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Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon Review (2024 Updated)

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Review 

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Buffalo Trace introduces great-tasting, excellent bourbon expressions, capturing many fanatics’ taste buds. And one of the remarkable expressions from the distillery is Colonel EH Taylor. 

From the brand, the small batch is the most popular among drinkers due to its availability (before) compared to other expressions. 

If you haven’t tried this bourbon before, you might want to scan through this Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch review and assess if it’s a grab or drop. Keep reading.  

Overview Of Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon

Bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch and a Canister

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch is a product of Buffalo Trace–made from Mash #1, which is speculated to contain 75% corn, 15% barley, and 10% rye.

“We know Col. Taylor had a lot of pride and affection for Warehouse C, as evidenced by his attention for detail, especially on the exterior with the architectural features.” — Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller   

Actually, EH Taylor offers a few varieties like the EH Taylor Barrel Proof and Singe Barrel, which are all produced and aged inside century-old warehouses constructed using hand-selected barrels.  

Quick Facts

DistilleryBuffalo Trace Distillery 
Classification & RegionBourbon/Kentucky, USA
Alcohol Proof100
Mash BillMash #1
Age StatementNAS
ColorDeep Copper 
Rating3-Star (3/5)
Average PriceAround $39.95 (MSRP)

What’s Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon?

EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon is named after the founding father of the bourbon industry– Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., who left an indelible legacy and developed innovative techniques in making whiskey. 

This uncompromising legacy has been implemented in all BT products, including the production of this EH Taylor Small Batch.

The distinctive character and flavor profile of EH Taylor, Jr. make it a true sipping bourbon whiskey.

The mash bill used in this expression is the same as the mash of Stagg, Jr., and Eagle Rare, aged for around seven years. 

What Does Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Taste Like? 

Pouring Bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch


A sniff on the glass gives floral, black pepper, fresh pine, and hints of cinnamon spice on the nose. 

As it develops, there’s a mix of sweetness and savory spices, including candied orange, cherries, and cinnamon notes, which is soothing to the nose. 


The taste is warm on the mouth with a peppery spice, but it has all the right notes and a perfect blend of caramel and vanilla sweetness along the wood and oak tones. 

The palate isn’t too complex, but this small batch has apparent notes of oak and wood.  


The finish lingers with a bit of leather along the caramel and brown sugar notes. It leaves a little heat on the mouth (considering the proof), but it’s not overwhelming.  

Why We Like It 

  • This small-batch bourbon whiskey looks attractive in Glencairn glasses due to its deep copper hue.
  • The bottle looks vintage, which appeals when put shoulder-to-shoulder with other bourbons on a shelf. 
  • It’s bottled-in-bond, so it has the right proof, not too low but not too much, either.
  • Its profile and character are quite impressive for a bottled-in-bond [1] bourbon. It’s not as complex as other BiB bourbons, and the palate, nose, and finish are satisfyingly good. 


  • Although it’s not overly complex as whiskeys of the same proof, beginners may find the heat and wood tones intense.
  • It’s sweet and spicy with an apparent oak flavor. You may find this off your track if you’re not into spicy whiskeys.  

Our Thoughts 

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Canister

First Impression

It looks enticing in the bottle. It makes us want to grab a bottle right away, pour the spirit, and sip it neat. 

The good thing here is it didn’t disappoint. The nose is aromatic, the palate is full of flavors, and the finish is smooth and satisfying. 

Second Try

On our second try, the same flavors show up; no additional hints that may surprise us. But through our experience, it’s quite good– proof-wise, with balanced flavors. 

Uniqueness & Value

With the overall balance and smoothness (with extra proof), it is worth the price point. The $34.95 MSRP is quite affordable, yet you can expect a good sipping experience. 

However, we don’t find this bourbon ideal for very special occasions since there’s no “something special” here.

We prefer having it as an everyday bourbon; however, it’s getting harder to find these days. 

What’s The Rating On Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon?

Bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

We give this whiskey from EH Taylor a 3-star rating. We consider it as a mid-shelf bourbon; its cost is quite affordable, making it an excellent everyday bourbon. 

However, given its rarity nowadays, it’s hard to make it your daily bottle of refreshment.

To Get Or Forget? 

With its affordability, you shouldn’t miss this whiskey. It’s one of the best Buffalo Trace expressions, carrying a colorful history (with the distilling process done during the civil war). 

It’s a good deal of whiskey, given its quality at a budget price, which we don’t expect from EH Taylor bourbons. 

But since this whiskey is getting invisible at liquor stores, you may opt for alternatives like: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Colonel EH Taylor’s small batch smoother than EH Taylor’s single barrel?

Colonel EH Taylor’s single barrel is smoother than the small batch. Though both expressions aren’t overwhelming, there’s more balance in the single barrel variation in terms of heat and wood notes. 

What mash bill does Colonel EH Taylor small batch use?

The mash bill used for Col. EH Taylor SB is mash #1 of the Buffalo Trace. 

How do you drink Colonel EH Taylor’s small batch bourbon?

You can enjoy Col. EH Taylor neat and straight. But, it can also be a great addition or base for cocktails, particularly Old-Fashioned [2]. 

What does Colonel E.H. Taylor taste like?

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon is renowned for its rich and complex flavor profile. With a mash bill featuring corn, rye, and malted barley, this whiskey delivers a harmonious blend of sweet, spicy, and oaky notes.

The palate reveals a delightful combination of caramel and vanilla, accompanied by a subtle hint of dried fruits and a lingering touch of peppery spice.

The meticulous crafting process and attention to detail contribute to a smooth and well-balanced taste, making Colonel E.H. Taylor an exceptional choice for those seeking a sophisticated and flavorful bourbon experience.

Is small batch whiskey better?

The preference for small batch whiskey is subjective and depends on individual taste preferences. Small batch production typically involves a limited number of barrels, allowing for greater attention to detail and a more hands-on approach by the master distiller. This often results in a nuanced and distinctive flavor profile.

While some enthusiasts appreciate the craftsmanship and complexity of small batch whiskeys, others may find that the larger-scale production of other varieties offers a different set of characteristics.

Ultimately, whether small batch whiskey is considered “better” is a matter of personal taste and the desired flavor experience.

How long is Colonel Taylor Small Batch aged?

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon undergoes a patient aging process, with each batch spending a minimum of four years maturing in the barrel.

This extended aging period allows the whiskey to absorb the flavors and characteristics of the charred oak barrels, contributing to its rich and well-developed profile.

The careful consideration of aging time is a testament to the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality bourbon with a depth of flavor that reflects the brand’s legacy and tradition.

Why is E.H. Taylor Warehouse C so expensive?

E.H. Taylor Warehouse C is often associated with a higher price point due to its reputation as an exceptional aging location for bourbon. Warehouses play a crucial role in the maturation process, and Warehouse C is known for its ideal conditions that contribute to the development of premium and rare bourbons.

The combination of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors in Warehouse C creates a unique aging atmosphere, resulting in whiskey with distinct and sought-after characteristics.

The limited availability of bourbons aged in Warehouse C adds to their exclusivity, influencing the higher price tag attached to these exceptional and highly regarded bottles.

Why is E.H. Taylor more expensive than Eagle Rare?

The price difference between E.H. Taylor and Eagle Rare can be attributed to various factors, including differences in production processes, aging conditions, and overall brand positioning. E.H. Taylor is a premium small batch bourbon with a meticulous production process, utilizing high-quality ingredients and benefiting from specific aging conditions.

The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and limited production contributes to its higher price point. On the other hand, Eagle Rare, while also a quality bourbon, may undergo a different production scale or aging process, affecting its cost.

Additionally, brand perception, rarity, and demand also influence pricing, making E.H. Taylor a more exclusive and premium choice for those willing to invest in a distinctive bourbon experience.

What does the EH stand for in E.H. Taylor whiskey?

The “E.H.” in E.H. Taylor whiskey stands for Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., a historical figure considered one of the founding fathers of the bourbon industry in the 19th century.

As a visionary and influential figure, E.H. Taylor played a crucial role in shaping the bourbon landscape, advocating for quality standards and innovation that continue to influence the industry today.

The inclusion of his initials in the brand pays homage to his legacy and dedication to the art of crafting exceptional whiskey.

Why is it called small batch whiskey?

Small batch whiskey is so named because of the limited number of barrels used in its production. Unlike larger-scale production methods, small batch whiskey involves combining a relatively small number of carefully selected barrels for blending.

This process allows for greater control and precision in crafting the final flavor profile, ensuring a more nuanced and distinctive character.

The term “small batch” emphasizes the artisanal approach, emphasizing quality over quantity in the creation of these unique and often sought-after whiskey expressions.

Why is small batch better?

The perception of whether small batch whiskey is “better” is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, many enthusiasts appreciate small batch whiskey for its emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

The smaller production scale allows for a more hands-on approach by master distillers, who can closely monitor and influence the flavor development. This often results in a more complex and unique profile compared to larger batch productions.

The emphasis on craftsmanship and the art of blending contribute to the perception that small batch whiskey offers a superior and more personalized drinking experience for those who value the nuances of flavor and character in their spirits.

Which is better, single barrel, or small batch?

The choice between single barrel and small batch whiskey ultimately depends on personal taste preferences.

Single barrel whiskey is drawn from a single, carefully selected barrel, offering a distinctive and unblended expression of the spirit. This results in a unique flavor profile that showcases the specific characteristics of that individual barrel.

On the other hand, small batch whiskey combines a limited number of barrels for blending, allowing for a more varied and complex flavor profile. Whether one is considered “better” than the other is subjective, with some preferring the singular and pronounced characteristics of a single barrel, while others appreciate the depth and complexity achieved through the blending process in small batch production.

Is E.H. Taylor smooth?

E.H. Taylor whiskey is known for its smooth and well-balanced character. The careful selection of high-quality grains, meticulous production processes, and patient aging contribute to a spirit that is not only rich and complex in flavor but also exhibits a smoothness that is highly prized by bourbon enthusiasts.

The combination of sweet, spicy, and oaky notes in E.H. Taylor whiskey harmonizes on the palate, providing a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience for those who appreciate the finer qualities of a well-crafted bourbon.

Wrapping Up for Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Review

Col. EH Taylor Small Batch is a good sipping expression, best to be enjoyed neat, straight, or on cocktails. 

Despite the extra proof, it’s not too complex, but it has some heat and spiciness, suitable for experienced drinkers. 

Although this expression is nothing special, it is still a must-have–not necessarily on special occasions, but as an everyday bourbon instead.  

However, it is more challenging to find this bottle than before due to high demand (because of its quality at low-cost) but limited supply (because of the aging process). 


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  2. The Right Bourbon for Each of Your Favorite Whiskey Cocktails
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