How Long Does Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog Last? Solved (2023)

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Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog is only available during the holiday season. It’s a seasonal treat that I eagerly stock up on, anticipating those cozy evenings by the fireplace.

However, there are always a couple of bottles left over, and I wonder, can I still enjoy them?

How long does Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog last?

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog: How Long Does It Last?

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Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog can last about seven months and more if unopened and stored correctly in the refrigerator.

It contains brandy, rum, blended whiskey, and dairy cream, and adding cinnamon and ground nutmeg creates a sweet, delicious, refreshing holiday drink.

“Sure, Christmas punches and hot cocoa are up there on our list of favorite Christmas drinks, but there’s something about the creamy richness and spiced flavor of eggnog that says, ‘Merry Christmas!'” – Kara Zauberman, Senior Editor

Eggnogs are typically served chilled and have been around since the early medieval days in Europe [1].

What Is The Shelf Life Of Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog?

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The shelf-life of an unopened Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog can last for seven months or more, especially if it is refrigerated.

A fridge is a cool and dark place, making it a suitable storage for drinks with dairy ingredients.

So, while you’re still planning on when you want to consume this eggnog, it’s better to keep it somewhere cool, dry, and dark.

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Once you crack open a bottle of this delightful eggnog, the clock starts ticking. We recommend consuming it within seven to ten days, even if it is refrigerated.

It contains dairy and alcohol, so it’s essential to have it in its freshest and best taste. You can chill it in your fridge for a few days before consuming it for a better experience.

Should You Refrigerate Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog?

Yes, you should refrigerate Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog before and after opening it to ensure freshness and prevent it from going bad.

Since it contains 14.75% ABV, the alcohol helps prevent bacterial growth. However, the texture of the drink is another matter. It might lose its thick and creamy texture if left at room temperature, especially in warmer or hotter places.

So, to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations or direct heat exposure, keep this drink refrigerated before and after opening to keep it fresh.

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Does Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog Go Bad?

Man Holding Bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog

Yes, Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog goes bad if exposed to a direct light or heat source. The shops and stores selling this eggnog recommend consuming it immediately after purchase.

“Chill and pour this velvety eggnog, a delightful mix of whiskey, rum, and brandy. Perfect for your next celebration!” – Liquor Laboratory

It is a holiday favorite that you should be consuming during the holiday. However, I know that craving for this drink is not limited during the holiday.

I sometimes want this creamy drink after a long day of work during summer days. So I have to stack up on this during the holiday. I would put this eggnog in the freezer a week before and then eat it with a spoon like a slush.


Does alcoholic eggnog expire?

No, alcoholic eggnog does not expire, but it goes bad, and the flavors will turn dull after some time. An eggnog usually has bourbon, rum, brandy, or sometimes, all of these distilled spirits at once.

These alcoholic beverages help prevent the eggnog from growing bacteria, but once opened, you must consume it within the next ten days.

What’s in Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog?

A Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog contains a rich mix of blended whiskey, rum, brandy, and dairy cream [2]. The alcohol content is 14.75%, and the makers only sell this eggnog during the holidays.

Do you have to refrigerate Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog after opening?

Yes, you have to refrigerate Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog after opening. It will help preserve its texture for the next ten days, but that is the maximum time you should refrigerate your eggnog.

If you notice changes in color and odor within the next few days, you must discard your eggnog.

In Summary

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog is available during the holidays and remains good for about seven months and more if refrigerated.

But once you open it, you need to finish it within the next ten days or less so you can still savor its delightful flavors.

Remember that refrigeration is a must to keep the eggnog enjoyable, but you can also freeze it or whatever way you want to have your eggnog.

Check for signs of spoilage if you think that the eggnog has been stored for a long time.



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