The Brew House: Craft Beer & More (2023 Updated)

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Located in Southern California, The Brew House is a relaxed, unpretentious location where good friends can gather and revel in their shared appreciation for all things craft beer. 

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into everything The Brew House offers. 

What’s The Brew House?

The Brew House

If you’re a beer enthusiast with a fondness for craft beer, you’ll definitely love everything there is to do in The Brew House.

The location boasts a whopping 30 rotating taps, emphasizing flavors and offerings from nearby Orange County. You can get them as a taster, flight, or a full pour. 

However, with a name like The Brew House, it’d be alright to assume they brew the beers directly inside the facility. That’s not the case, though.

But don’t worry — they source their beers from all over the state, country, and the world to give you the best of the best there is out there. 

You can expect some taps from bigger beer-rich regions like Los Angeles or San Diego and even far-flung countries like Belgium and Germany. 

It’d be like traveling the whole country without having to leave the relaxed, casual environment of The Brew House! 

Let’s Take A Closer Look

Let’s Take A Closer Look


31896 Plaza Dr #D3 San Juan Capistrano, CA 


Opening Hours

Inside The Brew House

  • Monday to Thursday 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Friday/Saturday 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Sunday 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Of course, the major standout in their menu are the artisan and craft beers, but if you fancy a bite to eat, their food menu is more than satisfactory. 

The Brew House believes it’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach, so they carry their signature crunchy and chewy pretzels that are about as big as your head (and great for sharing, too) that you can pair with their homemade dips. 

You can also sink your teeth into their tasty paninis, locally made beef jerky, and kettle chips.

And if you like Mando’s, they are always in the location every Saturday night. 

The Brew House Beer Selection

The Brew House Beer Selection

You can always expect these breweries to appear on every rotation of their 30 beers on tap: 

  • Docent 
  • Artifex 
  • Left Coast 
  • Lost Winds 
  • Pizza Port 

On Draft 

Their 30 draft beers are always on rotation, and even if you don’t recognize the brand, it’s well worth trying them out. 

Their draft beers are sourced everywhere, from nearby San Juan, San Clemente, or their South Orange County Specialty to the occasional benchmark beers from far-flung areas like Belgium or Germany. 


On Draft Current Tap List

The Brew House Beers

  1. 2 Towns Cot in the Act (Unfiltered Apple Cider w/Apricots 6.0% Corvallis, OR)
  2. B. Nektar Zombie Killer (Cyser -Style Mead 6.0% Ferndale, MI)
  3. Allagash 2014 Nancy RB|BA (Sour/Wild Ale w/Cherries 6.5% Portland, ME)
  4. Uinta Port O’ Call RB|BA (Port Wine Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Ale – Barrel Aged (Port) 9.4% Salt Lake City, UT)
  5. Dos Desperados Blonde Kolsch RB|BA (Kölsch 4.8% San Marcos, CA)
  6. Smog City Little Bo Pils RB|BA (Pilsner 4.4% Torrance, CA)
  7. Mikkeller S.D. Shapes RB|BA (Belgian Blonde 5.6% San Diego, CA)
  8. Refuge Blood Orange Wit RB|BA (Belgian-Style Witbier w/Blood Orange 5.0% Temecula, CA)
  9. Network Brewery Dust Storm RB|BA (Hefeweizen 4.2% Santa Ana, CA)
  10. Pizza Port (San Diego) Thay-Thon RB|BA (Saison 6.7% San Diego, CA)
  11. Mike Hess De Nada RB|BA (Witbier with Guava 5.2% San Diego, CA) 
  12. Stone 02.02.02 RB|BA (Belgian Witbier 7.5% Escondido, CA)
  13. Allagash Victor RB|BA (Belgian Strong Ale w/ Wine Yeast & Cab Franc Grapes- Hops (Fuggle & Hallertau) 9.0% Portland, ME) 
  14. Antwerpse Seef Bier RB|BA (Belgian Pale Ale 6.5% Antwerp, BEL)
  15. Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ RB|BA (American Pale Wheat Ale 7.5% Petaluma, CA) 
  16. Modern Times Sleepless City RB|BA (American Brown Ale w/ Coco and Coffee 5.7% San Diego, CA)
  17. Karl Strauss Two Tortugas RB|BA (Belgian Style Quadrupel 11.1% San Diego, CA)
  18. Network Brewery Unicorn Tipper RB|BA (Chocolate Milk Stout 5.8% Santa Ana, CA)
  19. Founders Breakfast Stout RB|BA (Coffee Stout 8.3% Grand Rapids, MI)
  20. Beachwood Oatmonster RB|BA (Oatmeal Stout 5.5% Long Beach, CA)
  21. Three Weavers Midnight Flight RB|BA (American Stout 9.2% Inglewood, CA)
  22. Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest RB|BA (Wet Hop American IPA 6.7% Chico, CA)
  23. 23: Left Coast/Pizza Port South County IPA RB|BA (West Coast IPA 7.0% San Clemente, CA)
  24. Bootlegger’s Rustic Rye RB|BA (Rye IPA 6.2% Fullerton, CA)
  25. Stone Black IPA RB|BA (Imperial Black IPA 9.4% Escondido, CA)
  26. Stone RuinTen RB|BA (Triple IPA 10.8% Escondido, CA)
  27. Alpine Pure Hoppiness RB|BA (Imperial IPA 8.0% Alpine, CA)
  28. Schilling Grumpy Bear (Cider with coffee 6.0% Seattle, WA) 
  29. Modern Times Black House (Nitro) RB|BA (Roasty Coffee Oatmeal Stout 5.8% San Diego, CA)
  30. Firestone Walker DBA RB|BA (English-Style Pale Ale 5.0% Paso Robles, CA)


Carlsberg Pilsner

While we’re on the topic of beers, their great selection of bottles and cans should not be snubbed. Bottles and cans are for those who want to take beers to go since the location can’t fill growlers, nor are patrons allowed to walk out with a to-go cup. 

They carry anywhere from refreshing lagers, wine, cider, and mead, to bourbon-barrel-aged imperial stouts, so why not buy one to bring to your next barbecue? 


What’s a craft beer?

Craft beer is a beer that’s produced in a traditional, non-mechanized way, as opposed to large brands that undergo mass production. 

As a result, craft beers focus more on unique flavor nuances and have a higher alcohol content than regular beer. [1]

Is The Brew House still open?

Yes, The Brew House is still open, and they’ve still got plenty of craft and artisan beers for everybody. If that’s up your alley, you should definitely check them out! They are open every day during the afternoons. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of craft and artisan beers for everybody at The Brew House! If you and your friends are into that kind of thing, we suggest you go as a group. 

Of course, if you’re only looking to expand your knowledge on the world’s favorite alcoholic drink, don’t be intimidated.

The Brew House is also a great location to learn about beer, experience its range of flavors, and celebrate diversity. You can ask any of the friendly beer-tenders to tell you more about the pint in your mug.



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