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Does Frothing Tequila Make It Better? Textures & Tastes (2024)

Does Frothing Tequila Make It Better

When I stumbled upon the video of frothing tequila, I was intrigued and skeptical. Could something as simple as frothing actually improve the flavor and texture of this beloved Mexican spirit?

I decided to put it to the test during a small gathering with my friends. We set up a mini cocktail bar in my backyard with various tequilas to answer this one controversial question, “Does frothing tequila make it better?

Keep reading to learn what we have found out.

Does Frothing Tequila Make It Better?

Frothing a Tequila

Yes, frothing tequila can make tequilas actually taste better. It can transform the flavor and texture of the liquor, and based on my experiment, it often leads to a more enjoyable drinking experience. 

“The bubbles rearrange the molecules in the drink and collect flavorful, greasy molecules on the bubbles’ surface … exactly like a soap bubble.” – Dr. Eric Simanek, Texas Christian University Chemistry Professor 

However, there is a tequila type called “mixto” that only needs to have 51% blue agave, and the remaining ingredients are some other sugar types. It often has a nasty profile that frothing does not affect it so much.

But does aging tequila make it smoother?

What Does Frothed Tequila (Really) Taste Like?

Frothed tequilas are noticeably sweet and smoother, with a creamier texture that coats your palate. The froth can mellow the harshness of some tequilas, revealing subtle nuances in their tasting profiles. 

It’s like unlocking a hidden treasure of flavors within your favorite spirit. Froth refers to the collection of bubbles in or on a liquid, commonly known as foam [2]

Its Benefits

Hand Holding Glass of Tequila


Froth can significantly improve tequila’s smoothness. For context, I experimented with various brands, including low-quality and premium tequilas.

The premium brands resulted in a better texture than the low-quality ones. But do you know if tequila can make you horny?


I noticed some brands, especially the more premium ones, have become creamier, including the appearance. 


It is normal to see wine drinkers swirl their glasses in videos or real life before drinking because it helps boost the wine flavors. Similar to that, tequila’s taste becomes undeniably much sweeter.

I couldn’t feel that burn as I sipped the liquor. But I have found some brands maintaining the nasty and intense alcohol burn.

However, I also have to remind you that this effect is only temporary, and aeration does not totally alter tequila’s flavors.

How Do You Froth Tequila?


Use A Milk Frother

Frothing does not require fancy tools because you can have a milk frother for less than $5.

Pour the tequila into your rock glasses and use the milk frother for 30 seconds until it starts to develop tiny bubbles. 

“Frothing tequila, whether with a milk frother or traditionally, is an exciting mixology journey to elevate your tequila experience.” – Liquor Laboratory

It may also be handy for wine or when making other cocktails and mixed drinks. However, you may not need it for Margaritas or those that already require shaking in the recipe. But can tequila go bad?

Go Traditional


If you do not have tools like a milk frother, you can still traditionally do the tequila frothing using a shaker.

Open your tequila bottle and pour the liquor into a shaker. 

Let Air In

When you open the bottle, the liquor is introduced to the oxygen. Allow some air by briefly exposing the liquor. 


Shake for about 30 seconds or longer, if you prefer, to introduce air bubbles. It will result in a beverage that is airy and foamy in texture.

Aeration will cause some of the alcohol to evaporate, leaving only a milder savor.

FAQs Related to Does Frothing Tequila Make It Better?

Does frothing alcohol make it smoother?

Yes, frothing alcohol makes it smoother. It reduces the harshness of the flavors and improves the overall mouth feel of the drink.

How do you make tequila taste better?

Frothing is one way to make tequila taste better, enhancing its savor and texture. Other methods include using quality tequila to sip straight or mixing it on different cocktails.
Aged tequila often has a smooth and complex flavor profile that you can drink neat compared to a Blanco or Silver tequila. 

Does frothing change the taste?

Yes, frothing somehow changes its taste. However, it is only to an extent, and the tequila’s quality and your technique may affect the change.

What is frothing tequila?

Frothing tequila involves aerating or whipping the tequila to create a foam-like texture. This can be achieved through various methods, such as shaking it vigorously with other ingredients in a cocktail shaker or using a milk frother.

Why froth tequila?

Frothing tequila adds a unique texture and visual element to cocktails. It can enhance the presentation of the drink and contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, frothing may subtly alter the mouthfeel of the cocktail, providing a different drinking experience.

Which cocktails benefit from frothed tequila?

Frothing tequila is commonly used in cocktails where a foamy texture is desired, such as margaritas, tequila sours, and certain variations of tequila-based martinis or flips. However, not all tequila cocktails require frothing, and it may not complement every drink.

How do you froth tequila?

There are several methods to froth tequila. One common approach is to shake the tequila vigorously with other cocktail ingredients, such as citrus juice or egg whites, in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Alternatively, you can use a milk frother or handheld immersion blender to whip the tequila into a foam.

Does frothing tequila affect its flavor?

Frothing tequila may slightly alter its flavor profile due to the introduction of air and the interaction with other ingredients in the cocktail. However, the impact on flavor is generally minimal, and the primary benefits are in texture and presentation.

Can any type of tequila be frothed?

While any type of tequila can technically be frothed, some may yield better results than others. Blanco (silver) tequila, with its clean and crisp flavor profile, is often preferred for frothing because it allows other flavors in the cocktail to shine without overpowering them.

Are there any tips for frothing tequila successfully?

To achieve optimal frothiness, use fresh ingredients, especially if incorporating citrus juice or egg whites. Additionally, ensure that the tequila is chilled before frothing, as colder liquids tend to froth more effectively. Experiment with different shaking techniques or frothing devices to find the method that works best for you.

Does frothing tequila change its alcohol content?

Frothing tequila does not alter its alcohol content. However, the volume of the cocktail may increase slightly due to the incorporation of air into the mixture, resulting in a larger overall serving size.


After experimenting with different types of tequila, I have noticed that frothing really does change its flavor profile.

Aeration mellows down some strong notes, making the drink smooth and harmonious. This process is commonly used in wine, allowing it to open and boost its flavors.

For the most part, you can still try frothing to enhance your tequila-sipping experience. But a bad tequila with a harsh and burning aftertaste may not be affected by merely doing this process.


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