Does Moonshine Go Bad? Complete Guide (2023 Updated)

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If you’re craving something in between spicy and sweet, finding an old unopened bottle of moonshine in your wine cellar could be a surprise. But this discovery generally causes concern, as you may wonder, “does moonshine go bad?”

 If you want to know what we have discovered, keep on reading.

Moonshine: Does It Go Bad?

Ole Smoky

Plain moonshine spirits have no expiration date, unlike other spirits. Unless it’s flavored moonshine, in which case the extra sugars and flavor additives may reduce its shelf life. 

Standard moonshine is an unaged whiskey. It is distilled until zero sugars remain, making moonshine shelf-stable unopened for an endless time, like other alcoholic beverages.

Flavored moonshine, such as the famous apple pie moonshine and key lime moonshine, has added sugars. It makes it less shelf-stable and more sensitive to expiry once opened. However, it will still take a long time to expire compared to wine or fresh food. 

Its Shelf Life


If you have an opened bottle of moonshine, it is best to consume it immediately. Unlike other plain spirits with a longer shelf life, an opened bottle of moonshine can last up to six months. Flavored ones can last much shorter because air can enter the bottle. It can slightly change the quality of your moonshine. 


Unopened Moonshine Bottle

If you store unopened moonshine in your cupboard for a few years, you won’t have to worry about it spoiling as long as the cap is on. A standard moonshine does not spoil as long as it has zero sugar content and finishes the distillation process. Keep in mind, however, that not all moonshines are created equal. There are flavored ones, so drink them as soon as possible.

Signs That Indicate Bad Moonshine

Foul Taste

It won’t harm taking a sip and tasting your moonshine if it’s stored properly and tightly sealed (assuming it was distilled properly). Even though it isn’t strictly hazardous, moonshine that “goes bad” has unpleasant or different flavors. So lookout for it. 

Weird Color

Moonshine Flavor Bottles

Another indicator to look out for is the color of your drink. If the color or texture of the moonshine appears to be different than normal, do not drink it. If you’re in any doubt, run the spoon test. This method recognizes if your drink is pure alcohol. 

What’s the Spoon Test?

A spoon test is conducted to know if there is pure alcohol or methanol in an alcoholic beverage [1]. The spoon test is pouring your pure moonshine into a spoon and lighting it on fire.

A blue light suggests the moonshine is okay to drink however a red or yellow flame means the moonshine contains lead and should not be consumed.

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2 Dangerous Chemicals You Must Look Out For

2 Dangerous Chemicals You Must Look Out For


Ethanol is produced from the distillation process [2]. It is a primary alcohol that may be consumed in little doses without causing harm. Drinking too much alcohol too rapidly can be harmful, resulting in stomach pumps, for example. 

This is why ethanol should only be ingested in tiny doses, as in a mixer or as a shot. 



Methanol is a toxic alcoholic chemical that has only one carbon atom and may cause acute disease and possibly death. If you’ve ever heard of moonshiners dying blind, you’re already familiar with the dangers of methanol. 

Worse, the toxin may kill in microscopic levels; thus, consuming moonshine with a lot of methanol can be quite dangerous. 

Properly Storing Moonshine

It’s best to keep it in a cold, dark place away from direct sunlight because light and heat can cause changes in the flavor of the liquor. You may also help maintain the characteristic flavor of moonshine by keeping it in the tiniest bottle or glass container possible.

A chemical reaction may happen in an open moonshine, which is the oxidation process in which air exposure can reduce the atomic makeup of alcohol. Also, flavored moonshines are prone to bacterial growth compared to standard moonshine as it does not contain additives or sugar.

Traditional moonshine was stored in wooden barrels for long-term storage. Nowadays, manufacturers are using glass jars in selling commercial moonshines. 

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What Happens When You Drink Bad Moonshine

Moonshine in a jar

Drinking bad moonshine will merely make individuals drunker. However, methanol may be exceedingly detrimental to a person’s health once it has been metabolized. 

It just takes ten milliliters (ml) of methanol to permanently damage the optic nerve and result in partial, if not full, blindness. Methanol in 30 mL is fatal. Excessive drinking is still harmful to the body; specially moonshines are pure alcohol. 


Is it safe to drink old moonshine?

Yes, it’s still safe to drink old moonshine as long as you store moonshine correctly and tightly. You can taste your old bottle of moonshine if it’s still bad or drinkable. A bad moonshine has an unpleasant flavor and is off-color. What does moonshine really taste like?

Can you freeze moonshine?

Yes, you can freeze moonshine. However, bottles of moonshine freeze only at a temperature of -235 °F, so they can’t be frozen with just a regular freezer. Because moonshine has a high alcohol content of roughly 40%, it requires an extremely cold environment to freeze fully. 

Does moonshine go bad when mixed with fruits?

No, moonshine doesn’t go bad when mixed with fruits. However, flavored moonshine has a shorter shelf life because a fruit-infused moonshine has added sugars, not in its purest form. There are many moonshine recipes out there that cocktail lovers enjoy.

Does flavored moonshine go bad?

Yes, a flavored fruit moonshine goes bad but not to the extent that it’s deadly. Sugar is used to enhance flavored moonshines, which means it will spoil and have a different taste than its distinct flavor. 

Final Thoughts 

According to our extensive research, moonshine does go bad, at least not in the traditional sense. However, no bottles of moonshine expire in the same way that milk does. Moonshine has an indefinite shelf life and is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages, like whiskey.

On the other hand, flavored moonshine, which contains sugar, has a shorter shelf life but can survive for years after being opened. 

Direct light, heat, and air can alter the flavor characteristics of an open bottle and affect how long does moonshine could last. But if you store moonshine properly, it can last long. 



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