Is Pink Whitney Gluten-Free? (2023 Updated)

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Ryan Whitney’s favorite drink has gotten so many followers that New Amsterdam created their version. Since most of New Amsterdam’s variants are gluten-free, drinkers expect this to be the same with Pink Whitney. However, is Pink Whitney gluten-free, really?

Our team reviewed thoroughly researched to uncover the truth. Read on and discover why Pink Whitney is gluten-free (or not).

Pink Whitney: Is it Gluten-Free? 

Pink Whitney

New Amsterdam claims Pink Whitney is one hundred percent gluten-free. The pink vodka is made from non-GMO corn and went through distillation five times. It also passed filtration three times to remove impurities and to ensure smoothness. 

After all its processes, everyone from New Amsterdam Vodka swears to its gluten-free legitimacy. Cross-contamination is also not a concern as no New Amsterdam products contain gluten [1]. 

However, there are additives included in this product that New Amsterdam does not produce. There is no assurance that these are gluten-free. This makes the product questionable. 

New Amsterdam Pink Whitney’s Main Ingredients

Crushed Corn 

The main ingredient of New Amsterdam’s Pink Whitney Vodka is high-quality non-GMO corn. Corn is already gluten-free in its pure form. Plus, it goes through five-times distillation and three times filtration, which should eradicate gluten remainder. 

You will also find sugar as one of the ingredients in this particular variety. However, sugar is also gluten-free. Apart from sugar, natural flavors ensure that the pink lemonade taste is real. 

The problem begins when they infuse the additives. People start questioning this vodka’s gluten-free legitimacy because there are instances where ingredients have components that may contain gluten. 

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What Makes It Gluten-Free (Or Not)?

Since New Amsterdam uses corn, this is supposedly gluten-free. The manufacturers are using a 5x distillation process along with 3x filtration to ensure that impurities and gluten are removed. 

What doubters are clamoring about are the additives infused with the flavored vodka. Other variants from New Amsterdam do not have sugar added. But the sugar used for this variety is also gluten-free. 

If New Amsterdam cannot vouch for one thing, it would be with the natural flavors infused. They cannot verify that there is no cross-contamination or contact with gluten-enriched products. It may be a slight possibility, but this could be a huge risk. 

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Why Most People Claim It Is Gluten-Free

Pink Whitney Cocktail

Most people claim New Amsterdam’s Pink Whitney is gluten-free because it comes from the highest–quality corn. Though it is no longer in its pure form, they still manage to eradicate the gluten components after distillation. 

It also passes through three times filtration to ensure it is pure from impurities but smooth to the taste. According to the manufacturer, the additives used are also gluten-free, which are sugar and natural flavors. 

Instances, where components with gluten are mixed to the liquor are very low considering that most, if not all, are grain-based. 


What type of alcohol is Pink Whitney?

Pink Whitney is a vodka variety infused with pink lemonade flavors. It only contains 30% alcohol compared to the usual 60%, making it perfect for a chill evening of relaxation. However, a couple of shots will also cause you to get drunk. More on Pink Whitney’s alcohol content here

Is Pink Whitney safe for someone with celiac?

Yes, Pink Whitney is safe for someone with celiac [2], according to New Amsterdam. However, the risk of cross-contamination is possible because of the additives’ components infused with this variant. It is best to contact the manufacturers for confirmation to be safe. 

So, Is Pink Whitney Gluten-Free? 

Yes, Pink Whitney is gluten-free if we base it on the claims of New Amsterdam. They produce gluten-free vodka variants other than Pink Whitney. The main ingredient, corn, is also gluten-free. 

However, although cross-contamination may not be a high possibility, other components found in Pink Whitney are questionable. There are additives that New Amsterdam themselves does not produce. 

The risk begins there. So, until the manufacturer stamps its mark and says it really is gluten-free, only then it shall be cleared of any doubt about its gluten-free legitimacy. 



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