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EH Taylor vs Eagle Rare: Which is the Better Bourbon? (2024)

EH Taylor vs Eagle Rare

EH Taylor and Eagle Rare both use the Buffalo Trace mash bill no. 1. Like many of you, we are curious if there is a difference in their tasting notes or if they are somewhat the same. 

With this, we have here an EH Taylor vs Eagle Rare comparison to see which is the better bourbon. Keep scrolling. 

EH Taylor vs Eagle Rare Bourbon In-Depth Comparison 

EH Taylor and Eagle Rare Bottle on table

Eagle Rare and EH Taylor are both Kentucky bourbon whiskeys made using BT Mash Bill #1. However, E.H. Taylor boasts higher alcohol proof. 

Eagle Rare is aged longer than E.H Taylor and is cheaper than the latter. 

E.H. Taylor is a Bottled-In-Bond bourbon, following the BiB Act of 1897. 

On the contrary, Eagle Rare was previously a single barrel bourbon, but in 2012 the label was removed because of their automated bottling line. 

How They Differ

DifferencesE.H. Taylor Small BatchEagle Rare 10
Alcohol Proof10090
Age StatementNAS 10 years
Mash BillsBT Mash Bill No. 1 (less than 10% rye)BT Mash Bill No. 1 (less than 10% rye)
RackhouseBuilt by Col E.H TaylorNormal Rackhouse
Average Price$87.99$50

E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon

hand holding bottle of  EH Taylor Small Batch
PalateCaramel, corn, butterscotch, licorice, vanilla, and oak
NoseRich cinnamon, caramel, cherry, tobacco, and chocolate
FinishSoft mouthfeel with subtle spices of tobacco, oak, and pepper
How It’s ServedNeat and with splash of water
Comparable ToBuffalo Trace and Four Roses Single Barrel

E.H Taylor Small Batch bourbon is a Bottled-In-Bond bourbon that ensures the quality of American whiskey

The fermented BT Mashbill #1 [1] is distilled in the same distilling season (fall or spring) by Buffalo Trace in Buffalo Trace Distillery as stipulated by the BiB Act of 1897 [2]. 

After the bourbon is distilled, E.H. Taylor should be aged for at least four years in a bonded warehouse under government supervision.

It is cut and bottled at exactly 100 proof (50%). 

The result will not disappoint you because it has a rich aroma and warmth with notes of fruits, vanilla, spice, and oak. 

It features a great medium-length finish but can be underwhelming for others, given that it is Bottled-In-Bond bourbon. 

Fun Facts 

  • Col. E.H. Taylor Jr. is one of the founding fathers of bourbon whiskey. 
  • Col. E.H. Taylor Jr. constructed Warehouse C (where E.H. Taylor’s barrels were stored) in 1881.
  • Pure water is the only thing the distillery can add to E.H Taylor whiskey to lower the proof. 

Eagle Rare 10-Year Straight Bourbon

Eagle Rare 10 Year Kentucky Bourbon Bottle
PalateBold and delicate, with notes of rich cocoa, oak, leather, candied almonds, and orange
ColorMedium rusty orange
NoseComplex with notes of herbs, honey, toffee, oak, caramel, and leather
FinishLingering, with rich notes of oak, tobacco, and leather
How It’s ServedNeat and on the rocks
Comparable ToBuffalo Trace and Weller Special Reserve

Eagle Rare is a 10-year-old bourbon whiskey made from BT Mashbill #1, and every barrel is handpicked to ensure quality and consistency. 

After fermentation and distillation, it undergoes maturation in newly charred oak barrels for at least ten years. 

“The lower proof works slower, but you’ll get a better whiskey after seven or eight years.”

– Ronnie Eddins, Buffalo Trace Warehouse Manager. 

The result is full-bodied, aromatic, complex, pleasantly warm, and tasty. The bourbon shows a great texture and good balance.

It has a nice bite, more oak, and an old leather finish. 

Fun Facts 

  • Eagle Rare was initially released with 101 proof, but in 2005 it was lowered to 90 proof. 
  • It was launched by Seagrams in 1975 and then purchased by Old Prentice Distillery before ending up with Buffalo Trace in 1989.
  • Every barrel of Eagle Rare is carefully handpicked to provide a distinctive drinking experience. 

E.H. Taylor vs Eagle Rare: Price Comparison

E.H. Taylor and Eagle Rare Bottles
 E.H. Taylor Small BatchEagle Rare 10 
Average PriceRoughly $87.99 Roughly $50

*Average prices are based on Drizly. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.

Do Eagle Rare & E.H. Taylor Have Something In Common? 

Yes, Eagle Rare and E.H Taylor have something in common.

They use a similar mash bill from Buffalo Trace, but their aging and alcohol proof makes them different. 

In addition, Buffalo Trace Distillery produces both bourbons, and Sazerac Company owns the two brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is harder to find, Eagle Rare or E.H. Taylor bourbon?

Both bourbons are hard to find, but Eagle Rare is more difficult.

It is an allocated bourbon and can be challenging to find in some locations, especially for its competitive price. 

Is E.H. Taylor worth the hype, hunt, and cost?

Yes, E.H. Taylor is worth the hype and hunt, but not with the cost.

There are other bourbons priced similarly to E.H. Taylor that tastes more solid and better. 

Which is smoother, Eagle Rare or E.H. Taylor bourbon?

Eagle Rare is smoother than E.H. Taylor. Eagle Rare is more complex, tastier, and easier to drink than E.H. Taylor. 

Why is E.H. Taylor more expensive than Eagle Rare?

E.H. Taylor commands a higher price than Eagle Rare due to its limited production, meticulous craftsmanship, and its status as part of Buffalo Trace’s highly sought-after Antique Collection; the combination of its small-batch nature, extended aging, and the historical significance associated with Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr., the renowned bourbon pioneer, contribute to the increased cost and rarity of this premium whiskey.

Are Eagle Rare and E.H. Taylor the same mash bill?

While both Eagle Rare and E.H. Taylor are produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, they have different mash bills; Eagle Rare typically uses a mash bill of corn, rye, and barley, whereas E.H. Taylor employs a higher corn content and sometimes a different grain combination, showcasing the distillery’s versatility in creating distinct flavor profiles for each expression.

What does Eagle Rare compare to?

Eagle Rare is often compared to other high-quality bourbons such as Buffalo Trace and Blanton’s due to its exceptional smoothness, rich flavor profile, and unique ten-year aging process; its complexity and well-balanced taste set it apart, making it a favored choice for whiskey enthusiasts seeking a premium sipping experience.

Is E.H. Taylor the same as Buffalo Trace?

E.H. Taylor and Buffalo Trace are distinct expressions produced by the same distillery; while they share a common heritage, Buffalo Trace is a widely available bourbon with a different mash bill, often characterized by its approachable price point and versatility, whereas E.H. Taylor is part of the premium Antique Collection, known for its limited availability, higher price, and the distinctive qualities associated with Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr.’s legacy, making it a sought-after and collectible bourbon.

Why is Eagle Rare so popular?

Eagle Rare’s popularity stems from its exceptional quality and unique characteristics; its well-balanced and complex flavor profile, featuring notes of caramel, vanilla, and toffee, combined with a smooth and satisfying taste due to its ten-year aging process, has garnered a devoted following among whiskey enthusiasts, contributing to its widespread acclaim and popularity.

Why is Eagle Rare hard to get?

The scarcity of Eagle Rare can be attributed to its limited production and high demand in the whiskey market; with a meticulous ten-year aging process and a commitment to quality, the quantities available are inherently restricted, and the bourbon’s popularity often leads to shortages, making it challenging for consumers to find Eagle Rare on the shelves.

Why is E.H. Taylor so rare?

E.H. Taylor’s rarity is a result of its positioning within Buffalo Trace’s esteemed Antique Collection, a limited-edition series of premium bourbons; produced in small batches, E.H. Taylor undergoes meticulous craftsmanship and often features extended aging, adding to its exclusivity; this, combined with the historical significance of Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. and the Antique Collection’s highly sought-after nature, contributes to the rarity and collectible status of E.H. Taylor.

Who is Eagle Rare owned by?

Eagle Rare is owned by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, a renowned American distillery situated in Frankfort, Kentucky; part of the larger Sazerac Company, Buffalo Trace is celebrated for its heritage, craftsmanship, and a portfolio of well-regarded bourbons, with Eagle Rare standing out as one of its premium expressions, showcasing the distillery’s commitment to producing high-quality and sought-after whiskies.

How Does E.H. Taylor Compared to Eagle Rare in Terms of Mash Bill and Aging?

E.H. Taylor typically has a higher rye content in its mash bill compared to Eagle Rare, resulting in a spicier and more robust flavor profile. Additionally, E.H. Taylor expressions often undergo longer aging periods in charred oak barrels.

Which Bourbon Offers a More Intense Flavor Profile: E.H. Taylor or Eagle Rare?

E.H. Taylor tends to offer a more intense flavor profile characterized by bold spice, caramel, and oak notes, while Eagle Rare is known for its smoother and more approachable taste with hints of vanilla and toffee.

Can You Describe the Flavor Profiles of E.H. Taylor and Eagle Rare in More Detail?

E.H. Taylor typically offers bold flavors of rye spice, caramel, dark fruit, and oak, with a lingering finish. Eagle Rare, on the other hand, features a smoother palate with notes of vanilla, toffee, honey, and a touch of baking spices.

Which Bourbon Is Recommended for Sipping Neat or Enjoying in Cocktails: E.H. Taylor or Eagle Rare?

Both E.H. Taylor and Eagle Rare are excellent choices for sipping neat due to their distinct flavor profiles and high quality. However, Eagle Rare’s smoother and more approachable taste makes it equally suitable for enjoying in classic bourbon cocktails.

Final Verdict: EH Taylor Vs Eagle Rare

It was a close fight between E.H. Taylor and Eagle Rare, but after the team’s careful deliberation, Eagle Rare gets the upper hand for being the better bourbon.

E.H. Taylor can be underwhelming, given that it is a BiB bourbon but don’t get us wrong because it has a great aroma and tasting notes.

However, it lacks the body and kick for a 100-proof bourbon. 

Eagle Rare is well-aged, which results in a richer, tastier, and well-balanced pour.

It has lower proof which gives less heat, and since it is cheaper, it can be your everyday pour.  


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