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7 Best Jameson Cold Brew Recipes & Mixed Drinks (2024)

Jameson Cold Brew Recipes

Whiskey and coffee? This pair has long been used in making Irish whiskey cocktails. 

But the release of the Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey in 2018 makes Irish coffee drinks easier and tastier.  

Featuring the South American coffee blend, it adds a bit of flavor to the classic Irish whiskey, which is a great mixer to make delicious alcoholic beverages.

So if you’re into Irish coffee, try these Jameson Cold Brew Recipes for a new experience. 

Top 7 Must-Try Jameson Cold Brew Recipes 

1. Jameson Cold Brew-tini

Jameson Cold Brew-tini Cocktail Glass

If you prefer an espresso martini, you’ll want to try its Irish cousin– Jameson Cold Brew-tini. This drink is a tasty take on the classic drink, with a smooth taste and a good finish.

Prep Time: 2 mins.

Total Time: 2 mins.


  • 1oz cold brew coffee
  • 0.5oz simple syrup
  • 2oz Jameson Cold Brew

Instructions: In your cocktail shaker with ice, add all the ingredients and shake until mixed and chilled. Strain it into your martini glass and enjoy. 

Serving: 1

2. Jameson Cold Brew Tonic

glass of cold brew tonic on a wooden table

Enjoy this chilled cold-brewed alcoholic cocktail– a variation of the traditional gin and tonic drink with a bit of an orange twist.

“The spirits category is constantly evolving, with consumers seeking new tastes and ways to enjoy a drink. Jameson Cold Brew is a delicious option for any occasion from brunch to happy hour.”

— Matt Foley, Jameson Brand Director at Pernod Ricard USA

Prep Time: 2 mins.

Total Time: 2 mins.


  • Orange wedge
  • 4.5oz tonic water
  • 2oz Jameson Cold Brew

Instructions: In your highball glass with ice, pour in Jameson Cold Brew and tonic water. Stir gently, then garnish it with an orange wedge. 

Serving: 1

3. Jameson Cold Brew Cola

Jameson Cold Brew Cola Drink on top of a table

This drink, made with a combination of whiskey, coffee, and cola, is a great drink to win over any heart. Feel free to add an orange twist to add a bit of citrus flavor. 

Prep Time: 2 mins.

Total Time: 2 mins.


  • 2oz cola
  • 2oz Jameson Cold Brew
  • Orange twist

Instructions: In your tall glass, combine Jameson Cold Brew and cola. Stir to mix and garnish it with an orange twist. 

Serving: 1

4. Jameson Cold Brew Iced Latte

This drink is so much better than your standard coffee shop’s variety. The Jameson triple-distilled whiskey flavor adds a bit of a punch to this drink.

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Prep Time: 3 mins.

Total Time: 3 mins. 


  • 1.5oz Jameson Cold Brew
  • 3oz coffee brew coffee
  • 1oz heavy whipped cream
  • Frothed milk (optional)

Instructions: In your collins glass, add Jameson Cold Brew and the coffee and stir. Put the cream on top and carefully meld going to the lower layer. If you want to make it lighter, top it with frothed milk. 

Serving: 1

5. Jameson Cold Brew Martini

2 glsses of Jameson Cold Brew Martini drink and a shaker

This Jameson Cold Brew Martini is a great drink to enjoy on weekends or during your evening out. Savor its smooth taste, filled with hints of chocolate and oak.

Prep Time: 1-2 mins.

Total Time: 1-2 mins.


  • 0.5oz simple syrup
  • 1oz cold brew (Alternative: fresh, chilled espresso)
  • 2oz Jameson Cold Brew

Instructions: In your shaker, combine all the ingredients and shake thoroughly. Strain the mix into your chilled martini glass and serve. 

Serving: 1

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6. Jameson Cold Brew White Russian

Jameson Cold Brew White Russian Cocktail Glass Drink

Want to achieve the creaminess of White Russian with a hint of coffee? Try this Jameson Cold Brew White Russian. 

Prep Time: 3 mins.

Total Time: 3 mins. 


  • Crushed ice and XL ice cube 
  • 1oz heavy cream (milk or half & half)
  • 1oz Jameson Cold Brew
  • 2oz vodka 

Instructions: In your shaker, add Jameson, vodka, and crushed ice. Shake well and pour the mix into your whiskey glass. Add heavy cream on top (stir if preferred) and the XL ice cube. 

Serving: 1

7. Jameson Cold Brew Dalgona Coffee

hand holding 2 glasses of Jameson Cold Brew Dalgona Coffee

You can make this creamy coffee drink in just a few minutes, perfect for summer evenings. 

Prep Time: 5 mins.

Total Time: 5 mins.


  • 1oz Jameson Cold Brew
  • 2oz hot water
  • 3oz milk
  • Cinnamon dust
  • Two scoops of instant coffee
  • Sugar (optional, amount depends on your preference)

Instructions: In a bowl, mix coffee, water, and sugar (if desired) until light and fluffy. In a glass, combine Jameson and milk, and top it with the coffee, water, and sugar mixture. Sprinkle cinnamon dust and serve. 

Serving: 1


What does Jameson Cold Brew mix well with?

Jameson Cold Brew is well mixed with cola, an orange twist, or ice. This is a blend of Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil blended with Irish whiskey, but different from Irish Coffee.

Does Jameson Cold Brew have caffeine?

Yes. Jameson Cold Brew has caffeine– 17mg per shot.

Can you drink Jameson Cold Brew straight?

Yes. You can drink Jameson Cold Brew straight, over ice. But if you want to taste flavors, we recommend mixing it with simple syrup and coffee, called the Cold Brew-tini. 

Is there sugar in Jameson Cold Brew?

Jameson Cold Brew has no added sugar. It blends the smooth taste of triple-distilled spirit and the pure cold brew coffee smack, made using Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil.

What makes Jameson Cold Brew cocktails unique?

Jameson Cold Brew cocktails blend the rich and smooth flavor of Jameson Irish whiskey with the bold and aromatic taste of cold brew coffee, offering a unique twist on traditional cocktails.

Can you provide examples of Jameson Cold Brew recipes?

Examples of Jameson Cold Brew recipes include the Jameson Cold Brew Martini, Jameson Cold Brew Old Fashioned, Jameson Cold Brew Sour, and Jameson Cold Brew Highball.

Do Jameson Cold Brew recipes contain a lot of caffeine?

The caffeine content in Jameson Cold Brew recipes depends on the amount of cold brew coffee used, but generally, they contain a moderate amount of caffeine compared to other coffee-based drinks.

Are Jameson Cold Brew recipes suitable for any time of day?

Yes, Jameson Cold Brew recipes can be enjoyed at any time of day, whether as a brunch cocktail, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a nighttime beverage.

In Summary

From the Jameson Cold Brew-tini to Jameson Cold Brew Iced Latte to our favorite, Jameson Cold Brew Dalgona Coffee, you have a week of various drinks to enjoy– regardless of the time and weather. 

This coffee-inspired expression from Jameson surely adds a twist to classic drinks, with some booze to spice things up for a tastier flavor and refreshing feel. 


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