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How To Find Allocated Bourbon: Resolved (2023 Updated)

How to Find Allocated Bourbon 

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Lydia Martin

One challenging part of being a bourbon fanatic is to find rare or limited-edition bourbons.

You probably won’t find these rare spirits on any liquor store shelves – as most of us had to hunt them down. But the big question is– how? 

Don’t fret. We’ll show you how to find allocated bourbon today. Read on.  

6 Pro Tips To Find Allocated Bourbon 

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1. Join Local Groups & Bourbon Clubs 

One of the most compelling ways to find or get information about allocated bourbons is to join local bourbon enthusiast groups and clubs.

You can search groups online, especially on Facebook. 

The people in these groups often share locations where to find the best bottles and advice on which establishments to go to for the best stuff. 

2. Drop By New Liquor Stores

When you travel, you can visit new or existing liquor stores within the area, especially when you’re going overseas.

You might find rare bourbon bottles there that you can’t find in your neighborhood. 

Also, make sure to check out new liquor stores within your area regularly. You’ll never know when these stores sell allocated bourbons; someone might get to it first. 

3. Be A Loyal Customer

Another best way to locate rare bourbons is by getting to know the owners of liquor stores in your area. Being a loyal customer is the key to getting your hand on these coveted spirits. 

Usually, these establishments only stock a limited number of bottles.

If you become friends with the owners of the stores, you might be the first to know when the best bottles will arrive.  

4. Sign Up for Email Listings

Some liquor stores have email lists that they can use to let you know when they have new and rare bottles available. 

Whenever you receive an email or text message from such liquor stores, drop everything you’re doing and run to the store to get a bottle.

“Be sure to add the liquor store telephone numbers to your contacts, so you don’t accidentally ignore a call only to find out later that you missed out on a bottle of Sazerac 18-year-old.”

— Jordan Moskal, Co-Founder of Breaking Bourbon

5. Commit to Bourbon Hunting

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One of the most important factors you need to consider when finding rare bourbons is your commitment to do the thing.

You have to make time hunting if you want to find where rare bourbons are hiding. To find the best bourbon bottles, there’s a routine you need to follow. 

First, be a regular customer at certain liquor stores in your locale. 

Second, you have to be active in your local Facebook groups. 

And third, you have to be ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

The time you spend hunting will surely lead to success in finding rare stuff.

6. Try Your Luck On the “Bad” Part Of Town

Sometimes, you find stuff in a place where you least expect it– and that applies to bourbon hunting as well. 

Don’t miss any part of your area or town just because you think you can’t find the best bottles there. This shouldn’t be your mindset. 

When hunting rare ones, search through every part of your town, check every liquor, retail, grocery, and even small establishment, and ask for the spirits you’re looking for. 

Defining Allocated Bourbons 

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The term “allocated bourbon” refers to a type of whiskey distributed in limited quantities by the producers. 

Unlike other types of bourbon, these are not produced in large quantities and are only available to certain buyers. 

The concept of supply and demand is unique to this type of whiskey. Multiple factors, such as marketing efforts and brand recognition, can affect demand and supply.

The same goes for a list of whiskeys everyone wants, but nobody can get. Finding allocated bourbons can be challenging, as it varies from state to state. 


What state gets the most allocated bourbon?

You can most likely find the best and rare spirits in Kentucky, the home to bourbons. 

In Kentucky lies the Bourbon Trail [1], which is especially dedicated to highlighting the state’s best bourbon spirits. 

Is allocated bourbon worth the hype? 

It depends on a person’s point of view. It is worth the hype for those who find pleasure in hunting great bourbons, meeting many people, and learning more about the spirits. 

In Summary

Finding allocated bourbons is challenging and takes a lot of time and effort. 

But considering the pro tips above, who knows, you get to hold the rare bourbon you’ve been looking for and feel the pleasure of opening the bottle you’ve been wanting to try.

One way is not enough– so try all the means possible until you find where allocated bourbons are kept. 


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