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Why Do People Dip Their Finger in Whiskey? Answered

Why Do People Dip Their Finger in Whiskey

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

One time, I was sitting in a dimly lit whiskey bar, watching the room temperature spirit poured and swirled gently in my glass while savoring its rich aroma wafting towards my nose.

But I noticed something intriguing – some drinkers at the bar were dipping their fingers into their whiskey.

So, I asked myself, “Why do people dip their finger in whiskey?”

This age-old practice has captivated my curiosity. So, I sought clarification from whiskey experts, and here’s what I found out.

Why People Dip Their Fingers in Whiskey

Pouring Whiskey on a Glass

People dip their fingers (usually two fingers) in whiskey for a sensory experience, enhancing their appreciation for the liquor.

Placing fingers inside the Glencairn glass to obtain a few drops of whiskey, then vigorously rubbing these drops between your fingers and the back of your other hand will remove the alcohol.

“Dipping fingers in whiskey, a tradition that unlocks hidden flavors.” – Liquor Laboratory

It essentially breaks down the whiskey, and in its absence, it reveals a plethora of flavor compounds hidden beneath the alcohol fumes – like uncovering the subtleties of a fragrance.

But what do two fingers of whiskey mean?

How People Dip Their Fingers In Whiskey


Dipping two fingers into whiskey involves submerging the fingertip into the spirits (like what we’re doing with food!) The fingers absorb some of the whiskey, coating it with rich flavor notes and aromas.

Doing this lets you experience the quality essence of the whiskey (or other alcohol, like vodka and gin) more directly and intimately before consuming it neat, satisfying the tongue.


After dipping their fingers in the alcohol, some aficionados gently rub the alcohol against their other hand’s palm.

This helps warm the bourbon drink, for example, releasing even more aromatic and flavor compounds, intensifying the nose, and creating a deeper connection with the drink just before the sip.

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Finally, after their fingers have absorbed the whiskey’s alcohol essence, it’s common to lick the whiskey off the fingertip before they sip it neat or over ice.

This step is believed to allow the drinker to savor the full flavor profile and alcohol content of the whisky, from its initial notes to its lingering finish.

Do People Still Do It?

Man Pouring Dalmore Whiskey on a Glass

Yes, some people still do it before drinking a bottle of bourbon, Scotch whisky, or any alcohol/drinks. However, it’s not as widespread as it once was.

This practice is more prevalent among whiskey [1] purists, those who seek a deeper connection with their alcohol/drinks, and those who appreciate the traditions surrounding it.

However, dipping your fingers in a standard pour of alcohol may be considered unconventional in many social settings, mainly formal ones.

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Should You Dip Your Fingers In Whiskeys?

Dipping before drinking depends on your personal preferences and the context.

If you’re in a casual setting (with fellow wine or bourbon/Scotch whisky enthusiasts) or in the comfort of your home, there’s no harm in trying it.

It can be a fun and educational way to explore the intricacies of different whiskeys (or other drinks like vodka, gin, etc.).

However, in formal or public settings, it’s best to stick to conventional methods of drinking your whisky, bourbon [2], or even wine, such as sipping it neat, with a drop of water, or over ice.

Is It Weird To Dip Your Fingers In a Whiskey Drink?

Glass of Whiskey with Cube Ice

Dipping the fingers in whiskey might seem unusual to some. Still, it’s important to remember that the world of whiskey is diverse and welcoming of various rituals and preferences.

What may seem strange to one person could be a cherished tradition for another. As long as you approach this practice with respect for those around you, it’s not inherently weird.

“One can drink too much, but one never drinks enough.” – Edward Burke, American Politician

It’s simply a unique way to connect with your drink and enhance your appreciation of its character before you sip it neat or whatever your style is.

FAQs Related to Why do people dip their finger in whiskey before tasting it?

Why do people dip their finger in whiskey before tasting it?

Dipping a finger in whiskey and rubbing it on the back of the hand is a traditional way to assess the whiskey’s aroma and viscosity before tasting.

Does dipping a finger in whiskey affect the taste of the drink?

Dipping a finger in whiskey is more about assessing the whiskey’s characteristics than affecting its taste.

Are there other ways to assess whiskey besides dipping a finger?

Yes, swirling the whiskey in the glass and taking a small sniff can also help assess its aroma. Tasting a small sip can then reveal its flavor profile.

Is it considered rude to dip your finger in whiskey?

It’s not considered rude in many whiskey-drinking cultures, but it’s always a good idea to be mindful of local customs and etiquette.

What is the origin of the practice of dipping a finger in whiskey?

The practice of dipping a finger in whiskey is believed to have originated as a way to assess the quality and characteristics of the whiskey before tasting it.

Are there any health concerns associated with dipping a finger in whiskey?

As long as the finger is clean, there are typically no health concerns associated with dipping it in whiskey. However, it’s important to practice good hygiene to avoid contamination.

Are there specific types of whiskey that are traditionally assessed by dipping a finger?

Dipping a finger in whiskey is a common practice across different types of whiskey, including Scotch, bourbon, and Irish whiskey.

Final Words

There are countless ways to appreciate and drink whiskey. Dipping your fingers in whiskey is just one of the many rituals some people have embraced to connect with this beloved spirit.

While it may not be the most common practice, it adds a personal and intimate dimension to the drinking experience.

So, the next moment you find yourself with a bottle of whiskey in hand, you might discover a new way to savor its rich palate and nose, making whiskey an enduring favorite among spirits.


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