Hennessy Gummy Bears Recipe (2023 Updated)

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Gummy bears are no longer kids’ thing. Grown-ups these days are also enjoying their alcohol-infused gummy bears. Can you imagine the spicy-vanilla taste of Hennessy in your mouth as you chew?

Well, why don’t you make Hennessy gummy bears? Don’t worry because our team will guide you.

Hennessy Gummy Bears: What Are They?

Hennessy Gummy Bears

Hennessy gummy bears are chewy gummy bears with an alcohol twist. These are similar to traditional gummy bears made from sugar, gelatin, glucose syrup, food coloring, and water. As mentioned, there is alcohol with Hennessy gummy bears apart from the standard components you find in gummy bears. 

The regular gummy bears are very popular with kids because of the sweet, chewy taste. With Hennessy Gummy Bears, depending on the Hennessy variant you choose, it will give you a different kick as you pop a piece.

What Do They Taste Like?

Hennessy Gummy Bears’ taste depends on what mix you will use. If you choose to make pure Henny Gummy, it will taste like a chewy Hennessy Select or whatever Hennessy variant you choose. 

The best way to create a Hennessy Gummy Bear is to mix it with fruit flavors or other types of mixers. Henny-coke is a great mix, and so is Hennessy soda. However, if you want it a bit fancier, a Hennessy Stinger can be good too.

How To Make Hennessy Gummy Bears From Scratch 

How To Make Hennessy Gummy Bears From Scratch 

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • 2 ounces Hennessy
  • 1-ounce Coke
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Three packets of unflavored gelatin (brand of your choice)

Knox Gelatine


Prepare your silicone molds before starting. Combine sugar and gelatine in a medium saucepan well before adding the remaining ingredients. 

Add Hennessy and coke and stir until free of lumps. Turn heat on medium-low. Make sure to keep the temperature under 90℉ to keep all the alcohol. 

Use a candy thermometer [1] for this. Once the mixture is translucent, turn off the heat and use the dropper included in the mold to fill each cavity. Place on the fridge for at least 15 minutes. Serve. 

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Do Hennessy Gummy Bears Get You Drunk?  

Gummy Bears

Hennessy Gummy Bears can get you drunk because they contain alcohol content from Hennessy brandy. Those tiny bits of chewable gummy bears can look very harmless, but once you chew on your third one, there will be some changes. 

Especially if you put a higher percentage of Hennessy into your mixture, you will surely find yourself drunk in an hour. 

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How long do Hennessy gummy bears last?

Hennessy gummy bears last for 3-5 days in the fridge. Ensure they are also covered to avoid bacteria creeping in and contaminating them. Leaving them unrefrigerated may not have the same consistency. 

Do Hennessy gummy bears swell in alcohol?

No, Hennessy gummy bears do not swell in alcohol. If you make Hennessy gummy bears from scratch and use the spirit as an added liquid to the equation, that will not make it swell. It will also have the same effect if you choose the shortcut and soak store gummy bears. 

How much do Hennessy gummy bears usually cost?

Hennessy gummy bears usually cost around $120. If you make it from scratch, you will only need a box of gelatin, mixers, and a bottle of Hennessy. The price may be slightly higher if you want to infuse ready-made gummy bears with Hennessy. 

Final Thoughts

There shouldn’t be any limitations when it comes to enjoying a Hennessy. Having a Hennessy gummy bear is just an example that you have fun with a quality cognac without ruining its flavor. 

The recipe is pretty straightforward and almost impossible to miss. With the help of a candy thermometer, you will not go wrong. It helps a lot that Hennessy is also a cooking brandy. 

The taste does not change even if placed under heat. Hennessy coke gummy bears are already a delicious treat, but you can still make other flavors using other simple cocktail mixes. 



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