How Many Shots Are In A Litre? (2023 Updated)

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The government of the United States does not regulate alcohol servings, resulting in varying shot sizes of different businesses. But knowing how many shots in a litre of liquor helps in a good liquor inventory and mindful drinks pricing.

Fortunately, our years of experience and extensive research will help guide you through the different shot sizes available in the spirit world.

One Litre: How Many Shots Are There?

Rider Vodka

There are 22 shots of 1.5 oz in a one-litre bottle. It is the most common serving of an 80-proof alcoholic beverage in the United States. But some countries or even some large establishments have varying counts depending on their laws and shot glasses. 

Shots are often measured by fluid ounce or milliliters as they only contain a small amount of liquid. A one-litre bottle is equivalent to 33.81 oz or 1000 ml. While most shot glasses can hold 1.25 oz to 1.5 oz of liquid, cheater’s glasses can only contain less than an ounce leading to more shots.

Shot Sizes

Shot Sizes

1 oz

Jack Daniel's with cocktail

It takes 33 shots of 1 oz to empty one litre of a bottle. In Australia and India, the standard shot for liquor is 1.01 oz or 30 ml. Pony glasses, which are usually for mixing drinks like cocktails and juices, are available for this measurement. 

1.25 oz

A glass of alcohol

One litre bottle has 27 servings of 1.25 oz, and it is an ideal size for cocktails. Large business chains in the United States adopted this measurement as their standard shot size. The small servings help corporations and franchise businesses to earn more profit. 

1.5 oz

Utah is the only one that has a concrete measure of their standard drink as 1.5 oz or 44 ml. Despite that, the majority of the pub houses and other liquor businesses in the United States still serve their shots in 1.5 oz glasses. It is the most common and acceptable serving of liquor.

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2 oz

Shot glasses

Serving drinks on the rocks often comes with 2 oz shot glasses. It is the most common measurement for Israel, Japan, and Italy. A litre can accommodate 17 pour servings of this measure, and it demands a higher price in pub houses or high-end bars.

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2.5 oz

A measure of 2.5 oz is already overserving, and it can be a disadvantage to the business. The shots will only take 13.5 servings. However, having at least 3 to 4 shots will increase the Blood Alcohol Content of the customers beyond the legal limit. So, how many mL is one shot?

What Is The Standard Shot Size In The US?

Siete Leguas Tequila

The standard shot size in the United States is 1.5 oz or 44 ml. One standard shot of 80-proof liquor contains 0.6 oz of pure alcohol [1]. Consuming more than 3 to 4 shots of this pure alcohol can cause drunkenness or alcohol misuse.

Knowing how many shots will get you drunk can help avoid overindulgence and other health problems.


How many shots is a litre of vodka?

There are 22 shots of 1.5 oz in a litre of vodka. Vodka is a distilled spirit that usually contains 80-proof alcohol. But, how many vodka shots will get you drunk?

Do you fill a shot glass to the top?

Yes, you do fill a shot glass to the top. It is important, especially for cocktail mixing.

In Summary 

The place where you drink and the shot glass you have determine how many shots of an alcoholic beverage is in a litre. The most common in the United States is the 1.5 oz, equivalent to 22 shot servings. Other measures are exclusive to some high-end bars or large franchise chains.

It is important for the consumer and business owners to know the measure of their liquor servings. Overservings can cause profit-loss, while unmindful pricing can chase away customers.



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