8 Best Jack Daniel’s Flavors (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Lydia Martin

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is undoubtedly one of the best spirits, drank neat or mixed with cocktails. The unique process that produces Jack Daniel’s flavors makes these bottles exemplary.

The ingredients, special water, bourbon barrels, and components like orange peel and spices make it special.

Learn more about these flavors and what to expect from each Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey with our comprehensive list.

8 Jack Daniel’s Flavors 

1. Old No. 7

Old No. 7

Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 is the original blend made by the first Master Distiller himself, Jack Daniel. It has the sweetness of honey blended with malt beverages and notes of minty cornbread mixed with the strong taste of toasted oak and charred nuts. 

They dripped it through sugar maple charcoal and aged it in a special barrel. This makes Old No. 7 a sensational, ready-to-drink spirit for everyone to enjoy. 

2. Tennessee Apple

Tennessee Apple on desk

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple is Jack Daniel’s whiskey with a refreshing fruity flavor. This famous whiskey combines Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Apple liqueur.

Despite the apple cider liqueur mixed, you can still savor the distinct taste of Jack Daniel’s whiskey

It has a very smooth texture when you swallow it, but the smell of freshly baked apple pie will hit your nose as you drink it. 

3. Tennessee Rye

Tennessee Rye on desk

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye is Jack Daniel’s rye whiskey version. This whiskey stands out among the rest of Jack’s variants since it lacks spice to taste.

This rye whiskey drink stands out among its competition in the market because of its authentic taste. 

The fruit flavors are always present with a Jack Daniel’s, making it unique and delicious. With Jack’s Tennessee Rye, a full banana taste and barley malt with a butterscotch note are evident. 

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4. Single Barrel

Single barrel with box and cocktail on table

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel has the signature Jack Daniel smooth taste, especially as this is processed the same as Old No. 7. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select is aged longer, at least five years. 

It can even take as long as eight years, the reason why it is exceptionally smooth with really bold character. The taste of cherry cola, chocolate [1] brown sugar, and honey perfectly blended in this whiskey makes it nothing less than perfection. 

5. Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack with cocktail on desk

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack whiskey is double mellowed in special barrels with deep grooves for extra character. It passes through a unique charcoal mellowing process, giving the whiskey a very defining finish. 

It is a top-shelf whiskey from Jack Daniel’s distillery, a premium Tennessee whiskey. It has the taste of caramel, oak, and even banana with a finish of roasted and toasted spice. It makes this Tennessee whiskey exceptionally delicious. 

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6. Tennessee Honey

Tennessee Honey with glass and almond cookies on table

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is the choice for those who want extra sweetness in their whiskey. However, you should not expect little of this flavored variant because the balance of sweetness and spices is impeccable. 

It uses real honey, infused with cinnamon and vanilla, perfectly with its charred oak taste. You will enjoy Jack’s Tennessee Honey neat and mixed with lemonade or soda. 


7. Tennessee Fire

Tennessee Fire with cocktail on desk

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is created for those who want extra heat in their drinks. This Tennessee whiskey has a texture that is oily and thick.

In Tennessee Fire, you will taste butter and cinnamon blended with brown sugar and toasted nuts and wood with vanilla beans. 

Some spirits are unusually hot, but Tennessee Fire is balanced. It has enough spices and sweetness that is not overwhelming to the drinker’s pallet. 

8. Special Editions

Special Editions with glass on table

Jack Daniel’s whiskey is extraordinary, but they also created the special edition variants. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, Gentleman Jack Limited Edition 1L has seven on the list.

Sinatra Select, Sinatra Century, No. 27 Gold, White Rabbit Saloon, American Forest and Jack Daniel Distillery 150th Anniversary Whiskey. 

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey flavors are made using waters straight from Cave Spring Hollow. Winter Jack is not part of this selection since it is a seasonal whiskey, but the taste is equally special.

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What is the original flavor of Jack Daniel’s?

The original flavor of Jack Daniel’s is the Old No. 7, which is also known as the Black Label.

Like all other Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey variants, it uses special water from Cave Spring Hollow. It has the signature hint of cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel blended with charred oak. 

What is the new Jack Daniel’s flavor?

The new Jack Daniel’s flavor is the Coy Hill High Proof, a Special Release. This whiskey has the highest proof from Jack Daniel’s distillery, ranging from 137.4 to 148.3.

Final Thoughts 

Jack Daniel’s flavors are interestingly flavorful, the reason why Frank Sinatra loved it down to its last drop.

One special bottle, the Winter Jack, is a seasonal blend that is ready to drink. It is best served warm and enjoyed in cocktails like the other variants, especially with its holiday spices and butterscotch notes. 

They create perfectly blended flavors. Sinatra Select has its own Sinatra barrels with grooves that aid aging and mellowing.

Single Barrel Select variants also have casks similar to Sinatra barrels. Because of the complete preparation, Jack Daniel’s flavors are ensured to taste great. 



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