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How Long Is Jack Daniel’s Aged? Barrels Journey (2024)

How Long Is Jack Daniels Aged

Jack Daniel’s is a crowd favorite here at Liquor Laboratory whenever we want to chill out and have a glass of whiskey. After all, it’s easily accessible, really cheap, and pretty good too.

This led us down the rabbit hole in wondering, “How long is Jack Daniel’s aged?” Since the company is pumping out that much liquor, what is their age statement?

If you’re curious like us, no need to research anywhere else – we’ve got all the information right here.

How Long Is Jack Daniels Aged?

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Bottle on a Box with Glasses

Jack Daniel’s whiskey is aged for a period ranging from four to seven years. 

Once they have aged for at least four years, an expert taster samples them to see if they meet their quality standards. They are then bottled or aged longer, depending on whether or not they meet the standards.

“Every drop of Jack Daniels is a drop of liquid history.” – Liquor Laboratory

This unique process is influenced by a meticulous charcoal filtering step and the brand’s commitment to flavor readiness rather than a fixed aging duration.

It also helps that they cater more towards casual whiskey drinkers seeking a smooth experience than connoisseurs who want something richer and more intense. 

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How Is Jack Daniel’s Aged?

Jack Daniel’s whiskeys age inside wooden barrels in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Aging is correlated with flavor enhancement because as the whiskey matures in the wooden barrel, it seeps through the wood and develops different flavors. The location’s heat and humidity influence the speed of the wood seeping. [1]

Their process starts with the Lincoln County process. This is a legal requirement for all Tennessee whiskeys that involves using charcoal to remove all impurities from the spirit.

What Charcoal Filtering Does To Its Whiskey’s Age

Man Holding Bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Charcoal filtering eliminates the need for an extended aging period. 

The whiskey becomes more refined as it is filtered through charcoal, meaning it won’t need to spend so much time aging inside the barrel. But how much alcohol is in a Jack Daniel’s bottle?

Jack Daniel’s Criteria For Its Aging Process

Whether The Whiskey Tastes Ready

Taste readiness is one of Jack Daniel’s criteria for whether or not the whiskeys are ready for bottling. 

After being aged four years, expert tasters sample the whiskey barrel at intervals. They evaluate its flavors to determine if it has reached the desired quality, even with a short aging period. But what does Jack Daniel’s taste like?

A Minimum Of Four Years

Jack Daniel’s establishes a minimum aging period of four years for all its whiskeys. However, it can be aged longer (up to seven years) depending on the whiskey’s development and readiness. [2]

This process is a bit controversial to some whiskey connoisseurs who want to know exactly how much time their whiskey has aged or put a lot of emphasis on age to determine quality. 

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Age Compared To Other Whiskeys

Bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s whiskeys stand in stark contrast to many other whiskeys that age 5, 10, 12, 18, 21 years, or even longer because they focus more on whether or not their whiskey tastes ready, as opposed to having spent a set number of years aging. 

This is considered unconventional (even controversial) in the liquor world because age is often considered a sign of quality. 

However, one key reason this short period isn’t a concern is their target market: casual whiskey drinkers.

“I’d much rather be in Lynchburg, Tennessee, drinking Jack Daniel’s with friends.” – George Jones

This approach has catapulted them as a beloved choice for those seeking simple and sweet flavors, making them the best-selling whiskey brand worldwide.


Can you drink 20-year-old Jack Daniels’?

Yes, you can drink 20-year-old Jack Daniels, provided it has not been contaminated. We advise sampling a bit of it first to determine if it’s still good to drink. 

What does the number 7 mean on Jack Daniel’s bottle?

The number 7 on Jack Daniel’s bottles is named after the Distillery No. 7 in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where all their whiskeys are produced.

How rare is Jack Daniel’s 12-year?

Jack Daniel’s 12-Year-Old Tennessee whiskey is a rare limited-edition release, part of their Aged Series. The 12-year-old is bottled at a higher proof (107 proof) and has a more robust and intense profile.

How long is Jack Daniel’s aged?

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is typically aged for around 4 to 7 years in new charred oak barrels.

Why is aging important for Jack Daniel’s?

Aging plays a crucial role in the development of Jack Daniel’s flavor profile. During this time, the whiskey interacts with the wood of the barrels, imparting flavors and mellowing harsh characteristics.

What happens during the aging process?

As Jack Daniel’s whiskey matures in the barrels, it undergoes a process known as aging. During this time, it absorbs flavors from the wood, such as vanilla, caramel, and oak, while also undergoing chemical reactions that smooth out its taste.

Can Jack Daniel’s be aged longer than 7 years?

While the standard aging period for Jack Daniel’s is typically 4 to 7 years, there are limited edition and special releases that may be aged longer, resulting in unique flavor profiles.

How does aging affect the taste of Jack Daniel’s?

Aging in oak barrels imparts flavors such as caramel, vanilla, and oak to the whiskey, while also smoothing out any harshness. The longer the aging process, the more pronounced these flavors become, resulting in a richer and more complex taste.

Does Jack Daniel’s age in the bottle?

Unlike wine, whiskey generally does not age once it’s bottled. However, the flavors of Jack Daniel’s may continue to evolve subtly over time due to factors such as oxidation and changes in temperature.

What is the significance of the charcoal mellowing process in Jack Daniel’s aging?

Before aging, Jack Daniel’s undergoes a unique charcoal mellowing process, where it drips through 10 feet of charcoal made from sugar maple trees. This process helps to further refine the whiskey’s flavor by removing impurities and imparting a smooth character.

Is the aging process the same for all Jack Daniel’s products?

While the general aging process is consistent across Jack Daniel’s products, variations in aging time, barrel selection, and additional finishing techniques may result in distinct flavor profiles for different expressions, such as Single Barrel Select or Gentleman Jack.

In Conclusion

To sum everything up, Jack Daniel’s whiskey ages for about four to seven years. 

What makes it special is that it cares more about the whiskey’s readiness than the number of years it has spent aging. 

Their whiskeys are also filtered through charcoal before aging. Aside from this being a requirement for all Tennessee whiskeys, it also makes the liquor taste smoother.

This approach has made Jack Daniels a favorite among many casual whiskey drinkers because it focuses on flavors rather than how every whiskey ages.


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