Is Brandy Good for You? 8 Benefits Listed (2023 Updated)

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Brandy comes in several flavors and nuances. You might find it bold yet warm and subtle at the same time. When consumed in moderation, brandy is also believed to have potential health benefits.

So, is brandy good for you? Let’s find out.  

Is Drinking Brandy Beneficial? 

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Brandy is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruit mash [1] and while it tastes good, do you know that drinking this distilled spirit can keep you away from ailments? Brandy contains polyphenolic compounds that can reduce inflammation and have the ability to neutralize free radicals in our bodies. 

While other people may think drinking liquor such as brandy is harmful, brandy played a role in medicine over the years as a fever reducer and sedative [2]. 

8 Health Benefits of Brandy 

Health Benefits of Brandy 

1. Acts As Antioxidant 

If you drink brandy, the liquor contains antioxidants useful for reducing inflammation, improving immunity, and preventing blood clots. Scientists found that brandy has antioxidants that help you eliminate free radicals that may mutate as unhealthy cells in our bodies. The antioxidant will more likely help reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. 

2. Increases Good Cholesterol 

Maison Rouge VSOP

If you have high cholesterol, consuming brandy helps increase good cholesterol, improving your overall health. The alcohol does contain low cholesterol, so it is good for your heart; plus, it is an ideal aperitif. In addition, because of the antioxidant that it contains, it will help remove bad cholesterol.  

3.  A Depressant

Liquor is classified as a depressant, and brandy can slow down neural activity and brain functioning. Brandy produces molecular and neural changes that can change your mood and take you off the edge. 

However, as much as you want to use it to relieve stress, it is not advisable to consume spirits like brandy excessively because it may affect your health. 

4. Acts As A Sleeping Aid

Brandy cocktail

Brandy is an after-dinner drink because of its taste, quality, and health benefits. Brandy has a relaxing and soothing quality that induces a person to good sleep.

Brandy contains 30-60% ABV, and if you have sleeping problems, a shot or two will help you aid such ailments and have good health. However, since the brandy may need time to kick in, drink it hours before sleep to improve your sleep pattern. 

5. Helps In Reducing Weight

Brandy is good for your health because it is known to help you aid weight problems as the alcohol does not contain carbs. If you want to keep your body weight in control, drinking a shot or two of brandy removes bad cholesterol and will help you stimulate your appetites over time. 

In addition, the alcohol content of brandy will help you with digestion. Thus, it is an ideal after-dinner drink. But what’s the best brand of brandy today?

6. Boosts Immune System

St. Agnes Brandy with cocktail

If you are experiencing flu or cold, a shot of brandy works like magic because it has antibacterial components that will help you get rid of cough in no time. Brandy is warm in nature, and taking a shot will soothe your throat and help boost your immune system. 

In addition, it will help you reduce fever and colds, as proven by medicine over the years. 

7. Has Anti-ageing Properties

You don’t have to go and try expensive treatments for youthful and glowing skin because brandy will do the work. Brandy is a reliable source of anti-aging properties that can prevent you from having wrinkles and is great in protecting you from cognitive issues. 

The antioxidant that brandy contains will also help you with your vision because it helps you mutate healthy cells in your body and eliminate bad ones. You could watch your skin glow and become young again when you add brandy to your diet. 

8. Reduces Arteries InflammationDraw arterial blood

The fat build-up in our body causes an inflammatory response in our arteries, but fortunately, brandy can help reduce and, at best, eliminate artery inflammation. A sip of brandy helps lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease. 

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Why It’s Called the “Water of Life”  

Brandy is called “Water of Life” because the liquor is denoted as a distilled spirit produced by fermentation and distillation. Brandy is obtained using pomace distillation, making it a colorless and clear fruit brandy before being aged in barrels. 

If the distilled spirit is made from grapes, it’s brandy, but if it is made from other fruits, it is referred to as eau-de-vie, and both are referred to as “Water of Life.”

Risks of Drinking Too Much Brandy

Napoleon Brandy

  • Dangerous changes in the central nervous system and mental confusion
  • The sudden or rapid drop of blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Experience trouble in breathing, seizure, and vomiting
  • Slow heart rate and dulled response
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Extreme low blood pressure
  • Slowed motor response, impaired memory, and blurred vision
  • Alcohol overdose, brain damage, or death


How much brandy should you drink a day?

You should limit yourself to two standard drinks for men and one standard drink of brandy for women every day. Health experts say that a standard drink equivalent to 1.5 ounces is enough to experience the health benefits of the liquor. 

Is it good to drink brandy every night?

Yes, it is good to drink brandy every night because it helps improve sleep patterns and aid sleeping problems. It can also reduce the sign of aging and treat your respiratory issues. However, you should limit yourself from consuming too much alcohol to avoid intoxication and future ailments. Also, what’s the proper way to drink brandy

Key Takeaways 

Drinking could be bad for your health, and yes, it is partly true. However, brandy is surprisingly good for you! Aside from its low amount of calories and carbs, the spirit contains antioxidants that will keep you young, bright, healthy, and glowing over time. 

Unlike other spirits, consuming brandy brings health benefits that are beneficial for everyone. However, there is a saying that “too much of anything is good for nothing,” so drink responsibly and moderately.  



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