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Peanut Butter Whiskey & Coke Recipe (2024 Updated)

Peanut Butter Whiskey & Coke Recipe

Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Are you looking for another way to enjoy your peanut butter whiskey? Why don’t you add some soda to it? Cola and peanut butter whiskey apparently blend well together. Try this perfect screwball peanut butter whiskey and Coke recipe and share it with your loved ones!

Let our team serve this unique and delightful cocktail recipe just for you!

The Best Peanut Butter Whiskey & Coke Recipe

Peanut Butter Whiskey And Coke Recipe

Prep Time: 2 minutes 

Total Time: 2 minutes


  • Ice
  • 1/4 oz Skrewball Peanut butter whiskey (or any peanut whiskey)
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • Coca-cola soft drink


Pour ice into the glass in your desired amount. Next, combine skrewball peanut butter whiskey and vanilla extract (optional) in a cocktail shaker. Fill the remaining glass with cola. If desired, serve it in a rocks glass. 


If you don’t have a screwball, you can make this recipe on your own. All you need are crushed peanuts (salted peanuts will do), bourbon or rye whiskeys [1], vanilla (optional), ice, and cola. But, should whiskey be chilled?

First, you have to cook the peanuts until toasted, then crush them. Once done, add the crushed nuts into the spirit and add ice. Then, fill in with soda. 


What Is Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey?

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Screwball Peanut Butter whiskey is a 70-proof beverage with a sugar content of 3.35 grams, developed in the United States. One of the market’s most well-known and original brands, this liquor became available in July 2018.

The mixed beverage recipe is made using real nuts. This can also blend well with coffee liqueur and any peanut-based whiskey to make a dessert. Peanut butter whiskey balls are one of the tasty desserts you can make. The main ingredients are melted chocolate, sugar, flour, butter, milk, a cherry for garnish, and, of course, peanut butter whiskey.


What Does It Taste Like?

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey & Coke

Screwball whiskey has a subtle peanut finish and strong caramel, coffee, and vanilla notes. It tastes similar to Bailey’s. It’s more similar to sipping a liquid peanut butter cup, but one with a hint of a “bite.”

Skrewball whiskey has quickly become the most well-known peanut whiskey brand. It is frequently used as a barometer for the quality of other peanut whiskies [2].

This liquor is popular nowadays because it has the ability to balance out the sweetness in cocktails. But what are other mixers for Peanut Butter whiskey?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does peanut butter whiskey taste good with Coke?

Yes, peanut butter whiskey tastes good with Coke. Its smooth and subtle flavor complements the sweet flavor of coca-cola soft drink.

Several recipes include these two beverages. One such is the old-fashioned peanut butter whiskey recipe. Learn how to make peanut butter whiskey here

Can you drink peanut butter whiskey with Coke straight?

Yes, you can drink peanut butter whiskey with cola straight, in shots, or a cocktail mix with a sea salt rim.

However, adding flavors like Angostura bitters to this whiskey and cola recipe can make them more delicious. Check out more peanut butter whiskey cocktails here

What proof is a “peanut butter whiskey and Coke” drink?

Peanut butter whiskey is a 70 proof (35% ABV) liquor. It became prominent in the USA because of the surprisingly smooth finish and sweet blend.

You can pair whiskey with some mixers like club soda, cream of coconut, and liquors like vodka, chocolate liqueur, and coffee liqueur.

Does peanut butter whiskey go with Coke?

Peanut butter whiskey can be a delightful addition to Coke for those who enjoy a sweet and nutty flavor profile. The rich and creamy notes of peanut butter whiskey can complement the caramel sweetness of Coke, creating a unique and indulgent combination. The result is a drink that offers a balance between the classic cola taste and the distinct nuttiness of the whiskey. However, personal preference plays a significant role, so it’s advisable to start with small proportions and adjust according to taste. Some may find the fusion of peanut butter whiskey and Coke to be a delightful treat, while others might prefer the whiskey on its own or with different mixers.

What do you mix peanut butter whiskey with?

Peanut butter whiskey is a versatile spirit that can be mixed with various ingredients to create diverse and flavorful cocktails. One popular choice is to mix it with chocolate liqueur or cream-based liqueurs to enhance its dessert-like qualities. Additionally, it can be combined with coffee or coffee liqueur for a delightful caffeinated twist. For those who enjoy a bit of heat, combining peanut butter whiskey with a spicy ginger beer or cinnamon-infused syrup can add a kick to the drink. Ultimately, the possibilities are vast, and experimenting with different mixers allows individuals to tailor their peanut butter whiskey experience to their taste preferences.

What is peanut butter whiskey used for?

Peanut butter whiskey is used in a variety of ways, ranging from sipping it neat to creating inventive cocktails. Its rich and nutty flavor profile makes it an excellent base for dessert-inspired drinks, such as peanut butter cup martinis or chocolate-peanut butter Old Fashioneds. Additionally, it can be used in cooking and baking to infuse a unique flavor into dishes like sauces, glazes, or desserts. Some individuals also enjoy using peanut butter whiskey as an ingredient in milkshakes or floats for a boozy and indulgent treat. The versatility of peanut butter whiskey allows for a wide range of culinary and mixology experimentation.

Can you drink peanut butter whiskey straight?

Absolutely, peanut butter whiskey can be enjoyed straight, neat, or on the rocks. Its smooth and nutty profile makes it palatable for sipping, allowing you to appreciate the full range of flavors without the influence of mixers. Serving peanut butter whiskey straight allows connoisseurs to experience its depth and complexity, savoring the nuances of the spirit. The choice to drink it straight depends on personal preference and the desire to enjoy the whiskey in its purest form. For those who appreciate the rich, peanut buttery notes, sipping it straight can be a delightful experience, providing a taste journey that showcases the unique qualities of this flavored whiskey.

Is it OK to mix whiskey with Coke?

The simple answer is yes, it is absolutely okay to mix whiskey with Coke. This combination is actually quite popular and is known as a “Whiskey and Coke” or “Jack and Coke” when using Jack Daniels whiskey. The sweet and bubbly nature of Coke makes it an excellent mixer that can balance out the strong flavor of whiskey, making the drink more enjoyable for those who might find straight whiskey too intense. However, it’s worth noting that some whiskey enthusiasts might consider it a ‘crime’ to mix the liquor with Coca-Cola as it can mask the subtle flavors and complexities of the whiskey. Ultimately, how you enjoy your whiskey is a matter of personal preference.

Can we mix Whisky with Coca Cola?

Yes, whisky can be mixed with Coca Cola. This combination is a classic and is enjoyed by many around the world. The sweetness and fizz of the Coca Cola complement the strong, fiery taste of whisky, creating a balanced and easy-to-drink cocktail. This mix is often served over ice in a tall glass, making it a refreshing option for warm days or social gatherings. However, it’s always important to drink responsibly and be aware that mixing alcohol with sugary mixers can increase the rate of alcohol absorption in the body.

What is the best combination with peanut butter?

Peanut butter is a versatile spread that can be paired with a variety of foods. Traditional pairings include jelly or jam for a classic PB&J sandwich, or bananas for a healthy and filling snack. Peanut butter also pairs well with foods like apples, celery, and crackers. For a more decadent treat, peanut butter can be combined with chocolate in desserts like cookies, brownies, or ice cream. In savory dishes, peanut butter can be used in sauces to add richness and depth of flavor, such as in a peanut sauce for noodles or satay.

Is Skrewball whiskey good with Coke?

Skrewball Whiskey, a popular peanut butter-flavored whiskey, can indeed be mixed with Coke. The sweetness of the Coke complements the unique, nutty flavor of the Skrewball Whiskey, creating a delicious and unique cocktail. Some even add a touch of vanilla extract to this mix to enhance the flavors. However, like any flavored spirit, Skrewball Whiskey is best enjoyed in moderation and the way you prefer it.

What is the best way to mix peanut butter?

Mixing peanut butter, especially the natural kind that separates, can be a bit of a challenge. However, there are several methods to make it easier. One trick is to store the jar upside-down, so the oil rises to the bottom of the jar, making it easier to mix when you flip it right-side up. Another method is to use a knife to stab the peanut butter 10-15 times to the bottom of the jar before flipping, allowing the oil room to disseminate into the settled nuts. Mixing peanut butter with yogurt or oatmeal is also a great way to add protein and flavor to your snack. Simply stir the peanut butter into the yogurt or oatmeal until it’s well combined.

Which whiskey goes best with Coke?

When it comes to mixing whiskey with Coke, some brands stand out. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is a classic choice, known for blending well with Coke. Other options include Bulleit Bourbon, which offers a rich and bold taste that pairs well with Coke, and Crown Royal, a Canadian whiskey that’s often enjoyed with Coke. Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon is also a well-known bourbon that goes well with Coke due to its bold flavors.

Is Skrewball whiskey good with Coke?

Yes, Skrewball Whiskey, a popular peanut butter-flavored whiskey, can indeed be mixed with Coke. The sweetness of the Coke complements the unique, nutty flavor of the Skrewball Whiskey, creating a delicious and unique cocktail. Some even add a touch of vanilla extract to this mix to enhance the flavors. This riff on a whiskey and Coke is going to be sweet, nutty, and perfect for the peanut butter lovers in your life.

Does peanut butter whiskey taste good?

Peanut butter whiskey, like Skrewball, is often described as tasting like a liquid peanut butter cup with a hint of whiskey bite. It’s sweet and nutty, with a smooth, creamy texture that makes it a hit with many drinkers. However, it’s worth noting that the taste can be quite sweet and might not be to everyone’s liking, especially if they’re expecting a traditional whiskey flavor. Some brands use real peanuts or peanut butter essence, giving a real peanut butter taste, while others might have a more subtle note of peanut butter in their flavoring.

Finest Peanut Butter Whiskey and Coke Recipe

Lately, the peanut butter whiskey and Coke recipe has gained popularity due to its mild and smooth flavor, complementing any recipe.

This delicious drink imparts a burst of nut flavor when combined with cola, ideal for individuals who want a sweeter beverage.

You can also try adding chocolate, milk, cream, or sugar as recommended by other recipes. Grab and bring your Skrewball bottle out and begin with simple nutty drinks before moving to more fascinating and enjoyable nutty cocktails.


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