Gentleman Jack vs Jack Daniels Whiskey (2023 Updated)

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Jack Daniels has established a great legacy in creating fine and smooth whiskey. Jack Daniels Old No. 7 is known for its charcoal mellowed smoothness, while Gentleman Jack features double mellowed smoothness. 

Let’s compare Gentleman Jack vs Jack Daniels and see which is the better Tennessee whiskey

How Is Gentleman Jack Different From Jack Daniel’s? 

Gentleman Jack & Jack Daniel’s

Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s are both famous spirits on the market, and while they share the same distillery, the two whiskeys are different in color and flavor. 

One main difference between JD and Gentleman is their production process, and that gives a unique identity and creates a perfect balance to the spirit.

Also, the production process impacts each of the spirits’ tasting notes and flavor profiles. But where is Jack Daniel’s made?

Key Differences 

Key Differences 

How It’s Made

Gentleman Jack whiskey and Jack Daniel’s whiskey use the same mash bill as their main ingredient for the spirit. It is fermented for six days before being filtered and mellowed for 3-5 days. 

However, unlike JD, which undergoes one-time charcoal mellowing step, Gentleman goes through another filtration after maturation.  

Distillation & Filtration Process

Whiskey distillation process

After the mash bill is fermented for 3-5 days, JD’s will be filtered in 10 ft sugar maple charcoal, aka Lincoln County Process [1].

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is different from JD because it undergoes the Lincoln County Process twice, before and after aging. 

Since Jack Daniel’s Distillery produces Gentleman Jack, it uses the same distillation and filtration process.

However, it undergoes sugar maple charcoal filtering before and after maturation in a charred oak barrel, unlike the standard Jack Daniel’s

Flavor Notes


A glass of Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is smooth and mellow because it is charcoal filtered. It features butterscotch sweetness and toasted oak with hints of overripe cherries, nuts, and vanilla. Check out our favorite Jack Daniel’s flavors here

On the other hand, since Gentleman underwent double charcoal mellowing, the drink has hints of charcoal and is slightly sweet. In addition, it is a mouthful and bold with hints of roasted dark coffee, cinnamon, banana, and pepper.


Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 has hints of sweet caramel, light oak, vanilla, dried fruit, marzipan, and smoke.

However, Gentleman has a sophisticated edge of spicy oak, caramel, brown sugar, banana, subtle hints of wood smoke, and faint vanilla sweetness. 



Jack Daniel's with glass

Gentleman Jack’s Tennessee whiskey has a golden dark copper color, while Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 has a light amber appearance.

Notice that Gentleman Jack’s color is slightly lighter than JD’s. After aging, the spirit is filtered before bottling, unlike regular Jack Daniels.  


Both whiskeys from the same distillery have a medium-length finish. JD has more spice, butterscotch, and a toasty wood finish.

However, Gentleman Jack’s finish has bits of charcoal, sweet vanilla, and dark Indian spices.  

Price Point

Gentleman Jack with cocktail

A standard Jack Daniel’s is roughly $29 per 750 ml bottle, which is cheaper by $8 than a Gentleman Jack’s, priced at about $37.

The price point of a bottle of Gentleman is justifiable because of the extra mellowing step it uses to remove rough edges and impurities after aging.

In addition, while it does not declare an age statement, it is believed to be aged longer than JD. But what’s the priciest Jack Daniel’s bottle?



Alcohol Proof

Gentleman Jack’s and Jack Daniel’s are bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV), and considering their ongoing proof, the two whiskeys are known for their sweetness.

Compared to other spirits with the same proof, JD and GJ whiskey are full-flavored but smooth and light in taste. 

Mash Bill

Jack Daniel's mash bill process

Both whiskeys use the same mash bill that Jack Daniel has used since he started the brand. The mash bill comprises 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye.

Since the brand uses above 51% corn on its mash bill, it met the criteria of being a bourbon. 

Whiskey Type

Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s are Tennessee Whiskey because they contain more than 51% corn, distilled at 140 proof and bottled at 80 proof.

In addition, they undergo Lincoln County Filtration Process and are aged in new charred oak barrels before bottling and drinking. 


Which is better for sipping, Jack Daniel’s or Gentleman Jack?

Gentleman Jack is better for sipping. It is a smooth and easy-drinking spirit, making the brand a great beginner sipping whiskey. Also, it tastes great neat like other brands such as Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve, and Buffalo Trace. 

Which whiskey works better with coke, Gentleman Jack or Jack Daniel’s?

Jack Daniel’s works better with coke. JD is a great cocktail mixer, and it blends well with coke. In addition, JD with coke is one of the most popular cocktail recipes because it is easy to make. 

So, Which Tennessee Whiskey is Better?

Jack Daniels is the better Tennessee whiskey in the battle between Gentleman Jack vs Jack Daniels. Gentleman Jack is a smooth and easy drinking whiskey, but Jack Daniel’s has more flavor any whiskey lover would love to try. 

While the distillery greatly improved Gentleman Jack, JD got the upper hand. Its smoothness is paired with slight sweetness, peppery taste, and warmth. 



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