10 Best Sodas to Mix With Tequila (2022 Updated)

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Most great cocktails take just a few minutes to make, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated. But choosing what to mix can be a concern.

If you are down to mixing sodas with your tequila cocktail drinks, you have come to the right place. 

You got lucky because our team found the best soda to mix with tequila. Check out our list.

Top 10 (Must-Try) Sodas To Mix With Tequila 

10. Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite)

Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite)

If you’ve ever had a traditional margarita, you know that high-quality tequila and the lemon-lime bite were made for each other.

Lemon-lime soda, like Sprite, is a good mixer with tequila. It’s easy to make without additional ingredients like triple sec or simple syrup. 

You will need a gold tequila or Blanco, silver tequila, lemon-lime soda, ice, and an optional lime wheel or wedge for garnishing.

9. Coca-Cola


The earthy and fruity tequila and cola’s caramel flavor is an intriguing combination. Mexicans call this easy cocktail recipe the Batanga. This great drink work preferably with reposado tequila, matching the aged flavor of the sweetness of Coca-Cola. 

Put ice cubes into a cocktail glass to make it, then pour the little tequila and Coke with some fresh lime juice. For authentic Batanga feels, use a big knife to stir it. 

For more variations of a tasty coke cocktail, try it with Diet Coke or use any other flavored cola, like Cherry Coke.

8. Cream Soda

Cream Soda

An avid fan of cream soda will be amazed at how seamless it is if mixed with tequila. Interestingly, cream soda combines club soda or sparkling water with vanilla extract, making the soda water taste like vanilla ice cream.

Cream soda’s essence will complement a reposado or Añejo’s hints of vanilla, which can be a creamy flavor profile.

Cream soda will work for those who want to level up the creaminess in their tequila cocktail drinks. 

7. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

Like a classic Margarita, the Mountain Dew and tequila combination is famous for a good reason. They call this bright green-colored two-ingredient cocktail the Mexican Dew. 

The brand upgraded that cocktail with orange liqueur, freshly squeezed lime, simple syrup, gold tequila, and Mountain Dew’s red variant drink.

With a finishing touch of lime wheel and cherries, this fiery and level-up version is called the Dew Volcano.

6. Root Beer

Root Beer

Root beer is America’s quintessential soft drink, and to mix with tequila is a must-try. A Señor Root Beer version is larger than other cocktail glass recipes.

This cocktail is made in a tall glass with a ratio of root beer to tequila, plus the lime juice, making this concoction far superior to others. 

Adding vanilla ice cream on top of root beer mix with tequila makes it a version of the Root Beer Float cocktail. 

5. Flavored Sodas

Flavored Sodas

Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruit juice soda goes well with tequila. Paloma, one of the famous cocktail drinks in Mexico, uses this ingredient. This grapefruit soda juice and tequila cocktail mix takes less than 5 minutes to make – super easy.

It would be best to have it in a highball glass with a salt rim and ice. Add tequila, lime, or lemon juice, and then top with grapefruit juice soda. Stir and garnish with a lime wedge. [1]

Orange Soda

You can boost your ordinary Tequila Sunrise or Tequila Screwdriver with orange soda. The citrus flavors of the soda juice can complement tequila to make a beautiful combination. 

Switching out the simple orange juice with an orange soda in the tequila mix makes the impressions different. You can get an extra layer of flavor and zing with the easy recipe.

4. Coconut Soda

Coconut Soda

Coconut water soda may not be the first thing you will add to tequila, but it can be a great mix and make it extraordinarily good. Try this in a Collins glass by simply adding the ice, tequila, and coconut water soda. 

You can add more coconut soda if you prefer a stronger coconut flavor. Lastly, top it off with a lime or lemon wedge or be creative and some toasted coconut.

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3. Club Soda

Club Soda on desk with ice cubes

This refreshing tequila soda cocktail has three simple ingredients: club soda, tequila, and lime. Mix tequila and the soda water in a highball glass, squeeze the lime into the glass, and you can have a bubbly, refreshing cocktail. 

For this drink, you can use a Blanco tequila to give way for its clean and crisp flavor with the soda.

Also, you can try pineapple juice instead of lime to explore new flavors with club soda. But what’s the best tequila for ranch water?

2. Seltzer

Seltzer on table with fruits

Lime Tonic Or Seltzer

Concoction drinks like lime tonic can be added to tequila and make other fab drinks. To make a lime tonic, you must combine fresh lime juice, lime syrups, lime wedges, and tonic [2].

The tonic water has added sugar but will make the drink slightly bitter. So, you can also make a lighter version using seltzer water or soda water.

This fusion can be paired well with tequila, making a sparkly energizing citrus drink.

Blackberry Mango Seltzer

This mix is for you if you love blackberry and mango cocktail fusion. This not-so-ordinary take on margarita contains tequila, Cointreau, lime or lemon juice, agave syrup, mango juice, and blackberries. 

You can also use the blackberry mango seltzer to substitute the fruits in that recipe. But you need to add more blackberry mango seltzer to enhance and have a stronger fruity flavor.

Vanilla Seltzer

Vanilla seltzer can be a good mix option to pair with tequila for those that want to treat their sweet tooth.

The slightly sweet taste of vanilla seltzer and the earthy flavor of tequila is a perfect match.

1. Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer on desk

You can make another classic cocktail with ginger beer, ginger ale, and tequila. Mexicans call it the Mexican Mule, which came from the Moscow mule. 

This beverage is a great mixer and is said to be better than the original. It has a simple mixture of tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer. But for a sweeter taste, use ginger ale. 

In a bar or restaurant, it’s usually served in a copper mug. However, you can make it fancier by putting it in a lowball glass. This bold and bubbly drink can spice up your day!


What’s the best tequila-soda ratio mix?

The best tequila-soda ratio mix is 1oz tequila and 2oz soda, based on our tried recipes. However, you must adapt your ratio to your ingredients because some brands have stronger flavor profiles. But can you mix tequila and rum?

How do you order tequila with soda?

To order tequila with soda mixes, you need to pick what kind of tequila you’re mixing with the soda. Don’t ask for lime wedge and salt. Skip the ice to maximize the flavor, or you can ask the bartender what they recommend.

In Summary

Pairing your favorite soda with good tequilas can be a classic cocktail.

If you are fond of sweets, go for Vanilla Seltzer. Choose the Blackberry Mango Seltzer and Grapefruit Soda if you like it fruitier, or Lemon-lime Soda and Orange if you prefer it citrusy.

And if you’re into beer, you can try the Root Beer and Ginger beer mixes.

You can alter the flavor based on what you like or what fits your day. Plus, it’s super quick to make!



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