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How Much is Firstleaf Wine Club? Subscription & More (2024)

how much is firstleaf wine club

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Firstleaf is a personalized wine subscription service offering world-class wines that suit your taste. With endless exploration and exceptional values, Firstleaf Wine Club is committed to giving quality wines at affordable prices straight at your doorstep. 

Below you will find how much is a Firstleaf wine club subscription and why you should consider signing up. 

How Much Does A Firstleaf Wine Subscription Cost? 

Firstleaf Wine

The Firstleaf Wine Subscription service costs around $39.95, an introductory price on your first box of personalized wines.

At $39.95 (with free shipping), every bottle of wine costs less than $7, and that’s more than half of their standard club pricing. 

Unlike other wine clubs, Firstleaf does not lock you up in monthly charges, and you are flexible in choosing how often you would like to receive wine.

After the introductory price, a six-bottle standard box will be priced at $89.94 and an additional $9.95 for shipping and taxes. 

How To Sign Up

To get started on Firstleaf wine club, go to their homepage and answer the question, “Do you usually drink red, white, or both?” After answering it, you will be redirected to a 13-step quiz to help you find the wine that suits your taste.

After taking the introductory quiz, they will show you a set of 6 wines with specified details of notes, region, awards, introductory price, retail price, and club price. 

Click “Go to Checkout” and have your billing and shipping information ready to complete the order. 

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Why Choose Firstleaf Wine Club

Firstleaf WIne Gift Box

Based on Best Wine Club, Firstleaf has the cutest introductory quiz to help you know your palate and which wine suits you. Every shipment is curated based on your unique taste plus the introductory box is almost half the price of the standard club pricing. 

In addition, Firstleaf Wine Club gives you access to their exclusive wine concierge to help you with pairings, profiles, and more. 

Every box contains new wines with tasting cards, and after your first six wines, you can shop exclusive wines and receive club pricing-such a great value!

Some Things To Consider 

Some Things To Consider 

Monthly Fee

Firstleaf Wine Club does not lock up subscribers into a monthly charge. After the introductory box, the monthly fee will be $89.94 plus monthly shipping and tax.

The monthly delivery includes six bottles of wine, pairing and tasting cards, and the club’s newsletter. 

Moreso, you can always change the number of bottles and the shipping frequency. You can enjoy 12 bottles of wine per month for $179.88 (priced at $14.99 per bottle) and a free shipping fee. 

Shipping & Delivery

Firstleaf Wine Bottles

Firstleaf Wine Club orders arrive after 2-5 days from when you placed plus, but you can adjust your wine delivery date.

The shipping fee on six bottles after the introductory box is around $9.95, but you can have it free if you order the 12 bottles standard box.  

If you want to change or view your upcoming shipment, log in to your account and go to “My Club,” click the ship date of your next order and select the ship date of your next shipment. 

Also, you will receive an email notification before processing and shipping any club order, so you can cancel or modify it as needed- so convenient! 

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Variety & Personalization 

Firstleaf Wine Club offers a variety of wines as their winemakers visit five continents and 12 countries to ensure 98% of monthly boxes are unique. Every box comes with different information about the wine, plus the club has its wine concierge for any concerns. 

From the beginning of the subscription, they will give an introductory quiz to match up the taste profile and give specific recommendations. 

Also, you can customize, review and edit the bottles you would like to receive for utmost personalization. 


Old Quarter Wine

Members have the flexibility to change box preferences and shipping frequency.

They are not required to do monthly subscriptions and do not give penalties or additional fees on cancellation and modifications. 


Firstleaf offers award-winning wines [1] and 90+ scores on each selection. The customer’s taste impacts the wines sent because every member is entitled to leave reviews for continuous improvement. 

Moreso, Firstleaf gives total freedom to members’ choices, showing quality service. 


Is Firstleaf wine club legit?

Yes, Firstleaf wine club is legit. They own an official website that you can visit, and it is owned by Philip James, founder, and CEO of Penrose Hill. 

Is Firstleaf easy to cancel?

Yes, it is easy to cancel at Firstleaf. You can easily cancel your account on their website with no cancellation fees and no minimum commitment. 

Is Firstleaf’s wine subscription affordable?

Yes, Firstleaf’s wine subscription is affordable and gives you guaranteed satisfaction. The price point eliminates the middleman fees and helps members save 60% off the retail price. All award-winning wines are consistent at $14 per bottle. 

Final Thoughts 

Firstleaf wine club offers an affordable and convenient wine subscription that starts at $39.95. The wine club’s introductory price is almost half the standard box you will get if you continue with your monthly subscription.

After the first order, Firstleaf offers a flexible subscription where you can receive six bottles of wine for $89.94 (shipping and tax not included), modify your order and delivery schedules, and cancel your subscription anytime. 


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