Does Margarita Mix Have Alcohol? Resolved (2023 Updated)

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Everyone would agree that personalized cocktail drinks are better. You can always choose what alcohol and juices to mix for your favorite cocktails.

The good thing is it’s easy with a Margarita. A made-from-scratch Margarita mix is destined to become your new favorite cocktail.

But does Margarita mix have alcohol? For those who are curious about it, let’s find out. 

Is There Alcohol In Margarita Mix? 


No, there’s no alcohol in a Margarita mix. It is a non-alcoholic juice-like concoction, having fruity and citrusy flavors. It is pleasingly sweetened to balance out the acidity and sweetness of the drink.

However, you can add tequila and ice to the Margarita mix to make it a refreshing cocktail drink. It is a super effortless drink to make in the comfort of your home.

What It’s Made Of  

Lime & lemon

A homemade Margarita mix is a mixture of the freshly squeezed zest of mainly lime and lemon. Add it with salt, agave nectar or sugar, sour syrup or bitters, typically citric acid, which is optional.

The sugar is heated with lime and lemon juice with no extra water to make it a more concentrated citrusy flavor. This non-alcoholic mix is low in sodium and fat and has vitamin C.


Margarita Mix vs Traditional Margarita

Classic Margarita

Margarita mixes today can be pre-made, premixed, or without alcohol. And most retail Margarita mix is concentrated and needs ice, water, or alcohol to mix with it. 

This drink is usually served with salt on the rim of the glass. It is shaken with ice on the rocks. But some blend it with ice, and variations continue to pop like frozen Margaritas.

On the other hand, traditional Margaritas are rumored to evolve from The Daisy or what they call Tequila Daisy. It’s a classic cocktail drink mixed with citrus juice, alcohol, and grenadine and served over shaved ice. [1]

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How much alcohol is in a Margarita mix?

On its own, Margarita mix doesn’t have alcohol. But the game will change if you will consider putting tequila. 

On average, a Margarita has 3oz of liquid and about 33% of ABV. 

Does Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix have alcohol?

No, Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix doesn’t have alcohol. It has a combination of mainly Mexican lemons and triple secThis special base Margarita mix is meant to blend with tequila to make your favorite cocktail.

Will you get drunk with a Margarita mix?

No. You will not get drunk with a Margarita mix base unless you mix it with tequila, of course. One to two cocktail drinks are enough to get tipsy. On average, that’s 2oz-3oz of alcohol content, depending on the ratio of the tequila and the mixers. 

Is there a Margarita mix without alcohol?

Yes, most Margarita mixes don’t have alcohol. You can even make one at home by combining lime, lemon juice, sugar, and salt. Or you can buy ready-to-drink Margarita mixes. 

Some commercial brands are highly concentrated and need water or liquor to thin them out. Some brands also have pre-made or premixed Margaritas that already have alcohol.

Key Takeaways 

A Margarita mix is a non-alcoholic drink made from citrusy fruits like lime, lemon, and even orange. All natural flavors are typically mixed with tequila. 

This cocktail drink is commonly seen in most parts of Mexico and at parties worldwide. It is often served with salt at the tip of the glass. 

You can enjoy this lively drink in many variations. You can transform it from an afternoon refreshing drink to a fancy dinner cocktail. Cheers to that!



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