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Duck Fart Shot Cocktail Recipe For Your Party (2024 Guide)

Duck Fart Shot

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Lydia Martin

The first time I heard of the Alaskan Duck Fart Shot cocktail, I couldn’t help but laugh (given its name!) But little did I know that behind the funny name is a delicious layered shot oozing with flavors.

Since I had this fun drink, I’ve tried to recreate this recipe at home. After numerous attempts of trial and error, I’ve come up with the best Duck Fart Shot recipe.

Let me share it with you now. So, read on.

The Ultimate Duck Fart Shot Recipe

2 Glasses of Duck Fart Shot

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • Bar spoon (or kitchen spoon)
  • Shot glass


  • 0.5oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
  • 0.5oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 0.5oz Whiskey (preferably Crown Royal Canadian Whisky)

Instructions: Start with Kahlua coffee liqueur as the bottom layer – pour it on the shot glass. Then, slowly pour Bailey’s Irish Cream into the shot glass using the back of a spoon (spoon method) for the middle layer.

For the top layer, pour whiskey slowly using the back of a spoon (spoon method). Now your layered drink is done, serve and enjoy.

Serving: 1

Nutrition Facts: 261 calories | 20g carbs | 1g protein | 4g fat | 2g saturated fat | 0.01mg cholesterol | 2mg sodium | 0.3mg potassium | 19g sugar | 0.01mg iron

What Is A Duck Fart Shot?

Alaskan Duck Fart Shot, as the name suggests, was originally created at a bar called Peanut Farm in Alaska. It was first blended on a slow night when an old woman and the bartender were experimenting with drink recipes.

If it is slammed, just order yourself a duck fart and a beer. At the Peanut Farm, they know how to make them correctly.” – Casey McCutcheon, Assistant Manager at Peanut Farm 

The Duck Fart Shot recipe is a layered shot, traditionally combining Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Crown Royal Canadian whiskey.

The Bailey’s floats on the coffee liqueur, with the Crown Royal Canadian whiskey as the top layer.

Why Is It Called A Duck Fart Drink?

Person Making Duck Fart Shot

It’s called Duck Fart drink as it layers whiskey, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream in a shot glass, which creates a unique taste.

Some describe this recipe as a playful nod to the unexpectedness or whimsy associated with a duck fart.

“Savor the quacktastic fusion, a sip that surprises and delights.” – Liquor Laboratory

But it’s worth noting that the origins and specific reasons behind the recipe name may vary, as cocktail names often carry different interpretations and evolve over time.

What Alcohol Is In It?

The Duck Fart shot typically contains three main alcoholic ingredients:

  1. Whiskey: A Canadian whiskey like Crown Royal (or Canadian Club) is usually used as the base spirit and the final layer for the shot. (40% ABV)
  2. Coffee Liqueur: Kahlúa [1] or a similar coffee liqueur is commonly added to provide a rich and sweet flavor. (20% ABV)
  3. Irish Cream: Baileys Irish Cream [2] is a popular choice for this ingredient, contributing a creamy and smooth element to the layered shot. (17% ABV)

Is Duck Fart Shot The Same As B-52 Shot?

No, Duck Fart Shots are different from the B-52 Shot. While the Duck Fart shot and the B-52 shot share fun similarities in terms of layered shots, they’re not the same.

Duck Fart shot typically consists of whiskey, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream, served in a shot glass.

On the other hand, the B-52 drink is made with Kahlúa coffee liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier.

What Does A Duck Fart Shot Taste Like?

Glass of Duck Fart Shot

Duck Farts boasts a unique and layered flavor profile. The combination of Crown Royal whiskey, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream creates a harmonious blend of tastes.

It’s my favorite shot, as the layer of whiskey provides a warm and smooth sensation along with the rich and slightly sweet notes of the coffee liqueur.

Besides, the Irish cream adds a creamy and velvety texture to the shot. When consumed together, these flavors create a balanced and fun drinking experience.

When Is It Best Served?

Duck Fart Shots are best served during the following:

  • Celebratory gatherings (birthdays, holidays, or achievements)
  • Casual get-togethers (hangout with friends or a game night)
  • Cocktail parties (along with more shot recipes)
  • Bar and nightlife scenes (be it at your home bar or pubs/bars outside)


Do you need a cocktail shaker to make a Duck Fart shot?

A cocktail shaker is not necessary to make a Duck Fart drink, as it is typically served as a layered shot without the need for mixing.

How many calories are in a Duck Fart Shot?

The calories in a Duck Fart Shot are usually around 250kcal. However, the calorie content varies on the ingredients used and the amount per ingredient.

Where did the Duck Fart originate?

Duck Fart Shot originated in the Peanut Farm bar in Alaska. This drink gained popularity in the US, particularly in the Pacific Northwest region, such as Alaska and Washington.

Who invented Duck Fart?

The inventor of the Duck Fart recipe is believed to be a bartender and an older woman mixing drinks at the Peanut Farm bar in Alaska.

How do you make a Duck Fart shot?

To make a Duck Fart shot, start by pouring Kahlúa into a shot glass to fill about one-third of the glass. Then carefully layer Baileys Irish Cream on top, using the back of a spoon to pour it gently over the Kahlúa. Finally, layer Crown Royal whisky on top of the Baileys to complete the shot.

What does a Duck Fart shot taste like?

A Duck Fart shot has a rich and creamy taste with hints of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, followed by a smooth whiskey finish. The combination of the three liqueurs creates a sweet and indulgent flavor profile.

Is the Duck Fart shot commonly served in bars?

The Duck Fart shot has gained popularity in some regions and among certain groups of drinkers, but it may not be as widely known or served as other classic shots or cocktails.

Is the Duck Fart shot typically consumed quickly like other shooters?

Yes, the Duck Fart shot is typically consumed quickly in one gulp, like other shooters or shots. The layers of liqueurs blend together as you drink it, creating a harmonious flavor experience.

Final Say

This is how easily you can prepare these Duck Fart drinks – perfect for various occasions. The recipe only calls for three ingredients: Coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and whiskey.

It’s one of the most delicious shots anyone can enjoy for its perfectly balanced taste profile with warmth, sweetness, and smoothness, with some booze.


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