How Much Is A Keg of Beer? Explained (2023 Updated)

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A keg is a suitable packaging for beers sold in larger quantities.

Whether it is for a big family wedding reception, parties, or Sunday barbecues, getting a keg of beer is great because it is easy to clean up, eco-friendly, and cheaper than buying bottled beers. 

But how much is a keg of beer? Read on to find out. 

How Much Does A Keg of Beer Cost?

Krombach Pils

A keg of beer costs around $20 to $255. The price varies based on different factors such as the beer keg sizes, brands, and renting cost.

A bottle of ice-cold beer is easy to buy, but a keg of beer can be more convenient and cost-effective. 

The size of the keg will always be a factor in the cost. The brands differ because domestic beers are cheaper than imported ones.

Moreover, the renting cost should also be considered in most cases because you will need to rent a keg when you buy a keg of beer. 

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Factors To Consider 

Factors To Consider 

Beer Keg Sizes

A beer keg has two separate containers: (1) for beer [1] and (2) gas for tapping.

The price of a keg varies on different factors, but its volume and size are the most significant. 

Aside from the standard half-barrel size (165 pcs – 12oz bottles), there are available sizes on the market as follows, along with its equivalent 12-oz/bottle quantity: mini keg (14 pcs), Cornelius keg (53 pcs), sixth barrel (56 pcs), quarter barrel (62 pcs, and European standard (140 pcs). 



Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Corona Extra

Different brands of beer come with price tags, regardless of their packaging.

Typically, local beers are cheaper than imported ones, but craft beers are more expensive than mass-produced brands.

The price varies depending on each beer brand’s demand, popularity, and marketing campaigns. But what’s the difference between craft beers and draft beers?

Renting Cost

Commonly, you will rent a keg when you buy a beer and then return it after the occasion. So, if you are planning to get a keg of beer, you must consider the renting cost that is not part of the cost of the keg of beer to start with. 

Keg deposit varies from $20 to $50, depending on the brand, size, and return date. The tap renting fee is separate, and it is around $15 to $30.

You better clean and sanitize the keg before returning it to avoid the additional cleaning fee that may reach up to $50. 

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Cost Per Size of Beer Keg

Cost Per Size of Beer Keg

Keg Size Volume Average Price
Mini Keg 1.3 gals (5 L) Roughly $20
Cornelius Keg 5 gal (18.9 L) Roughly $70 to $100
Sixth Barrel 5.2 gal (20 L) Roughly $70 to $120
Quarter Barrel 7.7 gal (29 L) Roughly $100 to $150
European Standard 13.2 gal (50 L) Roughly $150 to $200
Half Barrel 15.5 gal (58.7 L) Roughly $200

Keg Cost Per Brand

Keg Cost Per Brand

Beer Brand  Average Price
Samuel Adams Boston Lager Roughly $100 
Guinness  Roughly $250
Corona Light Roughly $230
Heineken International Roughly $170
Coors Light Roughly $100
Michelob Roughly $60
Budweiser Roughly $111
Miller Roughly $190
Bud Light Roughly $180
Great Lakes Eliot Ness Roughly $210

*Average prices are based on Total Wine (rental fee not included). Prices may vary in different shops. 

Keg or Can? 

Can of Beers

Many people may think buying in bulk is cost-efficient; however, renting a keg will not guarantee that it will be cheaper than buying beers in cans.

If you are using the keg for a small gathering, getting a keg will not save you much. 

If you want to check if you will save more in a can than in a keg, compare the price of the keg (including the rental fee) with the same amount of canned beer to ensure where you will save more.

However, a keg will be the right choice if you prefer the fresh taste of tapped beer. But how many beers are comparable to a vodka shot?


How many beers are in a keg?

There are 165 12oz bottles of beer in one keg. A keg is equivalent to half a barrel, containing 15.5 gallons, 58.7 liters, or 165 pieces of 12 oz beer bottles. But how many beers will it take to get drunk?

Can you tap a keg twice?

Yes, you can tap a keg twice but with some limitations. If you use a manual or O2 pump, you cannot tap a keg twice, but if you use a CO2 pump, you can do so.

However, ensure you don’t introduce any foreign gas into the keg. But how much does a case of beer weigh?

How long does beer last in a keg?

A keg of beer will last about 90-120 days (12 to 16 weeks) if it is a pasteurized beer and 45-60 days (6-8 weeks) for unpasteurized draft beer.

It will help if you store it at a proper temperature (38 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Final Thoughts

The price of a keg of beer ranges from $60 to $300, including the keg and tap renting fees. The price of a keg can differ from one brand to another because imported beers are more expensive than local ones. 

Moreso, the price varies depending on the size of the keg, as there are different sizes available on the market.

Also, ensure that you clean the rented keg before returning it to avoid additional charges. 



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