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Crown Royal vs Jack Daniels Whiskey: Which is Better? (2024)

Crown Royal vs Jack Daniels

Two of the most prominent whiskey brands in the world are Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal.

These two are known for their unique and distinct flavors, derived from different distillation processes and ingredients.  

Many whiskey fans from all around the world love them but can’t choose which one is better.

Our team made an in-depth comparison between Crown Royal vs Jack Daniels to make choosing easier. 

Keep reading to see which bottle won the battle. 

Choosing Between Crown Royal vs Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels and Crown Royal Bottles

If you like a sweet and smooth whiskey that you can enjoy on the rocks or neat, then choose Crown Royal.

It’s an excellent sipper due to its sweetness and mild character, which is also great in cocktails. 

But if you prefer something with a bolder taste or stronger flavor, choose Jack Daniel’s.

It delivers some off notes that are great for alcohol mixers like ginger ale and Coke. 

However, the flavor profile of Jack Daniel’s is quite strong, and you may find it hard to sip alone.

Main Differences 

History & Origin

After the end of the civil war, Jack Daniel built a whiskey distillery in Moore County, and he hired Nearest Green to be the master distiller. 

Together, they developed a unique style that combined the sour mash and Lincoln County process.

After the US Federal amendment, Jack Daniel started distilling again in 1920. Since then, Jack Daniel’s has been introducing various spirits – catching the attention of worldwide drinkers. 

On the other hand, the Bronfman family founded Crown Royal, a blended Canadian whisky brand originally created in Canada. 

When they welcomed the royal entourage in 1939, Samuel Bronfman scanned their barrel inventories to craft and blend a whiskey specifically for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. 

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Production & Distillation 

distillery copper stills

Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Tennessee produces Jack Daniel’s spirits. They use six-column stills, making 72 million proof gallons of rye whiskey and Tennessee whiskey annually.

Meanwhile, Crown Royal is produced in Manitoba in the Crown Royal Gimli Distillery.

They use 12 stills, capable of creating 50 various whiskeys for their blends. 

Crown Royal uses different grain bill combinations for distillation. It can craft approximately 23.75 million proof gallons annually– one-third of Jack Daniel’s whiskey output. 

Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal have access to limestone-filtered water, a type of sweet water.

Crown Royal sources water beneath Lake Gimli, while Jack Daniel’s water comes from a cave that feeds the Elk River. 

“Coke is way too sweet for me, so I like to water it down…with Jack Daniel’s.”

– SomeEcards by Duncan Mitchell & Brook Lundy, Digital Creators /CEO 

Mash Bill 

The mash bill of Jack Daniel’s contains 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye, while Crown Royal’s mash bill remains a mystery.

Crown Royal features over 50 different component whiskies and grains, which include 64% corn, 32% rye, and 4% malted barley, creating a unique flavor profile that complements the final product. 

Some of these are almost neutral in nature, while others are bold and have a distinct flavor.

Alcohol Content

Both Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s have a standard alcohol content of 80-proof, which is a similar requirement for any regular bourbon whiskey [1]. 

But will Crown Royal whisky go bad?

Maturation & Age Statement

Jack Daniel’s utilizes the process of charcoal mellowing – double-mellowed using brown sugar maple charcoal chips. 

This brown sugar-infused charcoal is placed into big vats, where the particular distillate is slowly added.

The process of charcoal filtration takes around three to five days. 

On the contrary, since Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky, it doesn’t need the new charred oak barrels for maturation.

It uses any barrel as long as the spirits are aged for three years at the minimum.

Although both don’t have an age statement, the maturation process sets them apart. 

Whisky vs Whiskey 

Canadian whiskies like the Crown Royal spirits can use any type of cask (i.e., white oak barrels).

But based on Canadian law, the whisky must be aged for three years (at the least) with a standard alcohol content of 40% ABV.  

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey undergoes charcoal filtration [2], just like other brands of straight bourbon whiskey. It specifically uses new American charred oak casks. 

But similar to Canadian whiskies and bourbon, Jack Daniel’s has a minimum alcohol content of 40% ABV.  

Tasting Notes

Crown Royal Blended Canadian Whisky

  • Palate: The taste is exquisite, with a smooth flavor. It has almond, toffee, honey, vanilla, clove, and cherry notes
  • Color/Hue: Antique-gold 
  • Nose: Fragrance of toasted oak, petal, baking spices, and cherry 
  • Finish: Mellow and light with hints of toffee, vanilla, orange peel, and chocolate

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

  • Palate: The taste is spicy and peppery with clove notes. 
  • Color/Hue: Golden-amber 
  • Nose: Smells charcoal and oak with hints of buttery caramel and pine 
  • Finish: Long-lasting pecan spice with black pepper and cherry tones

Originating Region 

man holding Crown Royal bottle

Jack Daniel’s originates from Lynchburg, Tennessee, in the US, while Crown Royal originates from Gimli, Manitoba, Canada.

Both of these well-known whiskey brands must be solely made from their respective regions only. 

Product Line-Up & Availability

Between Crown Royal vs Jack Daniel’s, the latter is more widely available worldwide, especially in the US. It is the best-selling American whiskey today. 

You can easily get a bottle of any of Jack Daniel’s spirits of varying ages, like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire.

In comparison, Crown Royal is now available internationally, unlike before when it was sold exclusively to Canada.

Crown Royal offers various whiskey flavors, like Crown Royal Black and Crown Royal XR Red and Blue from Waterloo and LaSalle Distilleries.

Ownership & Distillery

London-based Diageo PLC, the world’s largest producer of spirits, owns Crown Royal and the Crown Royal Distillery, the second-largest-selling whisky brand in the US.

On the other hand, the owner of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is Brown-Forman Corporation.

Although it is one of the largest distilled spirits producers in the US, it is overshadowed by other companies such as Diageo. 

Price & Value

Crown Royal bottle on top of a shelves

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey has an MSRP of around $30 per 750ml, while the Crown Royal Black is a bit pricier at $32 per 750ml.

Both are excellent spirits, so they’re reasonably priced. 


Which is better for sipping neat, Crown Royal or Jack Daniel’s?

The better whisky for sipping neat is Crown Royal. This drink gives a savory taste with a smooth mouthfeel, perfect for sipping neat. 

Is Jack Daniel’s better for first-time drinkers than Crown Royal?

Jack Daniel’s is better for first-time drinkers than Crown Royal. It is a great, well-aged whiskey drink to start with, as you can enjoy it alongside other beverages or simple syrup to enhance the flavor of your drink.

What Are the Main Differences Between Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s?

Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky known for its smoothness and mellow flavor profile, while Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey with a slightly sweeter and more robust taste, thanks to its charcoal mellowing process.

Which Whiskey Is Smoother: Crown Royal or Jack Daniel’s?

Crown Royal is often considered smoother than Jack Daniel’s due to its lighter and more delicate flavor profile. However, Jack Daniel’s smoothness is also highly praised, albeit with a slightly different taste profile.

Are There Significant Price Differences Between Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s?

Prices for Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s can vary depending on factors such as location and bottle size. Generally, Crown Royal tends to be priced slightly higher than Jack Daniel’s in many markets.

Can Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s Be Used in Cocktails?

Yes, both Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s are versatile spirits that can be used in a variety of cocktails. Crown Royal is often used in classic Canadian whisky cocktails like the Whisky Sour or Crown and Ginger, while Jack Daniel’s is a popular choice for timeless cocktails like the Old Fashioned or Lynchburg Lemonade.

Do Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s Have Different Aging Processes?

Yes, Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s undergo different aging processes, which contribute to variations in flavor and texture. Crown Royal is aged in oak barrels for varying lengths of time depending on the expression, while Jack Daniel’s is charcoal mellowed before aging in new charred oak barrels, giving it a distinct taste profile.

Are Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s Considered Limited Edition Whiskeys?

While Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s may release limited edition or special bottlings from time to time, both brands offer standard expressions that are available year-round. Limited editions, however, may offer unique flavor profiles or packaging.

Final Say 

Choosing between Crown Royal vs Jack Daniel’s is challenging, especially since it’s hard to deny that both whiskey brands are outstanding – taste- and quality-wise. 

Their price range, alcohol content, and mash bills are the same; the proportions, the production process, and the flavor profile are different. 

There’s no clear winner in this whiskey battle. These two brands have their own impressive characters and flavor profiles. 


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