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How Much Does White Hennessy Cost? Complete Guide (2024)

How Much Does White Hennessy Cost

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Lydia Martin

So, how much does How much does White Hennessy cost if  you’re a huge Hennessy enthusiast, you may have heard of the elusive Hennessy Pure White that is, interestingly, not sold in the United States. 

For this reason, many are intrigued by the folklore surrounding Pure White Hennessy and what makes it so rare. 

White Hennessy: A Brief Introduction

White Hennessy

Cognac lovers who have sampled a glass of the luxurious Hennessy Pure White claim that the pale golden liquor has a light floral aroma on the nose and a very delicate taste. 

Considered as the cognac giant of the world, the Hennessy Distillery accounts for 40 percent of the cognac supply in the entire world.

According to an employee, the Hennessy Pure White Cognac is a difficult cognac to produce.

It is an interesting blend of eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, and Fins Bois areas. The smooth drink is bottled at 40 percent ABV. 

The elegant, double-distilled cognac is very smooth and easy to drink. It tastes great blended with fresh fruit juice in a cocktail but even better when drunk neat.

Its taste is extremely delicious over ice. And although this drink is referred to as a subtle, feminine liquor, trust us — it’s not just for the ladies. 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get a hold of the elusive cognac, as it is only sold in Cognac, France, and the Caribbean, like Jamaica and Barbados. 

How Much Does White Hennessy Cost?

White Hennessy cocktail

If you’re vacationing anywhere in Barbados or the Bahamas, you might just get a rare sighting of a Pure White brand in the country.

A 750ml bottle of Cognac Hennessy Pure White costs roughly $40 to $50, but you will likely see a price hike because this product is so rare. 

Factors That Affect White Hennessy Pricing

Factors That Affect White Hennessy Pricing

Base Ingredients

Cognac can only be produced within the walls of Cognac City and made using three particular types of grape.

The white wine grapes are seasonal and complicated to grow and can only be harvested within a short window of four months.

The liquor is aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Cognacs are made from a special blend of these liquors. [1]

Because of this complicated production process, this type of liquor makes up less than one percent of the entire world’s spirits and is the reason why Hennessy White is so expensive. 

Supply & Demand

Suppliers can charge more for each Hennessy White bottle, and people will still eat it up because it is highly sought after and its production is low.

The cheapest bottle of Hennessy costs roughly $33.

Is Hennessy Pure White Illegal In The USA?

So, how much does White Henessy cost? And Why is it illegal in the USA? To give you a short answer to the question, no, Hennessy Pure White is not illegal, nor is it banned in the United States.

It’s just not sold in American stores and in many other countries. Hennessy refuses to give a concrete answer as to why this is [2]. 

If you get the rare chance to see a bottle available somewhere, the prices will probably be marked up to some ridiculous cost. 


Is White Hennessy rare?

Yes, Pure White Hennessy is a rare sight and is only sold in the Hennessy Headquarters in Cognac, France, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. 

How many bottles of white Hennessy can you bring back to the US?

There is no limit to how many bottles of Pure White Hennessy you can bring back to the United States for personal use, but you have to conform to laws surrounding alcohol transportation. 

The US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection will likely flag you if you try to bring more than five liters — or six 750ml bottles — in your luggage. 

Is White Hennessy being sold in other countries legally?

Yes, Pure White Hennessy is available in other countries legally. A bottle can be bought in the Bahamas or in Cognac at the airport duty free. 

In Conclusion

While there is plenty of intriguing folklore surrounding a bottle of Pure White Hennessy, only one thing remains true: each bottle is an extremely rare opportunity to pass up on, and although expensive, you’ll get your money’s worth, as this drink is extremely smooth and delicious even when mixed into cocktails. 


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