How To Drink Añejo Tequila: Explained (2023 Updated)

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Derived from the blue agave plant, tequila is Mexico’s national drink.

While Añejo tequila is regarded as one of the best party drinks, there are ways to enjoy it– aside from the traditional salt-and-lemon combo. 

Want to know how to drink Añejo tequila in different ways? Check this out.  

Top 4 Ways To Drink Anejo Tequila 

1. Shoot It

pouring tequila on a shot glass

If you don’t want to drink Añejo tequila in a salt-and-lime routine, shoot it and unchill it (though Mexicans don’t drink this way).

Prepare a shot glass of tequila, make a toast, and swallow it down your throat.

Rather than the traditional salt and lime combination, you can drink it with some little sangrita or just the vintage way to drink it– straight up. 

2. Sip It Neat

You can sip the Añejo Tequila neat as most Mexicans do. But when it comes to tequila in general, it’s important to choose a drink that’s 100% authentic to enjoy it better. 

Añejo, as an authentic tequila, is best drunk neat at room temperature. Also, you can add ice to reduce the strong flavor. 

3. Drink It On The Rocks

One of the finest ways to enjoy the various flavors of Añejo tequila is by drinking it on the rocks. 

This is the perfect way to appreciate and realize what this dark tequila offers. The smooth vanilla and creamy finish will make you want to drink more.

If you’re new to tequila, add lime or orange coin and stir some alcohol around the ice cubes to help mellow its flavor.

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4. As A Cocktail

Tequini Cocktail Drink

A classic cocktail like Margarita is a great way to enjoy this type of tequila– be it classic or frozen.

But if you want to relish the flavor of the tequila, we suggest opting for the classic version.

Aside from Margarita, you can also savor the Añejo tequila in a “Tequila Martini” (or “Tequini”).

A Tequini is a cocktail that takes the class and sophistication of a traditional Martini and adds a speck of fun to the mix. However, this cocktail is heavily alcoholic. 

Note: Other tasty tequila cocktails you can make are Tequila Sunrise and Vampira (a Bloody Mary twist)

What is the Best Way to Drink Añejo Tequila? 

Drinking the Añejo tequila on the rocks (or with ice) is the best way to drink it. This means you don’t have to add any mixers– just drink the tequila straight up over ice. 

Upon drinking the Añejo tequila, you’ll taste a very slight smoky flavor that lingers, followed by a creamy and smooth caramel finish, making it an excellent “on the rocks” drink.

We suggest using a clear ice cube or crushed ice, then serving it using a large whiskey glass or a rocks-sized crystal glass. 

“To taste tequila is to taste Mexico.”

— Ana Paula Pelayo of the Dos Armadillos Distillery

Tips & Tricks Before Drinking Añejo Tequila

woman drinking tequila

We recommend waiting around two minutes before drinking your Añejo tequila on the rocks.

You can stir it around the ice to allow it to melt. This will help open up the flavors of your tequila.

After that, you can freely enjoy the intense yet delicious caramel and vanilla flavors of the Añejo tequila. 


Should you chill Añejo tequila?

No. It isn’t necessary to chill Añejo tequila. You don’t have to put it in the fridge– drinking it at room temperature is enough.

But if you want it a little chilled, then go with it on the rocks. 

How do Mexicans drink Añejo tequila?

Mexicans drink and enjoy tequila [1] by taking small sips out of the glass. This is the traditional way they drink it.

For Mexicans, good tequila shouldn’t be slugged down at once but sipped like whiskey.   

Bottom Line 

You can try different ways to enjoy and savor the flavors of authentic Añejo tequila. 

Whether you sip it neat, on a cocktail, or on the rocks, you can only expect one thing– a great drinking experience. 




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