Does Vodka Evaporate Over Time? (2023 Updated)

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Having your favorite vodka at home can come in handy if you fancy a drink. However, what would happen to a bottle of vodka if it was left open? Aside from a possible change in flavor, does vodka evaporate?

Our team did some researching for 72 hours to get the answer.

Vodka: Does It Evaporate? 


Yes, vodka evaporates. Vodka is a distilled spirit that has varieties stronger than ethyl alcohol. Similar to how other types of alcohol, vodka goes through the process of evaporation [1]. 

Some say that as long as it stays unopened, contents inside remain as it is. However, that can be untrue. Temperature can contribute highly to the state of alcohol. 

All components will remain if the liquor is kept in a stable and cool area. But, if this is exposed to sunlight, the alcohol will evaporate. 

How Fast It Evaporates

How Fast It Evaporates

Opened Vodka Bottle

Opened Vodka Bottle

At Room Temperature

An opened bottle of vodka stored at room temperature may last for weeks or even months or years. This depends on how carefully you store it. 

You must ensure that it is in a clean container with little air. It must also be covered securely and tightly, standing upright. 

In The Sun

Vodka exposed to the sun will not take long before it evaporates. The longest wait would be 30 minutes at least. 

The flavor will also change when the alcohol evaporates. Apart from evaporation, oxidation [2] will also exist, affecting the savor of the drink.

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Unopened Vodka Bottle

Unopened Vodka

At Room Temperature

Storing an unopened vodka bottle at room temperature will allow it to last a long shelf life. It is indefinite, but it can last for years if kept cool and dry. An advisable temperature would be between 41-61°F. But is vodka flammable?

In The Sun

The heat that is higher than 61°F will affect its shelf life. However, the vodka is not going to evaporate fast. 

It may take years before the alcohol evaporates since it is still sealed. But, there are instances wherein taste changes, especially if the vodka is a flavored variety.

When Used In Cooking

Cooking with vodka is used in many recipes. However, the alcohol present diminishes depending on the time it is cooked. 

For example, vodka cooked around 15 minutes leaves 40 percent alcohol. After another 15 minutes, only 35 percent remains. 

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Does vodka evaporate completely?

Yes, vodka evaporates completely. Suppose you leave the bottle open and under the heat of the sun. It will also evaporate completely under a temperature higher than 61°F. 

Does alcohol in vodka evaporate?

Yes, alcohol in vodka evaporates. The main reason this happens is because of high temperature. In time, all alcohol content will evaporate. The sooner it will happen if the bottle remains open.

Does heat evaporate vodka?

Yes, the heat evaporates vodka. A bottle of vodka contains mostly alcohol. Some even reach up to 192 vodka proof or 96 percent. The longer it stays exposed to heat, the faster evaporation happens. 

In Conclusion

We all know what happens to alcohol when placed under the sun’s heat. It evaporates. It is definitely going to happen with vodka if you do not secure it. 

An unopened bottle technically has an indefinite life span. This is if you ensure that it is stored somewhere below 61°F. Not all vodkas are alike, by the way. 

Do not assume that they will last for years if properly cared for. Some are with other ingredients that affect its shelf life, apart from the heat. So, if you want to enjoy your bottle of vodka longer, make sure you store it properly. 



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