How Much Is In A Pitcher Of Beer? Resolved (2023 Updated)

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While there are cans or bottles of beer, there’s also “a pitcher of beer,” which we commonly hear in bars and restaurants. 

If you’re drinking alone, a can of beer is enough, but how about with friends? Is a pitcher of beer enough to serve you all? So, let’s understand how much is in a pitcher of beer, along with the different sizes. 

How Much Beer Is In A Pitcher? 

Pitcher of Beer on a Wooden Board

How much beer is in a pitcher depends on the size of the pitcher. Actually, there are different beer pitcher sizes, and the standard sizes are 32oz, 48oz, and 60oz. 

The volume of beer varies per pitcher size: 

  • 60oz = six (10oz) or five (12oz) glasses of beer
  • 48oz= four (12oz) glasses of beer
  • 32oz = about three (12oz) glasses of beer

As we move along, you’ll learn more about these sizes and beer content. 

3 Different Pitcher Sizes & Their Beer Content 


A 32oz pitcher contains 946.353 ml of beer. This is considered the smallest pitcher size. Mathematically speaking, 32oz can make 2 ⅔ glasses of beer. 

Tip: If you’re distributing beer in three glasses, one glass would contain less than the other two glasses. To be fair, reduce the content of the two glasses a bit and add it to the third glass. 


A 48oz pitcher contains 1,419.53 ml of beer (or 1.4 liters). With this size, you fill four glasses of beer with 12oz each, equally. A beer pitcher of this size is suitable for drinking with a few friends. 


A 60oz pitcher contains 1,774.41 ml of beer (or about 1.8 liters). If you measure beer in pints, a 60oz pitcher can fill three-pint glasses. Obviously, this size can hold more beer volume than the first two pitcher sizes. 

How Many Glasses Of Alcohol Can You Drink In It? 

2 glasses full of beer

How many glasses of alcohol you can drink in a pitcher depends on the container size. Let’s say, for example, a 60oz pitcher of beer. 

  • You can fill five glasses if you serve the beer in a 12oz glass.
  • You can fill six glasses if you serve the beer in a 10oz glass. 

The size of the pitcher dictates how many beer glasses you can fill. But, of course, you can use small glasses to make more servings. 

The 32oz and 48oz may fill fewer glasses, obviously. 

What’s America’s Standard Pitcher Size? 

America’s standard pitcher size is 60oz. You can usually see this size in bars and restaurants. 

But it doesn’t mean you can’t encounter 32oz, 48oz, or other sizes of beet pitchers. Establishment and drinkers can freely use the pitcher size they prefer. 

How Much Does A Pitcher Of Beer Usually Cost?

Pouring Beer on a Glass

A pitcher of beer costs roughly $15 to $30 but may get higher, depending on the brew quality, size, and the store or establishment you’re buying from. 

  • Expect to pay the maximum price on fine dining restaurants and high-end bars and clubhouses.
  • For budget-friendly prices, go to regular bars or restaurants, as beer prices may be lower there.

Also, the price of a pitcher of beer varies depending on the brand. Some expensive beers include:

  • Samuel Adams Utopias [1]
  • Sapporo’s Space Barley
  • Brasserie Caulier’s Vieille Bon-Secours Ale 

Is It Legal To Order A Pitcher Of Beer For Yourself? 

Yes, it is legal to order a pitcher of beer for yourself unless you’re a minor or buying beyond the on- and off-premise hours. 

“Humankind was built on beer. From the world’s first writing to its first laws, in rituals social, religious, and political, civilization is soaked in beer.”

— William Bostwick, Author.

However, in certain parts of the US,  like in Texas [2], there are limitations when ordering a beer or any alcoholic drink. So, it’s important to know the alcohol guidelines in your local state to avoid violations. 

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How many 12 oz beers are in a pitcher?

In a pitcher with a 60oz size, there would be five 12-ounce beers. If we reduce the serving to 10oz, there would be six glasses of beer. 

How many cups of beer are in a pitcher?

A pitcher of 60oz can make around 7.5 cups of beer, equivalent to 3.75 pints. 

How much do you tip for a pitcher of beer?

For a pitcher of beer, you can tip $1 to $2 since it is less expensive than cocktails or any type of alcoholic drink. 

Is a pitcher of beer a lot?

A pitcher of beer is enough to be enjoyed by friends or family. One 60oz pitcher may contain a generous amount of around 1.8 liters or 3.75 pints, the standard size in the US. 

In Conclusion

A pitcher of beer is the ideal way to enjoy a good time with your friends or family. You can choose to order 32oz, 48oz, and 60oz, depending on the number of people and how much you can consume. 

But remember to check your state’s alcohol regulations to know the maximum beer volume you can order. If you’re free to order how much you like, congratulations, but – DRINK RESPONSIBLY.  



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