Is Tequila Bad for Gout? Answered (2023 Updated)

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For most drinkers, especially those who have been drinking for ages, giving up alcohol seems too much of a price to pay. They would rather suffer gout pains than miss their after-work buddy.

But hey, let’s cut the chase – is tequila bad for gout? Let’s find out what science and experts have to say. 

Does Tequila Worsen Gout?

Knee Swelling

Yes, tequila can worsen gout. Most alcoholic beverages (particularly beer) contain purines, which later break down into uric acid.

Gout develops when there is excess uric acid in our body. These uric acids then crystalize and build up in your joints, fluids, and tissue. This condition is also known as hyperuricemia.

Symptoms may include severe joint pain, swelling, redness, and heat feeling, often sudden and severe [1]. 

4 Reasons It Could Worsen Your Gout

4 Reasons It Could Worsen Your Gout:

1. It May Cause Dehydration

Too much alcohol consumption causes dehydration. When you lack water, your kidneys could fail to excrete uric acid. This will cause to rise the uric acid levels. 

When it piles up, it becomes uric acid crystals blocking your joints. It could also build up in your kidneys and become kidney stones or on your skin, known as tophi.

Qualified health professionals advise that gout patients should minimize their intake of alcohol and sugary beverages.

People who drink plenty of water and follow established healthy eating patterns and a gout diet have a lower risk of developing gout than those who don’t follow these practices. But will tequila burn fat?

2. It’s A Distilled Alcohol

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila Plata with glass

The risk of gout increases as our alcohol intake goes up. Tequila, as an alcoholic beverage, is no exception.

However, the severity may vary depending on the type of alcohol.

Beer and wine have a higher content of purine than distilled liquors. But that doesn’t mean drinking tequila or other distilled liquors is safe.

After all, too much on everything is no good. But why does tequila make me angry?

3. It’s From Agave/Fruit

Many tequila producers claim that their tequila is made of 100% Blue Agave, whereas the legal requirement is only 51%. Thus, they can fill out the rest with fillers (low-quality tequila usually does).

This may include glycerin, oak extract, caramel coloring, sugar-based syrup (including high fructose corn syrup), and additives. These additives can worsen your gout. 

4. It May Increase Purine Production In The Body

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All types of alcohol (including tequila) could worsen your gout because they could increase the body’s purine production. Purines come from our bodies, food, and beverages.

Too much tequila makes your kidney excrete alcohol instead of uric acid. The process of excreting uric acid lessens when the kidney fails to handle the amount of purines. But why does tequila make me feel sick?

How Long Will You Have Gout Attacks After Drinking?

Gout patients may suddenly experience gout pain, which can last up to several days or weeks. This is often followed by a long period of remission for months or years. 

During those remission periods, you may suffer no pain before another flare-up.

The effect may vary depending on the volume and type of drink and the severity of the previous gout attack (if it is a recurrent gout attack).

Can You Still Drink Tequila If You Have Gout?

Tequila on Cocktail Mixer

Yes, you can, but limit the volume. Normally, two shots for men and a shot for women a day is perfectly fine.

But If you’re avoiding recurrent gout attacks, avoiding tequila or perhaps lessening the alcohol quantity on your diet is a good idea.

A sudden binge on tequila and other alcoholic beverages can cause you to lose your uric acid control. But is tequila stronger than vodka?


Does Tequila increase uric acid?

Yes. Gout risk studies show that drinking alcohol excessively (including Tequila) increases uric acid. This is because the alcohol and other chemical structure in tequila affect the production of purine in our body.

Will you acquire gout if you drink Tequila?

Not really. Tequila doesn’t contribute that much to your gout attacks, and removing tequila alone from your diet isn’t also enough to reduce the risk of gout. Alcoholic drinks are not the only source of purines, and developing gout is also unlikely.

In Summary 

Tequila, for several reasons, could worsen or trigger gout symptoms, but tequila alone (unless you drink a barrel per day) is not likely to cause gout. 

To ease your gout concerns, avoid eating high purine foods such as red meats, organ meats, and certain types of seafood with a high content of purines.

Also, follow professional medical advice for better uric acid control. 



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