How Many Calories are in Scotch Whisky? (2023 Updated)

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Contrary to what most people believe, alcohol drinking does have health benefits. Choosing the right drink is key to achieving positive results. Red wine is the common choice of many, but do you know that Scotch whisky has fewer calories?

Our team spent 48 hours researching how many calories in a Scotch whisky you could get.

Scotch Whisky: An Overview 

Scotch Whisky

Whiskey was already evident in Scotland even in the 1400s, but production records did not appear until the early 1500s. Referred to as “Aqua Vitae” in Latin, which means “water of life, was given to Friar John Cor. 

King James IV of Scotland is fond of drinking alcohol. His liquor of choice is whiskey. Over the years, they developed this healthy drink low in calories. Eventually, Scotland came up with law regarding its production. If it is from Scotland, then it is Scotch whisky. If in the US, it will be called Bourbon. 

Calories You Get From Drinking Whiskey

Calories You Get From Drinking Whiskey  

Pure Whiskey

The number of calories [1] you get per 1.5 ounces of whiskey depends on its proof. Those concerned with their health, calories, and diet should choose a shot of pure Bourbon. Their calorie content differs, like food. Consuming drinks with lower calories, such as Bourbon, is always better. 

Mixed With Water

Scotch Whisky with water

Mixing Bourbon with water does not lower your calorie intake. One drink with a special kind of water will intensify the rye taste and alcohol present. However, nothing will be lowered when you drink alcohol mixed with water. And this includes calories in Bourbon.

With Mixer

Like a sour mix, one drink of whiskey with a mixer, the calories become higher. The ingredients in the sour mix increase your calorie intake. Calories are added to what the Bourbon already contains.


Whiskey Proof


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Recommended Level of Consumption

Consuming alcohol daily is not harmful as long as this is in moderation, like whiskey, which has low calories. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans created a proposition. 

They recommended that those of legal age who drink should limit their alcohol consumption. Males can consume up to two drinks daily, while women can consume a drink at a maximum. 

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4 Ways To Minimize The Caloric Content of Whiskey 

4 Ways To Minimize The Caloric Content of Whiskey 

1. Add Water

Whiskey already has very low calories. That alone is an addition to your much-needed health benefits. However, adding water will not lower the number of calories present in a whiskey. It will intensify the flavor of the alcohol you are drinking, regardless of the proof. 

2. Add Ice

Scotch Whisky with ice

Adding ice to lessen its calorie content holds the same concept when you drink Scotch with water. The number of calories will remain constant with every ounce you consume. Just remember to drink a moderate serving to avoid negative effects on your brain and the rest of your body system. But, what’s the difference between Irish whiskey and scotch?

3. Add Soda

Each time you add any kind of mixer, the calories will increase since you are adding its calories to your whiskey. However, serving it with club soda will be helpful since the content will be retained. 

4. Drink Straight

Scotch Whisky in neat glass

The best way to drink Scotch or Bourbon is straight, regardless of the brand or proof. Like Red wine, it has low calories. The health benefits are plenty as long as this is drunk moderately. 


How many calories are in a glass of Scotch?

You get around 80 calories in every 35ml glass of Scotch. The health benefits of drinking this alcohol begin with its calories. Drinking it in a small amount can improve heart health.

Is Scotch good for weight loss?

Yes, Scotch is good for weight loss because it contains zero fat and has very little sodium. As long as you drink this in moderation, this can aid in achieving weight loss.

Is Scotch whisky high in sugar?

No, Scotch whisky is not high in sugar since it is made of grains. It has zero sugar content and has achieved its flavor because of its main ingredient, malted barley. So how much sugar is in whiskey?

How many carbs are in Scotch whisky?

There are no carbs in Scotch whisky when you drink it straight. However, if you drink alcohol with mixers other than club soda, the sugar and carb contents change. 

Final Thoughts 

Scotch whisky is one of the alcoholic beverages that have low calories. There are other nutritional benefits found in these drinks as well. Drinking rye whiskey or different types of scotch whisky is said to be good for the health. 

It does not curve the appetite, but it certainly does not add up to what is absorbed by the body when consumed. Drinking whiskey in moderation should always be remembered, or more health problems will arise. 

Moderation means just having a maximum of two drinks for men and a shot of whiskey for a woman. This is not a very hard thing to do to keep oneself healthy.




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