Blanton’s vs EH Taylor Bourbon Comparison (2023 Updated)

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Welcome to another battle between two notable single barrel bourbons today— Blanton’s single barrel and EH Taylor single barrel.

Yes, they’re made at the same distillery. But what makes them unique from each other? Do they have similarities? 

Let’s get straight to it and uncover the key differences in this Blanton’s vs EH Taylor single barrel comparison.      

Bourbon Face-Off: Blanton’s or EH Taylor Single Barrel? 

Blanton's and E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

EH Taylor single barrel is crafted using the same mash bill with Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare– mashbill #1, with 10-12% rye content. 

The aging process of the EH Taylor single barrel took around 12 years before being bottled in bond at 100-proof (50% ABV).

In comparison, Blanton’s single barrel is crafted using mashbill #2, rich in rye (12-15% rye).

It is aged around seven years before being bottled at 93-proof (46.5% ABV). 

How They Differ 

E.H. TaylorBlanton’s Bourbon
Average PriceApprox. $59.99/750ml (MSRP)Approx. $60/750ml (MSRP)
Alcohol Proof50% ABV46.5% ABV
Age StatementNASNAS
PalateNoticeable flavors of roasted oak, vanilla, sweet pineapple, cinnamon spice, and cherry   Noticeable palate of oak, caramel, buttery honey-vanilla sweetness, baking spice
NoseSpicy yet fruity nose with cinnamon, butterscotch, charred oak, honey, cherry, vanilla, and apricot notes Aromas of old leather, oak, vanilla, caramel, red apple, ginger, and black pepper
FinishLingering smooth feel with more fruity relishes, plus earthy caraway seed, caramel, clove, and cinnamon hints  Long, spicy, and dry with hints of rich caramel, brown sugar sweetness, and vanilla  
How It’s ServedWith a splash of waterNeat

Blanton’s Bourbon 

Production & Maturation Process


Blanton single barrel is produced at the facility of Buffalo Trace using mash #2, aged for around 6 to 8 years in hand-selected barrels [1] (continuing the legacy of Colonel Blanton). 


Blanton’s Single Barrel, Blanton’s Gold, and Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel nowadays are getting harder to find due to high demand but limited supply. 

Price Point

Blanton’s single-barrel bourbons are priced at around $60. Other Blanton bourbons prices are as follows: 

  • Blanton’s Gold – around $120
  • Straight from the Barrel – around $150 

*the prices of the bottles are based on the suggested retail price per 750ml 

Fun Facts 

  • Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible recognized Blanton’s single barrel as “Liquid Gold.
  • Blanton’s won the Double Gold Medal at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • Blanton’s single barrel took home the Chairman’s Trophy, winning as world’s best bourbon, from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2012 and 2013.  

EH Taylor Bourbon 

Production & Maturation Process

Whiskey Barrel

EH Taylor single barrel bourbon whiskey is crafted at warehouse C of the Buffalo Trace’s facility, using the mashbill #1.

All the casks used are hand-selected for the aging process of around 12 years and bonded at 100-proof.   


EH Taylor bourbons aren’t that widely available today due to high demand yet limited commodity. But you can find EH Taylor Small Batch in some liquor stores.  

If you want to purchase EH Taylor single barrel, try your luck visiting the BT’s facility or at local bars with wide selections of whiskey expressions.  

Price Point

old man holding EH Taylor single barrel bourbon

EH Taylor Single Barrel is priced at around $59.99. Other brand’s spirits are priced as follows: 

  • Small Batch and Barrel Proof – around $40 
  • Straight Rye, Sour Mash, Warehouse C Bourbon, Amaranth, Seasoned Wood, Cured Oak, and Four Grain spirits — around $70    
  • Warehouse C Tornado Surviving and 18-Year Marriage — around $70 (now around $1,000 or more) 

*the prices of the bottles are based on the suggested retail price per 750ml

Fun Facts 

  • EH Taylor Single Barrel won the Gold Medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition in Los Angeles.
  • EH Taylor Single Barrel out win Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old (by only two points), scoring 97 points at the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.
  • Col. Edmund Haynes Taylor is considered one of the founding fathers of bourbon, who contributed greatly to the passing of the 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act. 

Do They Have Something In Common? 

Alcohol Proof & Age Statement

The bourbon collections of Blanton’s and EH Taylor are all high-in-alcohol spirits– ranging from 100 to over 130 proof. Besides, both are NAS [2] bourbon whiskeys. 


Buffalo Trace Distillery Water Tower

As mentioned, they are crafted at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfurt, Kentucky.

“It’s more important to judge the liquid, not the label.”

— Emmanuel Dron, Author

It’s the same facility where Pappy Van Winkle, Eagle Rare, Elmer T. Lee, and Buffalo Trace bourbons are made. 

Is Blanton’s The Same As EH Taylor? 

No. They’re not the same. 

Although they’re crafted at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, the barrel selection of EH Taylor single barrel and other collections comes from warehouse C, whereas Blanton barrels come from warehouse H. 

They’re produced using different mash bills, aged in varying periods, with distinct alcohol content. 


Which is more complex, Blanton’s or EH Taylor’s bourbon?

The more complex drink is Blanton’s, particularly Blanton’s Single Barrel whiskey.  

Is EH Taylor bourbon sweeter and smoother than Blanton’s?

EH Taylor single barrel is sweeter, but Blanton is smoother. If Blanton has rich oak tones, EH Taylor has a spicy hint, but it perfectly balances with the sweet tones.    

Do Blanton’s and EH Taylor’s bourbon taste the same?

Blanton’s and EH Taylor taste almost the same in terms of their sweet flavor profile and smooth finish. But Blanton’s has more tropical rye characteristics, while EH Taylor has more oak notes. 

Final Verdict 

They surely have similarities, but their differences make or break any drinker’s decision. 

Despite the differences, each bottle is an excellent dram: on the sweeter side, a smooth finish, is sufficiently aged, and barreled over the standard alcohol content. The best option boils down to your preferences. 

Opt for EH Taylor Single Barrel if you want a higher-proof bottle with bold oak and caramel flavors and a smooth finish.

Choose Blanton’s Single Barrel or Blanton’s Gold if you’re into complex drinks with more rye content and a smooth finish. 



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