How Many Shots are in a Fifth of Whiskey? (2023 Updated)

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After a long and exhausting day, a shot from your favorite liquor might help you relax in some way. On the other hand, knowing how many shots are in a fifth of whiskey can help you remember how many drinks are left before buying a new one. 

Our team conducted a few hours of extensive research to help you with this matter.

A Fifth of Whiskey: How Many Shots Are There?


A fifth of whiskey contains around 16 – 17 1.5-ounce shots. Back then, a drink or alcohol was measured in gallons, and one-fifth of a gallon became a fifth.

Also, certain establishments in the United States offered bottles labeled as quarts while containing significantly less. That is how commercial quarts came to be known as fifths.

Measurements vary depending on how a place defines a shot. However, the standard bottle size in the United States is 750 ml [1] or a fifth of a gallon.

So, when you hear the word “fifth” of vodka, whiskey, or any alcohol, it is equivalent to drinking a full-sized or whole bottle.

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Number of Shots In Various Places

Number of Shots In Various Places


In the United States, a standard shot is equal to a one or one-and-a-half-ounce, making around 16 to 17 shots. Now, the US doesn’t use gallons to measure alcohol or liquor. 

They’ve adopted the worldwide metric system for uniformity and moved to milliliters and liters to measure a drink. Alcohol bottle sizes have also been altered.

In Utah, a shot is defined as 1.5 ounces. If we purchase a “fifth” at 750 mL bottle, we will have slightly about 17 shots. However, most jiggers offered in the United States measure 1 or 2 ounces. More on the number of shots in a 750 ml bottle here.


Whiskey in a shot glass

In the United Kingdom, a typical shot is 25ml or 35ml in certain regions, resulting in 30 or 21 full shots in a fifth of liquor or drink, including whiskey and some drinks like wine, tequila, and vodka. 

Same number if you asked how many glasses of cocktails you can make in a fifth of vodka or a gallon of whiskey or any alcoholic drinks.

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Shot Sizes

Shot Sizes

Single Shot

George Dickel with shot glass on desk

Shot glasses are tiny glasses that hold between 25ml and 50ml of liquid. As a result, if you drink whiskey, it contains around one and two single shots. There is no standard size for shot glasses.

It differs by location in terms of how a shot is defined. A single shot is 44 milliliters in the United States. A single shot equals 25 or 25 ml in the United Kingdom. Find out how to order whiskey at a bar here

Double Shot

At most bars, a double shot is 50 ml (2–3 ounces), meaning if you drink Scotch whiskey, it contains around 2 to 4 standard double pours.

In terms of alcohol content, a double shot of whiskey, a single beer, or a glass of wine all has the same amount. Additionally, several cultures use “pour” instead of “shot.”

But what whiskey does not give you a hangover?


How many shots in a fifth of whiskey could get you drunk?

It’ll take 4 to 5 shots in a bottle or fifth of whiskey to be drunk for an average person. However, for veterans, drinking one bottle could make them intoxicated. A 750 ml bottle of whiskey has enough alcohol to make you drunk in 120 to 180 ml.  

How much does a shot in a fifth of whiskey cost?

A shot in a fifth of whiskey costs between $1.89 and $2.50. Depending on how many ounces you order. One-shot glass can hold anything from thirty to forty-five milliliters or one point five ounces. At the same time, pint has around eight shots. 

In Conclusion

There are around 16 shots in a fifth or bottle of whiskey in a nutshell. The term fifth is equivalent to drinking an entire bottle of liquor or any drink—the standard bottle of liquor measures 750 ml or 25.4 in fluid ounces [2].

As of today, gallons or fifths were rarely used to measure drinks. Instead, liters or milliliters were used. When creating well drinks, sticking to the standard pour will guarantee that you get the most out of each bottle. 



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