Top 10 Jim Beam Gift Ideas For Bourbon Lovers (2023 Guide)

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 by Lydia Martin

The Christmas season is here, so we get it if you’re thinking of unique gifts to buy.  

For a change, a Jim Beam-themed present will be perfect for your bourbon lover friends, family, and colleagues. But what items should you look for? 

If you want to find the best Jim Beam gift ideas, read on. 

Top 10 Jim Beam Gift Ideas For Any Occasion 

10. Jim Beam Bourbon Basket

A Jim Beam Bourbon basket is the best gift for fanatics of this world’s best-selling bourbon. 

You can find gift sets with a 750ml bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey, a gift card (in which you can write your personal message), and your choice of JB-themed gift box. 

Also, you can add another bottle of Jim Beam bourbon in the basket for an extra surprise. You can opt for any of the JB expressions as all are worth it. 

9. Jim Beam Bottle & A Shot Glass

Jim Beam Bottle and 2 Shot Glasses on top of table

Another good idea is gifting your family or friends their favorite Jim Beam bottle along with its own shot glass instead of gifting someone with a pair of Christmas socks or gloves.

“Bourbon does for me what the piece of cake did for Proust.”

— Walker Percy, American Writer

Of course, drinking any bourbon whiskey [1] in a perfect shot glass makes the drinking experience more enjoyable and satisfying. 

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8. Personalized Jim Beam Glass

You can turn a simple, plain shot glass [2] into something more personalized for the one you’re giving a gift.

You can opt for a customized Jim Beam glass with an engraved name. 

There are online stores and some liquor shops where you can buy a Jim Beam glass, which also offers engraving names or messages on the box and glass.  

7. Jim Beam Ultimate Drinking Set

You can buy a pre-packed gift set that usually includes two to three bottles of Jim Beam expressions, a branded JB glass, and a flask – in a box. 

But if you want it more customized, you can buy Jim Beam bottles of your choice and a personalized glass or flask.

You may also include some whiskey stones, a tong, and a freezer pouch. 

You can put all these items in a special box and decorate it for a more special touch.  

6. Jim Beam T-Shirt

Man Wearing Jim Beam T-Shirt

You can buy shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves on Jim Beam’s Swag page, but it’s temporarily unavailable as of writing. 

But don’t lose hope yet. Many online stores offer Jim Beam-inspired shirts or tops that are perfect as gifts. 

Alternatively, you can buy plain shirts and have them printed by any printing service of your choice. This way, you can plan and design how you want the shirt’s print. 

5. Jim Beam Blanket

Since bourbon or any alcoholic drink [3] aims to warm us all, make your friends feel more heat by giving them Jim Beam Blankets. 

A blanket in a cold winter season while sipping a glass of Jim Beam bourbon could give a relaxing and satisfying moment.

Also, whenever they use the blanket, they’ll surely remember you. 

4. Jim Beam Caps

Jim Beam Bottle and a Cap

Another simple yet swag gift idea is a Jim Beam cap, which you can pair with a Jim Beam shirt. 

This can be a really nice gift, especially to junior drinkers who can use the cap daily. Besides, you can choose the cap depending on the receiver’s personality. 

You can give them a Jim Beam-inspired baseball cap, a Jim Beam-inspired racing cap, or just the classic Jim Beam-inspired cap.   

3. Jim Beam Bourbon Bottle With Mixer 

If the receiver loves cocktails or making mixed drinks [4], why not gift them a Jim Beam bourbon bottle with a mixer? 

Here are a few suggestions for the best mix:

  • Jim Beam bourbon and Monster Energy drink
  • Jim Beam bourbon and Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale
  • Jim Beam and Coke or 7-Up
  • Jim Beam bourbon whiskey with any orange liqueur and Hpnotiq liqueur
  • Jim Beam bourbon whiskey and Drambuie Scotch whisky

2. Rare Jim Beam Whiskey Bottle 

You need something extra special for your husband, dad, grandpa, uncle, and boss. So, giving them a rare Jim Beam Whiskey bottle is a great idea. 

We recommend the following rare and special-release bottles:

  • Jim Beam Signature Craft Rare Bourbon Whiskey (finish in Spanish brandy barrels) – around $39.99 per 750ml (MSRP) 
  • Jim Beam Bourbon Cream Limited-Release — around $19.99 per 750ml (MSRP)
  • Jim Beam Repeal Batch Limited-Release — around $17.99 per 750ml (MSRP)
  • Jim Beam Old Tub Limited-Release — around $20 per 750ml (MSRP)

You can choose to give them any of these bottles, according to their preference. 

1. Jim Beam Decanter 

Jim Beam Gilded Blue Tulip Decanter with glass

Speaking of extra special, why not level up more? This might be a little pricey, but it’s surely unforgettable. 

This is an excellent idea if you have the budget and some more time to find special Jim Beam decanters. In fact, Jim Beam collector’s item bottles are surely memorable.

Here are a few Jim Beam decanters:

  • French Telephone Decanter (released in 1979 and now priced at around $80)
  • Gilded Blue Tulip (released in 1973 and now priced at around $65)
  • Circus Wagon Car Lions Decanter (released in 1979 and now priced at around $50)
  • 1964 First National Bank (released in 1964 and now priced at more or less $3,000)
  • Gold Semi 18-wheeler (released in 1991 and now priced at more or less $3000)


Is there Jim Beam official merch that you can gift?

Yes, there is official Jim Beam merchandise that you buy as a gift. However, the items are currently unavailable. 

Is it okay to give pre-owned but rare Jim Beam decanters?

Giving pre-owned but rare Jim Beam decanters are totally okay. But it still depends on the person receiving the gift. If you think they’ll appreciate it, then why not. 

Can you give redesigned Jim Beam empty bottles as a gift?

Yes, you can give a redesigned Jim Beam empty bottle as a present. Anything you exert effort and time to prepare is worth the appreciation.  

Final Say 

Now you have a handful of Jim Beam gift ideas for your friends, family, and special someone.

From simple ones to essentials and extra special items, all are worth it and will surely be much appreciated.

But remember, it’s not always about the kind of gift; your thoughts, effort, and time to prepare the gifts are enough – that any receiver would appreciate. 



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