How Many Ounces In A Keg of Beer: Full Guide (2023)

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Different keg sizes serve varying purposes and can be used in different situations. 

But if you don’t know what to use for the purpose you have in mind, you better know the sizes and capacities of each keg. 

So, here we detail how many ounces are in a keg to help you identify the right barrel according to your needs. 

How Many Ounces Are In A Keg?

Stainless Beer Keg Barrel

The number of ounces in a keg varies depending on its size. There are seven different keg sizes, and each keg can hold a specific volume of beer. 

The Mini keg, the smallest in size, can hold up to 169 oz of beer, while the Half-Barrel keg, the largest in size, can hold up to 1,984 oz of beer. 

How Many Ounces Are In Different Keg Sizes? 

Sixth Barrel Keg

Ounces: 661 oz = 41 (16oz) glasses or 55 (12oz) cans/bottles

The Sixth Barrel Keg is commonly used in dual or triple-tap setups. Like the Cornelius Keg, this smaller one functions like its bigger cousins. It only holds less beer than other similar-sized containers.

This size can be used for bars and restaurants with limited space but still want a large selection of beer available to their customers.

50 Litre Keg

Man Pushing Trolley with 50 Litre of Keg

Ounces: 1690 oz = 105 (16oz) glasses or 140 (120z) cans/bottles

The 50 Liter Keg is commonly used by European breweries and is similar to the Half Barrel in size. This type of container is most commonly found in the UK and other European countries. 

Some of the popular imports from the US include Stella Artois, Newcastle, Hoegaarden, and Heineken.

But you should know that import kegs do not utilize a standard Sankey D-type coupling. 

Slim Quarter Keg

Ounces: 992 oz = 62 (16oz) glasses or 82 (12oz) cans/bottles

The Slim Quarter Keg is similar to the Quarter barrel in size. So, this makes it a popular choice among dual-tapers. 

“A bottle of beer contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.”

— Louis Pasteur, French Chemist

Besides, Slim Quarter Kegs are tall and skinny versions of the Sixth Barrel. Its slightly larger width allows it to hold an additional two gallons of beer.

Cornelius Keg

Ounces: 640 oz = 40 (16oz) glasses or 53 (12oz) cans/bottles

Originally developed for the soft drink industry, people who make beer or soda at home often use these. Cornelius Keg is easy to clean and fill up. 

It comes in two types of connectors: pin-lock and ball-lock.

Half Barrel Keg

Beer Kegs

Ounces: 1984 oz = 124 (16oz) glasses or 165 (12oz) cans/bottles

This Half Barrel Keg is the most common type of beer container people think of when picturing a beer keg.

Actually, it’s a vessel that’s been used to distribute macro-brews for many years.

Also, this is a standard-sized beer keg that most establishments use. It fits most standard-sized containers.

So if you plan on trying new recipes, you might want to use the smaller sizes.

Mini Keg

Ounces: 169 oz = 10 (16oz) glasses or 14 (12oz) cans/bottles

The Mini Keg is ideal for portable or one-time use. It can be used for a variety of activities, such as watching the game with friends or hosting a small dinner party. 

Unfortunately, finding a specific beer is not always easy with these.

Quarter Barrel Keg

Barrel Kegs

Ounces: 992 oz = 62 (16oz) glasses or 82 (12oz) cans/bottles

The Quarter Barrel is a stubby and shorter keg. Compared to a Full Barrel, it measures 16 1/8 inches wide and about 10 inches shorter in height. 

Alternative names for Quarter Barrel Keg are Pony Keg, Stubby Quarter, or 1/4 BBL. 

Keg Sizes & Capacity Quick Reference Chart

Keg NameCapacity (Oz)
Sixth Barrel Keg661 oz
50 Litre Keg1,690 oz
Slim Quarter Keg992 oz
Cornelius Keg640 oz
Half Barrel Keg1,984 oz
Mini Keg169 oz
Quarter Barrel Keg992 oz


How many 12-ounce beers are in an average keg?

There are 165 12-ounce beers in an average keg, equivalent to 124 16-ounce cans of beer. 

How many gallons are in a keg?

In a keg [1], there can be 15.5 gallons of beer, and this volume applies to Half-Barrel Keg. The 50 Liter Keg can hold 13.2 gallons, while Slim and Quarter Barrel Kegs can hold 7.75 gallons. 

How many 16 oz beers are in a keg?

There are 124 16 oz beers in a Half Barrel Keg. The smallest keg, the Mini Keg, can hold 10 16 oz beers. 

To Sum It Up

Now you know what keg size you’ll opt for, the next step is to ensure that you’re keg coupler on your draft system or kegerator [2] is compatible with the keg size you’ll use. 

Know that most local beers fit the D Sankey System Coupler, the standard of most kegerators.   

Choose the keg size that best suits your needs and is compatible with your kegerator for a seamless beer process.  



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