flavor of the cigar. 

The brand is made from tobacco fillers aged in barrels, so the vanilla, cedar, leather, and hints of coffee are present and evident in every puff. 

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Common Buffalo Trace Cigar Price

Common Buffalo Trace Cigar Price

Type Quantity Average Price
Buffalo Trace Toro 1 pc Around $8.00
5 pcs Around $36.00
Box of 20 Around $127.99
Buffalo Trace Robusto 1 pc Around $7.50
5 pcs Around $33.75
Box of 20 Around $119.99
Buffalo Trace Churchill 1 pc Around $8.50
5 pcs Around $38.25
Box of 20 Around $135.99

*Average prices are based on Prices may vary in different cigar and smoke shops. 


Where are Buffalo Trace cigars made from?

Buffalo Trace cigars are made from barrel-aged Piloto Cubano and long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos. It is handmade and has an amazing flavor profile that you can taste when smoking and pair with different spirits. 

Who makes the Buffalo Trace cigars?

Buffalo Trace cigars are made by General Cigar Dominicana, located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. It is made in partnership with Buffalo Trace and Cigars Intl. It is exclusively distributed by Meier & Dutch.  

Final Verdict

The Dominican-made Buffalo Trace cigar can be a great addition to your Buffalo Trace collection because it has light and nice notes of leather, cashers, and cedar with hints of spice and vanilla. The smoke outputs are excellent, along with the dry draw. 

You can pair it with the bourbon from the Kentucky-based distillery or enjoy the light flavor profile with chai tea. You can purchase it way cheaper in boxes, but it is also available in singles and five cigarillos.



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