Why is Pure White Hennessy Illegal? Complete 2022 Guide

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If you’re a cognac connoisseur, you may have heard of the rumors surrounding Hennessy Pure White.

Many people wonder why it’s “illegal” in the United States, and this has done nothing else but pique interest in this brand of liquor. 

So we’ll tell you everything we know about Hennessy Pure White and why it’s “illegal.” 

Pure White Hennessy: An Overview 

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White Hennessy is one of the most versatile cognacs in the liquor market. For one, it tastes great in a simple cocktail with a little fruit juice.

It is also great drunk neat, as the pale golden liquor is light and fruity, with a bright, sweet aftertaste.

Both male and female cognac lovers would definitely enjoy this spirit. 

It is bottled at the standard 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) in an old-fashioned, gorgeous glass bottle with a gold twist cap instead of the usual cork, which allows for the prolonged freshness of the alcohol drink even after it’s opened. 

Why Is Hennessy Pure White Illegal In The US? 

The simple answer as to why is Hennessy Pure White illegal? It’s not. 

Various resources say it is not illegal, nor is White Hennessy banned, in the United States, but the white cognac is not sold anywhere in the country.

The brand has denied giving any official declaration or identifiable reason as to why they’re kicking out White Hennessy from American stores. 

Pure White Hennessy

Hennessy Pure White bottles are sold only in Hennessy Company located in Cognac, France, and a few stores in Barbados, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

A few sightings of the rare alcohol drink have also been seen at the airport duty free. 

Some have reported seeing a few rogue bottles here and there being sold in a few American stores.

Of course, expect to pay top dollar due to the difficulty of getting hold of a bottle. 

How Is It Different From Regular Hennessy Drinks?

Pure White Hennessy & Hennessy black

An insider from the company has said on multiple occasions that the White Hennessy cognac is one of the “most difficult cognacs to produce.”

They wanted a cognac that was light and airy, yet rich and packed with flavor — they achieved exactly that with the Hennessy Pure White brand. 

Those who have tasted XO, the most popular Hennessy brand, say it is bold and rich on the nose, kind of like dark chocolate.

It has a sticky toffee, raisins, and prune flavor profile, and a long, spicy finish laced with vanilla and some dark fruits. But, how much is Pure White Hennessy?

Factors That Help Pure White Hennessy Stand Out

Factors That Help Pure White Hennessy Stand Out

Aromatic Qualities

As soon as you open Hennessy Pure White, expect a mixture of gentle flowery notes and a subtle hint of oak from the French barrels on the nose.

The delicious aromas of the alcohol drink are intense without being too overpowering. 

Pleasing To The Eyes

Hennessy White is an interesting light-colored cognac, kind of like watered-down honey.

The liquor is also not as thin as water; there is an obvious depth, especially when you swirl it around the bottle. 

After Sensation

The first thing you’ll notice when you first swallow a drink of Henny White is the wonderful taste sensation and its long-lasting finish.

Gentle floral and fruity notes linger long after you swallow, making this one of the smoothest, velvety cognacs out in the market. 

How It’s Blended 

Henny Pure White is double distilled and aged inside French oak barrels before blending.

The delicious blend of brandy, or eaux-de-vie, ranges from two to 50 years in terms of aging, giving it a less matured trait.

It is made with eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the Borderies, and Fins Bois growth areas. 

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Is Hennessy Pure White cognac?

Yes, Henny Pure White is a type of cognac. Cognac is a type of brandy that is produced from white wine.

It is double distilled afterward to produce two kinds of spirits, namely brouillis and eaux de vie, but these are not considered cognac yet.

Cognac is the final blend of many different kinds and ages of eaux de vie to create a unique and complex taste. But, what is Hennessy made from?

Can I bring Hennessy Pure White to the USA?

Yes, of course you can bring Henny White bottles to the USA.

Just make sure to comply with the border protection and federal limit on how much alcohol you can carry in your luggage for personal use, and prepare for extra luggage fees.

You can also bring alcohol that you bought from the airport duty free with you on the plane. [1]

In Summary 

So, to summarize, no, White Hennessy is not illegal and has never been illegal in the United States.

The cognac giant just doesn’t sell it in the country (and many other countries) without publicly revealing the reason. 

If you do get a chance to get hold of a bottle yourself, we highly suggest that you don’t pass up the opportunity as the unique VSOP age quality drink hasn’t yet been replicated by any other brand. 

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  3. Love the taste, I went to the Bahamas a couple of years Bach, I bought a six pack, call my nephews. My six pack became a two pack within a month. I had to pump the brakes at that point. It’s has a unique taste. Best 360.00 ever spent.


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