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Gran Coramino Tequila Bottle Size & Best Price Guide (2024)

Gran Coramino buying guide

Last Updated on April 4, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Gran Coramino is the pinnacle of two personal journeys- Kevin Hart’s focus on excellence and work ethics and Juan Domingo Beckmann’s tequila innovation. 

Gran Coramino believes that hard work tastes different, so let’s taste and see if this ultra-premium tequila brand is a great tequila or just another celebrity-owned spirit. 

Here’s an honest review of Gran Coramino tequila- price and everything interesting about this new tequila brand. 

What’s Gran Coramino Cristalino Tequila?

Gran Coramino Cristalino Tequila

Gran Coramino Cristalino tequila is more than just a bottle of Reposado Cristalino [1] because it is a partnership of vision and passion.

It is an aged tequila matured in Eastern European oak barrels and finished in California Cabernet wine casks, then slowly filtered before bottling. 

The Gran Coramino is a 40% ABV tequila that offers character and layers of aged tequilas with the mixability of Blanco and a crystal-clear look. 

Key Facts 

Key Facts 

Ownership & Distillery

Gran Coramino is crafted in partnership with Kevin Hart and Juan Domingo Beckmann of Proximo Spirits.

The Reposado Cristalino is the product of the hard work of Kevin Hart, a Hollywood actor and comedian, and Beckmann’s 11-generation tequila-making knowledge. 

The tequila is two years in the making, and thanks to their relentless passion, the highly anticipated new tequila brand has been founded.

It is distilled and aged in La Rojeña Distillery, Tequila, Mexico. The Beckmann Family has owned the distillery since 1812. 

How It’s Made

Agave Plant

Gran Coramino tequila is made from hand-selected blue agaves from the Beckmann family fields. The agave piñas are slow-roasted using the traditional stone oven, and the juices are fermented before double distillation in copper pot stills. 

After distillation, it is rested in Eastern European oak barrels and finished in used Cabernet Sauvignon casks. It will then undergo the Cristalino process, which is slow-filtered for crystal clarity and smoothness. 

Aging Process & Alcohol Content

Gran Coramino tequila is a Reposado Cristalino, so it is a reposado tequila aged between two to twelve months in Eastern European oak barrels.

After maturation, it rests further in Cabernet Sauvignon casks from Napa Valley. The wine casks reflect the state that Kevin Hart calls home.

The Gran Coramino tequila contains 40% ABV (80 Proof). 


Gran Coramino with glasses

Gran Coramino tequila has impressive packaging, from the box to the bottle. The bottle has a square base, stretched rectangular form, and flat walls with a quarter twist that we find very sexy. 

The labeling is on point and very minimalist; however, the bottle’s rim is also square, and we find it a bit awkward when pouring.

But all in all, we appreciate the packaging because it gives more clarity to the spirit. 

Tasting Notes 

Tasting Notes 

  • PalateSpicy, black pepper spice, clove, sweet, and vanilla
  • Color/HueCrystal clear
  • NoseSweet, vanilla, agave, caramel, brown sugar, and alcohol
  • FinishThin, sweet, and clean finish 

What’s the Best Way To Drink Gran Coramino?

The best way to drink Gran Coramino is neat to appreciate the spirit’s flavor profile. 

The distillery might have filtered out the color, but the aroma made it through, and you will surely appreciate it when you sip it neat.

However, some people find tequila overly sweet and prefer to drink it over ice or as a cocktail. 

Common Gran Coramino Tequila Price

Common Gran Coramino Tequila Price

Type Size Alcohol By Volume Average Price
Gran Coramino Cristalino Tequila 750 ml 40% Around $54.99 

*Average prices are based on Drizly. Prices may vary in local liquor shops. 

Compared to Other Tequilas

Compared to Other Tequilas

Teremana Tequila

Teremana is a Blanco tequila, and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Gran Coramino, it can be a good choice.

A 750ml of Teremana is around $33 in Drizly, which is around $20 cheaper than Gran Coramino. 

Casamigos Tequila

Casamigos Tequila

Casamigos Blanco tequila is around $51.99 per 750ml in Drizly online, and for its tequila type, it is slightly expensive.

Like Gran Coramino, founded by a celebrity, Casamigos was founded by American actor and filmmaker George Clooney and his friends.  

Rock N Roll Cristalino Tequila

If you want a unique and interesting Cristalino tequila, you can try the Rock N Roll Cristalino tequila. The tequila is stored in a guitar-shaped bottle and contains Reposado Cristalino. 

However, it is more expensive than Gran Cromaino because a 750ml of Rock N Roll costs around $81.39 in Drizly. 

Popular Gran Coramino Tequila Cocktail Recipe  

Popular Gran Coramino Tequila Cocktail Recipe  

Coramino Margarita

Prep Time: 8 mins

Total Time: 8 mins


  • 2 oz Gran Coramino Cristalino 
  • 0.25 oz Canton ginger liqueur
  • 1 oz Lime juice
  • Lime peel with crystallized ginger (garnish)


Get a rocks glass, salt the rim, then put some ice. In a cocktail shaker, mix all the ingredients and shake well. Strain in the glass and top it off with your garnish. 

Serving: 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Gran Coramino real tequila?

Gran Coramino stands proudly as a genuine representation of Mexico’s revered tequila tradition. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity,

Gran Coramino is indeed a bona fide tequila. It adheres to the stringent regulations established by the Mexican government, which dictate that tequila must be made from the blue agave plant and produced within designated regions of Mexico, primarily in Jalisco. Gran Coramino embodies these regulations, ensuring that it meets the strict criteria necessary to be classified as authentic tequila.

From the cultivation of the agave plants to the distillation process, Gran Coramino upholds the traditions and techniques that have defined tequila-making for generations, resulting in a spirit that captures the essence of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.

Who owns Gran Coramino tequila?

Gran Coramino tequila is proudly owned by a distinguished spirits company renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of alcoholic beverages.

Drawing upon years of expertise and a deep appreciation for the craft of distillation, this company has invested in Gran Coramino with the vision of showcasing the finest qualities of tequila while honoring the traditions and heritage of Mexican culture.

By combining a passion for quality with a dedication to authenticity, this company has elevated Gran Coramino to new heights, ensuring that it remains a cherished symbol of Mexico’s storied tequila-making legacy.

Who distributes Gran Coramino?

Gran Coramino tequila is distributed by a respected distribution company specializing in premium spirits and alcoholic beverages. With a comprehensive network of distribution channels spanning domestic and international markets, this company plays a vital role in bringing Gran Coramino to consumers around the globe.

Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to excellence, they ensure that Gran Coramino tequila is readily available in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and other retail outlets, allowing enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of this esteemed tequila. By leveraging their expertise in distribution and their passion for fine spirits, this company helps to expand the reach of Gran Coramino, introducing new audiences to the unparalleled taste and character of this authentic Mexican tequila.

In summary, Gran Coramino tequila represents the culmination of centuries-old traditions, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to quality. Owned by a reputable spirits company and distributed by a trusted distribution partner, Gran Coramino embodies the essence of Mexico’s tequila culture, offering enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike a taste of the country’s rich heritage.

With its authentic flavor profile and commitment to excellence, Gran Coramino continues to captivate the hearts and palates of discerning drinkers worldwide, solidifying its place as a beloved icon of the tequila industry.

What is the best quality tequila?

Determining the “best” quality tequila is subjective and often depends on individual taste preferences and desired characteristics. However, several factors are commonly considered when evaluating the quality of tequila, including the production process, aging methods, and the quality of the agave used.
Some of the most highly regarded tequila brands known for their exceptional quality include:

Patrón Tequila: Recognized for its smoothness and versatility, Patrón offers a range of tequila expressions crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

Don Julio: Don Julio is celebrated for its premium tequilas, known for their exceptional flavor profiles and smooth finishes. The brand offers a variety of aged tequilas, each showcasing the richness and complexity of the agave spirit.

Casa Noble: Casa Noble is renowned for its organic tequilas, crafted with sustainably sourced agave and traditional production methods. The brand’s tequilas are revered for their purity and depth of flavor.

Clase Azul: Clase Azul is known for its artisanal tequilas, distinguished by their distinctive bottle designs and meticulous attention to detail. The brand offers tequilas that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

Ultimately, the best quality tequila is the one that resonates most with individual preferences, whether it’s a smooth blanco for sipping or a complex añejo for savoring.

Who owns Michael Jordan tequila?

Michael Jordan’s tequila brand is known as Cincoro Tequila. Founded by Jordan and a group of business partners, Cincoro Tequila embodies a shared passion for tequila and a commitment to creating a premium brand that reflects their dedication to excellence and quality. In addition to Jordan, the other partners include Jeanie Buss, Wyc Grousbeck, Wes Edens, and Emilia Fazzalari.

Together, they have combined their expertise and resources to establish Cincoro Tequila as a leading player in the ultra-premium tequila market, offering a range of exceptional tequila expressions crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.

Who Invented Tequila?

The genesis of tequila can be traced back to ancient times, to the indigenous peoples of what is now Mexico. Among them, the Aztecs revered the agave plant, considering it sacred and utilizing its sap to produce a fermented beverage known as pulque. However, the transformation of pulque into the refined spirit we recognize as tequila today began with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.

While the precise inventor of tequila remains a matter of historical debate, credit often goes to Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle, Marquis of Altamira. During the 17th century, he began the process of distilling the sap of the blue agave plant, laying the groundwork for what would become modern tequila. Over the centuries, subsequent generations of distillers refined and perfected the techniques, contributing to the evolution of tequila into the globally cherished spirit it is today.

Does Gran Coramino Have Additives?

Gran Corralejo, produced by Tequila Corralejo, stands as one of the esteemed names in the world of tequila. Renowned for its commitment to traditional production methods and uncompromising quality, Gran Corralejo represents the epitome of fine tequila craftsmanship.

When it comes to additives, it’s essential to understand the distinction between tequilas labeled as “100% Agave” and those that are not.
Tequilas labeled as “100% Agave” signify that they are crafted solely from the fermented sugars of the agave plant, without any additional additives. Gran Corralejo, adhering to this distinction, prides itself on its commitment to purity and authenticity.

By employing traditional techniques and utilizing only the finest agave juice in its production process, Gran Corralejo ensures that its tequilas remain untainted by extraneous substances.

Is Centenario Tequila 100% Agave?

Centenario Tequila stands as a beacon of excellence within the tequila industry, revered for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Offering an array of tequila expressions, including blanco, reposado, and añejo varieties, Centenario caters to discerning palates seeking unparalleled taste experiences. When considering the purity of Centenario tequila, the “100% Agave” designation holds paramount importance.

Tequilas labeled as “100% Agave” signify a commitment to authenticity and quality, as they are crafted exclusively from the fermented sugars of the agave plant. Centenario Tequila upholds this standard, ensuring that each bottle reflects the essence of pure agave distillation. By adhering to traditional production methods and prioritizing the integrity of their ingredients, Centenario Tequila guarantees a drinking experience characterized by unrivaled richness and depth of flavor.

In conclusion, navigating the world of tequila can be a rewarding journey enriched by a deeper understanding of its history and production methods. Whether pondering the origins of tequila, the purity of Gran Corralejo, or the authenticity of Centenario, embracing these aspects enhances appreciation for this iconic Mexican spirit and the craftsmanship that goes into its creation.

Which tequilas are real tequila?

Real tequila refers to tequila that is produced in specific regions of Mexico, primarily in the state of Jalisco and limited areas of certain neighboring states, including Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and must meet certain criteria to be classified as real tequila.

Tequila is categorized into several types based on its production process and aging:

Blanco (Silver) Tequila: Unaged or minimally aged tequila that is typically clear and bottled shortly after distillation.

Reposado Tequila: Tequila that has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two months and up to one year, resulting in a slightly golden color and smoother taste.

Añejo Tequila: Tequila that has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of one year and up to three years, resulting in a rich, amber color and complex flavor profile.

Extra Añejo Tequila: Tequila that has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, resulting in a deep amber color and intense flavor profile.

To be considered real tequila, the production process must adhere to strict regulations established by the Mexican government. These regulations dictate factors such as the geographical origin of the agave used, the distillation process, and the aging requirements for different types of tequila. Tequila that meets these criteria is granted Denomination of Origin (DO) status and can be labeled as authentic tequila.

What is considered fake tequila?

Fake tequila, also known as counterfeit or adulterated tequila, refers to products that do not meet the criteria for authentic tequila production outlined by Mexican regulations. This could include tequila that is produced outside of the designated regions in Mexico, tequila made from agave varieties other than blue agave, or tequila that does not adhere to the proper distillation and aging processes.

Additionally, some products may be labeled as “tequila” but contain additives or artificial flavors that deviate from traditional tequila production methods. These products may not meet the standards set forth by Mexican authorities and could be considered fake or inferior versions of authentic tequila.

Is all tequila real tequila?

No, not all tequila is considered real tequila. Authentic tequila must meet specific criteria outlined by Mexican regulations to be classified as genuine tequila. Tequila that meets these criteria is granted Denomination of Origin (DO) status and can be labeled as real tequila.

Tequila that does not meet these standards or is produced outside of the designated regions in Mexico may not be considered authentic tequila and could be classified as fake or counterfeit.

It’s important for consumers to look for labels indicating the Denomination of Origin (DO) and ensure that they are purchasing genuine tequila from reputable producers.

In Summary 

The Gran Coramino Tequila’s price is quite extravagant for its taste. For tequila enthusiasts like us, we find the tequila impressively smooth but on the average side.  

The press release is a big point, especially Kevin Hart’s endorsement. However, for us, it is just another tequila that has become popular for its celebrity owner and nothing more special. 


  1. Cristalino Tequila: Get Ready For A Whole New Type Of Tequila
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