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How Many Bud Lights To Get Drunk: Resolved (2023)

How Many Bud Lights To Get Drunk

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Americans enjoy drinking beer, and Bud Light is one of their most popular beer options.

It is lower in ABV than other alcoholic drinks, but you can still get drunk. So like what drinkers always ask, how many Bud Lights to get drunk?

The answer depends on various factors, which we will find out today, along with some facts. So, keep reading.

How Many Bud Lights Can Get You Drunk? 

Man Holding Bud Light

It takes four standard Bud Light beers to get drunk, which typically applies to adult males with 160 lbs, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

On the other hand, most women need five to six Bud Light beers to get drunk.

But generally speaking, it can vary greatly depending on many factors, including the person’s body weight, alcohol tolerance, and the beer’s alcohol content.

How Much Alcohol Does One Bud Light Have? 

One beer, Bud Light, has an ABV of 4.2%, which is lower than most regular types of beer.

“You can’t be a real country without a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of football team or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least, you need a beer.”

Frank Zappa, American Musician

Light beer contains varying alcohol content levels ranging from 4.2% to 5%. Craft beers have higher alcohol content levels ranging from 5% to 8%.

Factors That Affect Your Being “Bud Light Drunk” 



Man Drinking Bud Light Beer

Men tend to consume more alcohol than women. As per CDC, it can take four standard drinks for men to reach the blood alcohol content (BAC) [1] of 0.8%, which is considered legally drunk (or the legal limit) in the US.

But depending on the alcohol consumption and tolerance, men can take up to eight to nine Bud Light drinks to get drunk.


Women tend to drink less than men. Generally, it can take up to five to six Bud Lights to reach 0.8% blood alcohol level, the legal intoxication limit.


The heavier the weight, the more alcoholic beverage consumed is possible. And the lighter the weight, the faster to feel drunk.

For women weighing 120 lbs, drinking alcohol, mainly five to six Bud Lights in an hour, can cause intoxication.

Conversely, men weighing 190 lbs and drinking eight to nine Bud Lights in an hour would get drunk.

Your body size affects how much booze it can take to get drunk. Having a heavier weight allows the body to absorb and distribute alcohol, which lowers the blood alcohol concentration in the bloodstream.

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Last Meal

It’s advisable to eat first before binge drinking. Know that consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can cause a person to get drunk faster. Eat first and rest for about 30 minutes before drinking.

Also, eating a large meal close to the time you are going to drink can help lower your blood alcohol level.


Glass and Can of Bud Light Beer

The higher your tolerance, the more alcohol you consume. Otherwise, you can’t drink more if you’re tolerance is low. You can only consume less beer than the average.

The more liquor you drink, the more liquor tolerance you can develop, regardless of how the drink affects your system.


Actually, it is not advisable to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages when taking medications. Mixing medicines and alcohol can get harmful.

Besides, if you combine alcohol with illegal drugs or prescription medications, this can enhance the effects of alcohol on your body. So it’s always recommended to drink responsibly.

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Mood & Hormones

Being in a bar with the expectation that you will be drunk can speed up the effects of alcohol. This is because the placebo effect [2] works similarly if you’re in a bar with the same mindset.

On the other hand, women who drink alcohol or take birth control pills during their pre-menstrual period can have higher blood alcohol levels.


Can two cans of Bud Light get you drunk?

Two beers or cans of Bud Light, or more than one drink, can get you drunk if your tolerance is low. But for an average person, it will take four or more to feel tipsy.

How many Bud Lights equal a standard beer?

Bud Light is equal to one beer (standard). And to get drunk takes about four to five light beer drinks like Bud Light to feel intoxicated. So responsible drinking is essential.

Final Words 

Generally, it would take four to five Bud Light beers to get drunk. It can be the moderate drinking standard for some. However, some drinkers may feel alcohol intoxication after this.

Furthermore, it may take around eight to nine Bud Lights for those with higher tolerance to get intoxicated.

But know that alcohol affects people differently based on other factors aside from the beer’s ABV and tolerance, like weight, gender, mood, and medication.

How much beer you consume depends on these factors, so you should know better.


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