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Can You Smell Vodka On Your Breath? (2023 Updated)

Can You Smell Vodka On Your Breath

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Can You Smell Vodka On Your Breath? (2023 Updated)

While consuming just a shot of vodka may not typically register in an alcohol test, some drinkers claim that clear spirits like vodka don’t produce a smell or noticeable odor.

But which is true? Can you smell vodka on your breath or not?

Through a series of interviews with experts in the fields of chemistry and liquor, we will give you a better understanding of the smell of vodka on your breath.

Will Vodka Make Your Breath Smell?

Absolut Lime Vodka

No, vodka will not make your breath smell if you do not drink more than what your body should take.

Other components of vodka drink can produce smell, but unlike other alcoholic beverages, vodka does not have a strong odor.

Based on our experience, as our body processes alcohol, there is a stench in our mouth after drinking vodka.

But since our body can process an ounce of liquor every hour, the distinct odor will slowly fade after several hours as you metabolize the consumed alcohol.

“Detecting vodka on your breath can be a challenge due to its clear nature.”

-Liquor Laboratory

Moreover, the human nose is familiar with the owner’s breath, and some people have trouble identifying the smell of vodka on someone’s breath.

What Your Breath Smells After Drinking It 

What Your Breath Smells After Drinking It 

Pure Vodka

Pure vodka is clear because of multiple distillations, so it has a subtle odor. If you consume more than a shot, the presence of an unpleasant smell from alcohol will be secreted from your body.

The smell of vodka on your breath depends on how much alcoholic beverage you consume. You may be able to smell vodka, specifically the pure alcohol, but it will gradually fade as your body processes the alcohol.

But, what is vodka’s alcohol proof?

Vodka Diluted With Water

Vodka & Water

After consuming vodka, the smell of alcohol on your breath can be described as vodka diluted with water.

It may have a slight lingering scent of ethanol, but you can avoid the smell if you stay hydrated. Your liver will process the alcohol, and your mouth will be rinsed with water so the scent of ethanol will fade.

However, regardless of the alcohol content or mixers used, the alcohol breath or smell will come out when the body’s limit is reached. 

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How To Get Rid of Vodka Breath 

How To Get Rid of Vodka Breath 

The only practical solution to getting rid of the alcohol smell is waiting. If you have time on your hands, the smell will disappear if you wait.

“Take a shot of vodka and hope for the best.” 

-Nathan Lane, American Actor

However, there are temporary fixes that you can do to minimize the unpleasant odor coming out of you, like:

  • drinking a lot of water

  • gargling with an alcohol-based mouthwash

  • Food consumption

  • chewing on gum

  • drinking coffee

  • eating peanut butter

  • sucking on cough drops


Can you smell if someone drinks vodka?

No, you cannot smell someone drinking vodka because it is odorless. However, if you consume more than the body can process, the result will be unpleasant.

Typical acetate [1] produced by the body should smell sweet. But when in excess, the odor comes out as sweat or breath may be foul.

How long does the smell of vodka stay on your breath?

The smell of vodka stays on your breath for at least an hour if you only consumed a shot. However, if you had more than an ounce, the body would process alcohol much longer.

It can be identified within 12-24 hours with an alcohol detection test. But does vodka evaporate?

Can cops smell vodka on your breath?

No, cops not be able to smell vodka on your breath if you only drink in moderation. Since alcohol is odorless, they will not notice any smell.

However, if you drink too many, the smell produced by its ingredients will give you away. 

Final Thoughts

Vodka [2] is a clear drink that does not have a noticeable odor on your breath, especially if you don’t consume too much.

But if you drink more than your liver can metabolize, your breath will smell like pure vodka or vodka diluted in water.

If you drink beyond what the body can process, it is inevitable, so it is better to fill your stomach with food or water to alter the smell.




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