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Does Crown Royal Go Bad? Explained (2023 Updated)

Does Crown Royal Go Bad

Crown Royal is one of the well-known blended Canadian whiskies. Its light and sweet flavor profile are sure to please anyone looking for a classic Canadian whisky.

Crown Royal is a versatile whisky you can enjoy in many different ways, but does Crown Royal go bad? Read on.

Does Crown Royal Expire?

different flavors of Crown Royal bottles

Yes, Crown Royal whisky expires and does go bad. But technically, it is extremely unlikely to go bad unless it’s not properly stored.

Crown Royal is a popular Canadian whisky that many whisky connoisseurs love because of its pleasant flavor profile. A bottle can last for decades, provided it’s stored correctly.

However, after a long period and with improper storage, Crown Royal can gradually lose its flavor and might go bad.

Does Crown Royal Go Bad In The Freezer? 

Yes, Crown Royal does go bad in the freezer. Although keeping it in the freezer won’t permanently harm the whiskey, it might dull its flavors.

A tasteless whisky will be less enjoyable to drink. Since putting it in the freezer might lose its flavor, it is not the best option to cool it. 

If you want a cold Crown Royal, make an Old-fashioned one, put an ice cube, or serve it straight up. [1] But is Crown Royal bourbon or not?

How Long Does Crown Royal Last?

Bottle of Crown Royal Vanilla


An opened bottle of Crown Royal is likely to expire. It is because an opened bottle is prone to oxygen. 

The more oxygen is in the bottle of Crown Royal, the quicker it might oxidize and go bad.

If the opened bottle is nearly half full, it’s likely to go bad in about one to two years. But if it’s a quarter full or less, it expires in about six months.

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An unopened bottle of Crown Royal won’t go bad, and you can store it for years and could last indefinitely with the right storage. 

Crown Royal’s shelf life isn’t much different from other hard liquor. Storing it right and putting it in a safe place at room temperature could make it last for decades.

“There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” – Raymond Chandler, American Writer/Novelist

How To Tell If Crown Royal Has Gone Bad 

Crown Royal had gone bad if it lost its flavor and its color. If you see and taste something unusual with your Crown Royal, you can discard it.

Bad lighting, extremely high and low temperature, and air in the bottle can affect the quality of your Crown Royal and might make it go bad.

But what can you do with your Crown Royal bag?

How To Make It Last Longer 

man holding a Crown Royal Bottle

Keeping it safe from direct sunlight or extreme heat can make Crown Royal last longer. It is not necessary to put it in a refrigerator. 

For an opened bottle of Crown Royal, you can transfer the remaining whisky to a smaller bottle to prevent oxidation.

Keep it in a stand-up or vertical position at room temperature. Check out some Salted Caramel Crown Royal cocktail recipes here.


Should Crown Royal be refrigerated?

No, Crown Royal should not be refrigerated. A Crown Royal is a Canadian hard liquor that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

How do you store Crown Royal?

The general rule of thumb for distilled spirits, like Crown Royal, is to store it a room temperature.

Does Crown Royal whiskey expire?

Crown Royal whiskey doesn’t expire in the same way that perishable food does, but its quality can degrade over time.

How long does Crown Royal last once opened?

Once opened, Crown Royal whiskey can last indefinitely if stored properly, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Does Crown Royal lose its flavor over time?

Over time, Crown Royal whiskey can lose some of its flavor and aroma, especially if not stored correctly or if exposed to air for extended periods.

Can I still drink Crown Royal if it’s been opened for a long time?

You can still drink Crown Royal whiskey that has been opened for a long time, but the taste may not be as rich or flavorful as when it was first opened.

How can I tell if Crown Royal has gone bad?

Crown Royal whiskey typically doesn’t go bad in the same way that food does, but if it develops an off odor or flavor, it may have degraded in quality.

Final Thoughts 

Crown Royal is a great-tasting Canadian whisky that can go bad.

Exposing it to direct heat and air, or putting it in cold temperatures, can cause it to lose color and dull its flavor.

However, if properly stored, an unopened bottle of Crown Royal can last for decades, while an opened bottle could last from one to two years.


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