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Jack Daniel’s Bonded vs Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whiskey | Expert Comparison

Jack Daniel's Bonded vs Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whiskey 

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Jack Daniel’s has been dropping exclusive editions that you rarely find. And it’s really frustrating thinking you can’t get special releases from your favorite whiskey brand. 

But good news, the distillery announced Jack’s Triple Mash and Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey as the first two permanent expressions in their new Bonded Series.

While both are bottled-in-bond whiskeys, the differences between the two dictate which is better.

If you’re stuck at the liquor store, thinking twice, we’ve prepared this comparison between Jack Daniels Bonded vs Jack Daniels Triple Mash Whiskey. 

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash & Jack Daniel’s Bonded Compared 

Bottles of Jack Daniel's Bonded & Triple Mash Straight Whiskeys, Jack Daniels Bonded vs Jack Daniels Triple Mash Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Bonded and Triple Mash Whiskey are BiB with the same proof, but the latter gives a more satisfying body. 

We like how bold Jack’s Triple Mash whiskey is, but it’s gentle and manageable. The character is close to perfection from the nose to the finish. 

JD’s Triple Mash is a blended straight whiskey made from the combo of three BiB straight whiskeys:

  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye, 60% 
  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, 20%
  • Jack Daniel’s American Malt, 20% 

On the other hand, JD’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey is also good but lacks body and finish. But the edge of this bottled-in-bond whiskey is it performs better in mixed drinks.

Mash bill comprises the traditional recipe: 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye [1]. 

How They Differ 

Jack Daniel’s Bonded Jack Daniels Triple Mash
Average PriceApprox. $29.99 (700ml)Approx. $32.99 (700ml)
Alcohol Proof100100
Age StatementNAS (4 years min.) NAS (4 years min.)
PalateFirst sip delivers orange peel notes, followed by rich oak, vanilla, fruit notes (cherry and apple) On the palate boasts rye and corn, followed by ripe fruit, nutty banana bread, and rye spice
ColorLight amber with orange shadesDeep amber
NoseAromas of orange peel and warm vanilla, with cherry and banana notes Aromas of oak soaked in rain, with hints of clove, vanilla, banana, and rye spice 
FinishQuite short with cherry and cinnamon hints Long with caramel, baking spice, and rye spice
How It’s ServedBest served over ice or in a cocktail drinkBest served on the rocks

Jack Daniel’s Bonded

Bottle of Jack Daniel's Bonded on a Table, Jack Daniels Bonded vs Jack Daniels Triple Mash Whiskey


Orange peel hints from the nose linger on the palate with banana, oak, and mellow vanilla notes. We’re not satisfied with its body; it feels thin, but it’s not bad. 

“The Jack Daniel Distillery has been making exceptional American whiskey to the highest standards for generations, before and after the Bottled in Bond Act, dating back to the days of Mr. Jack himself. Jack Daniel’s Bonded and Triple Mash are a nod to our heritage with a touch of innovation and craftsmanship. These whiskeys are another opportunity for our friends and new drinkers to explore and discover what Jack Daniel’s has to offer.”

— Chris Fletcher, Master Distiller


The warmth of vanilla and the citrusy hints of orange peel welcomes the nose.

Then, Jack’s signature notes of banana show up, along with cherry and sweet caramel.  


We’re disappointed with its shirt finish, but the warm cinnamon spice makes up for the lacking. The short finish has some sweet hints of caramel without any off-flavors.

Tip: We don’t want you to run out of bottles to enjoy, so we recommend these alternatives: 

  • Old Forester BiB, 43% ABV ($23.99 /750ml (MSRP)
  • Gentleman Jack, 40% ABV ($26 /750ml (MSRP)

Fun Facts 

  • The packaging of this bonded Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey was inspired by the design of the 1895 JD bottle.
  • Released in 2022, this drink is exclusively available in the US.
  • Available in 700ml, instead of the usual 750ml. 

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash 

Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whisley on a Glass


Medium-bodied, and we like how it coats the mouth with the different flavors of fruit (apple, apricot, and cherry), nutty banana biscuit, and a bit of rye spice.  


Oaky, banana, rye spice, and clove aromas come out from the glass. There’s a hint of ethanol, but it quickly fades.  


This J. Daniel’s Triple Mash Blended whiskey gives a satisfying finish. It’s long-lasting, with the spice of rye getting bolder, combined with the baking spice and caramel hints.

Tip: If you don’t feel like this triple blend, we have more alternatives for you to try: 

  • Jack’s Old No. 7, 40% ABV (around $27 /750ml (Drizly)
  • Crown Royal Blenders’ Mash, 40% ABV (around $32 /750ml (Drizy)

Fun Facts 

  • This bottled-in-bond expression is distilled using a blend of three bonded JD expressions: Jack Daniel’s American Malt, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye, and JD’s regular Tennessee whiskey.
  • The blend of spirits used in this spirit is all distilled in a single season in a government-bonded warehouse within Lynchburg, Tennessee. 

Jack Daniels Bonded vs Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Price & Value

Man Holding Bottles of Jack Daniel's Triple Mash & Jack Daniel's Bonded, Jack Daniels Bonded vs Jack Daniels Triple Mash Whiskey

These bonded and triple blend whiskeys, now permanent expressions, from Jack Daniel’s are both affordable, given their high-quality character. 

  • The Triple Mash Blended Straight Whiskey costs around $32.99 per 700ml (MSRP).
  • The JD’s Bonded Whiskey costs around $29.99 per 700ml (MSRP). 

If you’re after the proof, both are bottled at 50% ABV, and comparing their price, JD’s bonded is a better option since it’s cheaper. 

But if you’re into the overall profile, Triple Mash is well worth the price, just a few bucks higher than the price of the bonded one.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which came first, Jack Daniel’s Bonded or Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash?

The whiskey that came first is bonded by Jack Daniel’s, the first release of the BiB Series. Then, it was followed by the Triple Mash as the second release. 

Is Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash smoother than Jack Daniel’s Bonded?

Yes. Triple Mash is smoother than JD’s bonded. Although Triple Mash is a bolder blend, it’s not harsh. Actually, it’s also good for sipping besides over ice. 

Is Jack Daniel’s Bonded a better sipping whiskey than Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash?

Jack’s bonded is a better sipper if you’re into sweet whiskeys. But Triple Mash is a better sipper if you like rich notes and flavors. 

What’s the difference between Jack Daniels and Jack Daniels Bonded?

The primary difference between Jack Daniels and Jack Daniels Bonded lies in the production and aging process.

Jack Daniels Bonded, as a bottled-in-bond whiskey, must adhere to strict regulations, including being distilled at one distillery in one distillation season, aged for at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse, and bottled at 100 proof.

Regular Jack Daniels, while also produced at a single distillery, does not have the same specific requirements regarding distillation season or aging in a bonded warehouse.

What does Jack Daniels Triple Mash taste like?

Jack Daniels Triple Mash is renowned for its bold and robust flavor profile, characterized by intense notes of rich oak, deep vanilla, and a well-balanced sweetness.

The triple mashing process contributes to a smoother and more refined taste, enhancing the overall complexity and depth of the whiskey.

With a higher proof than the standard Jack Daniels expressions, Triple Mash offers a powerful and satisfying experience for those seeking a more intense flavor.

What is Jack Daniel’s mash?

Jack Daniel’s mash refers to the combination of grains used in the whiskey’s production process. The mash bill typically consists of corn, rye, and malted barley.

This blend of grains undergoes fermentation to convert the starches into sugars, creating the foundation for the distillation process.

The specific ratio of these grains in the mash bill influences the flavor profile of the final Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

Which Jack Daniel’s is better?

The subjective nature of taste makes determining which Jack Daniel’s is better a matter of personal preference. Jack Daniel’s offers a range of expressions, including the classic Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel, and limited-edition releases.

Some may prefer the smooth and approachable nature of Old No. 7, while others appreciate the complexity and richness of the Single Barrel or the unique qualities of limited editions.

The “better” choice ultimately comes down to individual taste and desired flavor profiles.

What’s special about Jack Daniels Bonded?

Jack Daniels Bonded holds a special designation as a bottled-in-bond whiskey, adhering to stringent regulations set by the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.

To carry this label, the whiskey must be the product of one distillation season, one distillery, and aged for a minimum of four years in a federally bonded warehouse. Bottled at 100 proof, Jack Daniels Bonded ensures a robust and well-aged flavor profile.

The bonded designation signifies a commitment to quality and authenticity, making it a distinctive and sought-after expression among Jack Daniel’s offerings.

Why is bonded whiskey better?

Bonded whiskey, as defined by the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897, is considered by many as a mark of quality and authenticity.

To be labeled as bonded, the whiskey must meet strict criteria, including being produced by one distillery, in one distillation season, aged for at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse, and bottled at 100 proof.

These stringent regulations ensure a higher level of consistency, quality, and control throughout the production process, making bonded whiskey a reliable and often preferred choice among enthusiasts.

Is Jack Daniel’s Triple mash rare?

Yes, Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash is considered a rare and limited-edition release. Produced in small quantities, this expression is not consistently available on the market, adding to its exclusivity.

Whiskey enthusiasts often eagerly anticipate its release, making it a sought-after and collectible item among fans of Jack Daniel’s.

What does Triple mash mean in Jack Daniels?

In the context of Jack Daniel’s, Triple Mash refers to a unique mashing process used in the production of this specific whiskey.

The term “triple mash” signifies that the grains used in the mash bill (which typically includes corn, rye, and malted barley) undergo three rounds of mashing instead of the standard two.

This triple mashing process is believed to extract more flavors from the grains, contributing to a smoother and more refined taste in the final product.

What does triple mash mean?

In the broader context of whiskey production, the term “triple mash” refers to the specific technique of mashing grains three times during the whiskey-making process.

The mashing stage involves breaking down the grains to extract fermentable sugars, which are crucial for the subsequent fermentation and distillation processes.

The triple mash method is employed to intensify the flavor extraction and enhance the overall complexity of the whiskey.

What proof is Jack Daniels Triple mash?

The exact proof of Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash can vary between releases, but it is generally bottled at a higher proof compared to the standard Jack Daniel’s expressions.

Triple Mash often falls in the range of 100 to 140 proof, offering a more intense and robust flavor profile.

The higher proof contributes to a bolder and more concentrated taste experience, making it a distinctive offering for those seeking a powerful and complex whiskey.

Final Verdict : Jack Daniels Bonded vs Jack Daniels Triple Mash Whiskey

One of my favorite kinds of whiskey is Bottled-In-Bond, and Jack Daniel’s is a wonderful example of how big brands can still produce great value whiskey at an affordable price. 

And with regards to BiB from JD, Bonded and Triple Mash are standard.

But if we need to choose between the two, we prefer the Triple Mash over Bonded.  

It’s a complete package. We’re greatly satisfied with how the nose, palate, body, and finish delivers. Besides, it’s high in quality and proof. Most importantly, it’s a great value for money.  


  1. Jack Daniel’s Launches First Super Premium Line Extension in 25 Years, Jack Daniel’s Bonded and Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash
  2. ‘Bottled in bond’ was created to protect drinkers in the 1800s. Now the label has a new appeal.
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