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The Legacy of Dancing Pines Distillery: A Toast to a Bygone Gem in Berthoud, CO

The Legacy of Dancing Pines Distillery

The craft distillery movement has swept the nation, delivering nuanced, flavorful spirits that stand in stark contrast to the mass-produced offerings that once dominated the market. One distillery that captured the hearts of connoisseurs was Dancing Pines Distillery in Berthoud, Colorado. While it’s true that the distillery has shut its doors, its legacy endures through the memories of those who had the pleasure of experiencing its artisanal spirits. In this article, we’ll take a walk down memory lane to explore what made Dancing Pines so special, according to people’s reviews and the spirits they were renowned for.

Dancing Pines Distillery
Dancing Pines Distillery

Dancing Pines Distillery – An Artisanal Approach to Distillation

In a world of mass-produced liquors, Dancing Pines set itself apart by embracing an artisanal approach to distillation. The distillery handcrafted small batches of spirits, painstakingly overseeing each step of the process, from the selection of ingredients to the final bottling. Their commitment to quality was evident in the taste, aroma, and finish of their liquors, contributing to their regional and even national acclaim.

The Spirits that Danced on the Palate

Dancing Pines was best known for a range of spirits that charmed the palate in the same way a dancer might charm an audience. Their line-up typically included:

  • Liqueurs: From Chai to Brulee, their specialty liqueurs had a dedicated following, praised for their balanced flavors and versatility in cocktails.
  • Bourbon: Aged in charred oak barrels, their bourbon was a masterful blend of sweet and smoky, appealing to both novices and connoisseurs alike.
  • Rum: The distillery’s rum was hailed for its rich complexity, featuring notes of vanilla and caramel that danced on the palate.
  • Gin: Unlike your typical gin, Dancing Pines infused theirs with a bouquet of botanicals, making it incredibly smooth and sippable.

Customer Reviews of Dancing Pines Distillery: A Testament to Quality

It’s often said that the customer knows best, and the reviews for Dancing Pines Distillery confirm its exemplary status. Visitors frequently commented on the welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and, of course, the high-quality spirits. The distillery’s tasting room was a hub of social interaction where novices and enthusiasts could engage in enlightening discussions about the subtleties of each spirit. Tasting sessions often turned into educational experiences, with staff sharing insights into the distillation process, ingredient selection, and optimal food pairings. Here are some of the historic customer reviews:

  • “A must try if you like unique liquors. We love their Gin (just tasted it compared to our other favorites and the unique characteristics like coriander and fennel are worth it), also must tries are Cask Rum if you like Bourbon, Chai liquor (similar to a digestive or Alpine liquor and Brulé (for bananas foster). We didn’t care for most of their bourbons, they were harsh. It is a bit expensive, but for a special cocktail DP’s are great.” – Ben P
  • “Drinking is highly encouraged while taking the tour, but I started of trying the sweet sampler (chai, brulee,orange and cherry liqueurs) . The Chai liqueur was so good I started planning cocktails with it before the tour started and had to take a bottle home with me. My favorite part of the tour was watching Sazerac, the large dusty orange tabby cat, run up to everyone on the tour waiting for them to pet him. While he is quite possible the friendliest cat, if you are allergic to cats be wary. He likes to rub against people.” – Katelynn H
  • “Loved the variety sampler and cheese platter. Great place to relax and cool down after a hot day at work. Try the Stella’s Sling cocktail. Really refreshing!” – Laura C
  • You a whiskey lover? How about rum pirate? Rrrrrr you kidding this place is the best. Samplers a plenty. Try the liqueurs Cherry Tart, Chai, Zoranj, and my favorite the Brûlée. Very hospitable and friendly. Enjoy my friend…” – Stephen G

To get a sense of the hype behind this artisan distillery, visit Yelp to read more reviews [1]

The Potential Reason Behind the Closure

As it is often the case with artisanal ventures, maintaining a high level of quality can come at a cost. Though it was a beloved establishment, we suspect Dancing Pines Distillery found it challenging to sustain the business in a highly competitive market. While the specifics of its closure remain private, the community felt its absence keenly, as did the broader circle of craft spirit aficionados.

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The End of an Era, But Not of its Legacy

Even though Dancing Pines Distillery is no longer operational, its legacy lives on. Bottles of their finely crafted spirits can still be found on the shelves of collectors and aficionados who recognized the distillery’s commitment to excellence. Conversations about the distillery continue to bubble up in forums, social media, and during gatherings of craft spirit enthusiasts.


What is Dancing Pines Distillery?

Dancing Pines Distillery is a craft distillery based in Colorado, USA. It specializes in producing small-batch spirits such as whiskey, rum, vodka, and liqueurs using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients.

Where is Dancing Pines Distillery located?

The main location of Dancing Pines Distillery is in Loveland, Colorado. They also have a tasting room and retail store where visitors can sample and purchase their spirits.

What types of spirits does Dancing Pines Distillery produce?

Dancing Pines Distillery offers a diverse range of spirits including bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, spiced rum, gin, vodka, and various liqueurs such as cherry, coffee, and cinnamon.

Are Dancing Pines Distillery products available for purchase outside of Colorado?

Yes, Dancing Pines Distillery products are distributed in select states across the USA. However, availability may vary depending on state liquor laws and distribution networks.

Do they offer tours and tastings?

Yes, Dancing Pines Distillery offers guided tours of their facilities where visitors can learn about the distillation process and sample their spirits. Tasting flights and cocktails are also available in their tasting room.

Can I host private events or parties at Dancing Pines Distillery?

Yes, Dancing Pines Distillery offers event space for private parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. They can accommodate groups of varying sizes and offer catering options.

Does Dancing Pines Distillery offer online sales?

Yes, Dancing Pines Distillery has an online store where customers can purchase their products for delivery within the USA, where permitted by law.

Is Dancing Pines Distillery involved in any sustainability initiatives?

Yes, Dancing Pines Distillery is committed to sustainability practices such as recycling, waste reduction, and sourcing local ingredients whenever possible.


The story of Dancing Pines Distillery serves as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of artisanal excellence in an ever-evolving market. While the distillery may have closed its doors, its influence on the craft spirits industry and its imprint on the hearts of its patrons are indelible. So here’s to Dancing Pines Distillery: a toast to quality, craftsmanship, and the indomitable spirit of artisanal distilleries. May its legacy continue to inspire the next generation of distillers, reminding them that quality and passion can make a lasting impression that stands the test of time.

Whether you were fortunate enough to visit Dancing Pines Distillery during its operational years or discovered it posthumously through the glowing reviews and remnants of its excellent spirits, there’s no denying the distillery has left a lasting impact. And that, in itself, is something worth raising a glass to. To check out other articles related to craft spirits, click here

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