How Many Mimosa Cocktails To Get Drunk: Answered (2023)

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Mimosa is one of the best cocktails you can serve. But can this delicious drink get you tipsy? 

Since this cocktail contains Champagne, it can get you drunk. But how many mimosas do you need to get drunk? 

Keep reading to discover more about mimosa– its alcohol content, ingredients, and everything in between so you know how to limit yourself with this tasty cocktail drink.   

How Many Mimosas Will Get You Drunk?

2 glasses of classic mimosa

On average, it takes around four to five flutes of mimosa cocktails to get a person drunk.

Although a serving of mimosa is not likely to make you drunk, multiple drinks over a short period can still create a buzz and cause you to get intoxicated. 

Some people tend to get intoxicated faster than others, while those with a higher tolerance to alcohol consume more servings.

Compared to other alcoholic drinks, Champagne tends to get you drunk much faster.

And since mimosa contains 50% Champagne, anyone will likely get drunk after a few servings.

Mimosas Ingredients


Champagne [1] is the main ingredient in making a mimosa, and high-quality ones should be considered to be used for this drink.

Champagne is not necessarily expensive. You can find Champagne that you surely afford and use it for making a mimosa, then reserve the premium one to enjoy it plain.

Remember, any good Champagne tastes good with a medium amount of sweetness, which of course, depends on your preference. But what’s the best champagne for mimosas?

“Only the unimaginative can fail to find a reason for drinking Champagne.”

— Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet/Playwright.

Orange Juice

pouring orange juice on a glass

To make a delicious mimosa, it must contain orange juice– and much better if it’s freshly squeezed. 

Although you can buy orange juice, the fresh type will enhance the taste of your drink.

Besides, you can control the percentage of sugar in your drink by squeezing some oranges.

Most store-bought orange juices contain added sugar, which you can avoid by making your own.

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Triple Sec

Sometimes, mimosa is made with Triple Sec, an orange-flavored liqueur made of the dried zest of bitter and candied orange. 

Triple Sec enhances the orange touch in the mimosa, making this cocktail more tasty and refreshing. However, this adds to the alcohol content of mimosa, so drink moderately.

How Much Alcohol Do Mimosas Contain?

pouring champagne on a glass

An average mimosa will have an ABV of 12%.

Traditionally, Champagne is the only alcoholic component in a mimosa. Since it’s used to make the drink, its alcohol content will also be included.

But if you use stronger Champagne, the alcohol content of the drink will also change. 

This means that it’s important to know the alcohol content of the Champagne to estimate the alcohol content of your mimosa.

Factors To Consider 


The amount of mimosa to get a person drunk sometimes depends on gender and weight.

The average four to five servings of mimosa mostly apply to adult men weighing around 160 lbs. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get drunk if you consume three servings, especially for women.

Your age, weight, and alcohol tolerance significantly affect how fast you can get drunk. 

Consumption Rate (Quantity and Pace)

man making Mimosa drink

For example, if three servings of mimosa can’t get you drunk, you can still feel tipsy. But the interval or time you drink mimosa is a contributing factor. 

If you drink three or four shots of mimosa within an hour, it will give you a lot of tipsiness, which is more intense than if you consume it throughout the evening.

Alcohol Toleration

You will likely get drunk after three servings of mimosa if you have low alcohol tolerance. 

But those with high alcohol tolerance can consume four to five, and even more, without getting drunk fast. 

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Will Two Glasses of Mimosas Get You Drunk?

You can probably feel tipsy if you consume Champagne without any agents to dilute its alcohol content.

Still, it depends mostly on the interval and how your body tolerates alcohol. 

You can’t get drunk that easily if you have high alcohol tolerance and consume two servings of mimosa within a certain time interval.  


Can one mimosa get you drunk?

One glass of mimosa isn’t likely to get you drunk. But consuming multiple shots over a short time can get you tipsy or completely drunk.

Can I drive after one mimosa?

Yes, you can drive after drinking a serving of mimosa, but there’s no such safe level of alcohol consumption for competent driving. So better not drive, even if it’s just a shot. 

Why do Mimosas make me sleepy?

Mimosa makes you sleepy because its alcohol content depresses your central nervous system. It provides a sedative effect helping your body relax and make you feel sleepy. 

In Summary 

Mimosa is one of the best cocktails that’s easily accessible; you can find it in restaurants, bars, clubs, etc., and you easily make it at home.

But remember, it takes around four to five servings of mimosa to consider yourself drunk and two to three servings to make you feel tipsy. 

While it is one of the tasty drinks you can enjoy anywhere, make sure to drink it in moderation. 



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