Can You Mix Vodka & Tequila? (2023 Updated)

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Vodka and tequila are equally special, strong, and straightforward. They are enough to make you forget your name if you drink more than what you can handle. But, can you mix vodka and tequila?

Our team of experts spent 48 hours researching for an answer. Read on to know what we have discovered. 

Tequila & Vodka: Can You Mix Them?

Pouring Vodka in the Jar

Yes, you can mix tequila and vodka. It may not be wise to drink two alcohol varieties simultaneously but creating a mix is acceptable. This logic simply ensures that the body can accept the alcohol. 

Infusing them into one drink with the proper measurement makes it a safer option. These two spirits contain high-alcohol content. However, they can also be good choices as long as they are consumed moderately. 

5 Ways To Mix Vodka & Tequila 

5 Ways To Mix Vodka & Tequila 

1. Secure a Cocktail Mixer

Cocktail Shaker

Concocting a drink made of vodka and tequila requires a proper tool. A cocktail mixer, also called a shaker, is needed to combine all the components properly. Ensure that the cover is secure and seal the contents once you shake it. 

Normally, these are steel-made. However, there are also plastic varieties.

2. Fill Cocktail Mixer With Crushed Ice Halfway

glass and ice

Apart from ensuring the shaker is clean, make sure your ice is also good-quality. The purpose of your crushed ice is to freeze your alcohol apart from diluting [1] it. The ice will jeopardize the consistency of the drink’s flavor if it has any residual smell or taste. 

Its size also matters. The uniformity of the ice greatly influences the appearance of your drink. 


3. Pour Two Units of Vodka & Tequila

There are different measurements in every mixed drink. Some use one and ½ while others choose to have a fuller flavor. You can use orange-flavored vodka along with two ounces of freshly squeezed orange. 

One orange can produce 2-3 ounces, which would blend the two alcohols perfectly. Using a full two ounces of vodka and tequila will provide the savor and the kick. 

4. Shake Well

Shaking the Cocktail Mixer

To ensure that all ingredients are mixed well, you must shake the contents of the mixer vigorously. Master the components of doing a wet shake. With the proper vigor and shake, you can incorporate the flavors evenly.

The sweet taste of orange and the feistiness of tequila and vodka will blend perfectly after a couple of shakes. Remember, overshaken drinks turn soggy. Also, this will not meet the aspired temperature of the drink.

5. Pour On A Tall Glass & Serve

Secure a tall glass to pour your Mexi-tini. This drink will be more flavorful if you use freshly squeezed juice. However, canned juice will also do. Pour slowly and serve.


Is it bad to drink vodka and tequila on the same night?

Yes, it is bad to drink vodka and tequila on the same night since these are two different alcohols. However, mixing them into a cocktail with proper measurement is alright. There will be higher alcohol content. So, you must remember to keep it in moderation at all times. 

Is tequila stronger than vodka?

No, tequila is not stronger than vodka. Both alcoholic beverages are distilled, but vodka goes through distillation more than any other liquor. The clearer the color is, the stronger the alcohol becomes. Some vodka brands are distilled up to 18 times, making them stronger than any other liquor. 

Key Takeaways

You can mix vodka and tequila without any negative effects. You can mix them in a cocktail and enjoy a refreshing drink. Just get a cocktail mixer, fill it with crushed ice halfway, pour two units of vodka and tequila, and then shake it well. 

Combining vodka and tequila may raise the alcohol level of the drink and may cause a hangover. However, if you can turn them into a refreshing cocktail drink, then it’s fine.



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