13 Decanter Shapes & Uses (2023 Updated)

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Decanters come in various shapes and sizes. This aesthetically designed ornamental piece doesn’t only serve as a great centerpiece but also helps in enhancing the taste of your spirits. 

We spent 48 hours researching and compiling the different decanter shapes and their uses to help you understand how this classy vessel works!

13 Decanter Shapes & Their Uses

13 Decanter Shapes & Their Uses

1. Standard Decanter

Standard Decanter

A standard decanter is the most ideal for beginners. The standard glass decanter has thicker walls and has a classic form. 

There is also an ornamental piece made of borosilicate glass which is thermal resistant. This type of decanter is safe to place in the dishwasher.

2. U-Shaped/Swan Decanter


If you’re searching for a classy piece, go for the Swan Decanter. This vessel has a long neck with a small opening and has a bigger opening at the bottom to pour wine. It mimics the form of a swan and is best for old wines to easily separate sediment [1].

3. Snail-Shape Decanter

Snail-Shape Decanter on desk

Ideal for aromatic red wines, the Snail-Shape Decanter is one of the quirkiest must-have pieces. The vessel helps enhance the wine mixture into the air, spreading its aroma while separating the liquid from the sediment. 

The hole also provides an easier grip making it easier to pour wine effortlessly.  

4. Decanter With Strainer

Decanter With Strainer

Also known as Wine Aerator Decanter, this decanter uses the same method as the classic Wine Aerator but without added pressure. It comes with a filter, wine shower funnel, and a glass decanter. 

It is used by pouring wine into the funnel and separating the sediment and wine into the decanter.

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5. Bell-Shaped Decanter

Bell-Shaped Decanter on table

The Bell-Shaped Decanter is ideal for alcohol enthusiasts who are collecting antique pieces.

Its simple form features the shape of a bell with clear or intricate varying glass patterns and comes with a glass rubber stopper.

6. Decanter Breather

Decanter Breather

To level up your wine experience, the Decanter Breather is a great and functional piece for sommeliers.

This allows you to aerate wine, serve, double decant, and store back unfinished wine into its bottle. It has a stopper and a rubber top attached to wine bottles for easier pouring and double decanting.

7. Electric Decanter

Electric Decanter

Although decanters have been in demand since the 1850s and are mainly made of glass [2], today’s innovative technology gave birth to the Electric Decanter.

This works as a Wine Aerator Decanter, allowing hassle-free decanting by simply pressing the button and pouring the wine directly into the glass.  

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8. Cylindrical Decanter

Cylindrical Decanter on desk

The Cylindrical Decanter is a great piece to display at your table or the bar nook. This is a good option for beginners in decanting, considering its comfortable shape, making it easier to pour any spirit.

Furthermore, this comes with a stopper and has different designs, from clear to the most intricate patterns. 

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9. Barrel Shaped Decanter

Barrel Shaped Decanter

An ideal piece for long night drinks with friends, the Barrel Shaped Decanter is a unique and classic way to enjoy any liquor.

This comes with a glass decanter barrel, has an opening at the top, and a stopper. It also has a faucet to pour drinks easily.

10. Globe Decanter

Globe Decanter

If you enjoy drinking at home in style, then the Globe Decanter is perfect for you. This vessel mimics the form of a globe and has a glass decanter with a stopper placed on a wooden rack stand, perfect for any drink. 

Moreover, this piece may have different glass figures inside the decanter, such as a ship or a motorcycle.

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11. Diamond Decanter

Diamond Decanter

A great variation in shape, the Diamond Decanter is a classic yet elegant way to decant and serve any drinks.

This type of vessel is shaped like a diamond and has a stopper. It also has different stand designs like wooden stands in triangular shape or four-sided wooden posts and glass stands. 

12. Square Decanter

Square Decanter

Whether you’re into wine, rum, whiskey or like switching up drinks depending on occasions, the Square Decanter is the perfect piece to enjoy a variety of drinks. This vessel is symmetrically shaped, making it easy to handle and pour any spirit. 

It also comes with a stopper to store your drinks a little longer and has different designs, from the simplest to the most detailed pieces.

13. Twist Decanter

Twist Decanter

The Twist Decanter can be square-shaped or cylindrical with a twisted form at the bottom for a classic but with an added touch of aesthetics. This vessel may or may not have a stopper, depending on the design, and is ideal for wine, whiskey, scotch, or other spirits. 

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Does the shape of a wine decanter matter?

Yes, the shape of a wine decanter matters. The shape contributes to how oxygen and wine get in contact. Thus, a decanter with an elongated and wider bottom shape is better to decant less than needed.

Does a wine decanter need a stopper?

No, a wine decanter doesn’t need a stopper. Nonetheless, if a wine decanter comes with a stopper, it is an additional feature that can help your wine stay a bit longer in the vessel and avoid flattening its taste. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right decanter can be based on its shape and size and the spirit it would contain. Furthermore, it is recommended for beginners to start with the simplest one (like the Standard Decanter or the Electric Decanter) before transitioning to complicated pieces. 

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply into something fancy, a Decanter is a great way to level up your lifestyle!



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