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10 Empty Whiskey Bottle Ideas: What To Do (2024 Updated)

Empty Whiskey Bottle Ideas

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Lydia Martin

After drinking whiskey down to its last drop, you’ll be left with an empty bottle that you may find difficult to dispose of because it looks really cool and nice. Turn your empty whiskey bottle into a work of art and make it a part of your home forever. 

Here’s a list of empty whiskey bottle ideas that will turn any bottle into chic home decor. Let’s go! 

10 Unique Ideas For Empty Whiskey Bottles 

1. Carafe Or Vase


Since the bottle holds whiskey, it can also hold any drink or more. Simply wash your whiskey bottle and use it to carry or store water, iced tea, or anything you like. 

Also, empty bottles make a great flower vase. Just remove the label and paint it as you like or add decoration to the bottles. Then, put on your favorite flowers!

2. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

You can reuse an empty whisky bottle and turn it into a bird feeder. Appreciate the birds chirping you every morning. It’s not difficult to create a special bird feeder. 

Use any whiskey bottle shape and turn it into a grain and water feeder, which birds can easily pick and drink any time of the day!

3. Bottle Tree

Bottle Tree

Make a whimsical yard art with your empty whisky bottle. Install a wooden post and drill holes in an interval. Insert metal spikes or sturdy narrow rods and adorn your bottles. Decorate your bottle tree as much as you like by adding lights or painting it with whatever color you desire! 

4. Infinity Bottle

Infinity Bottle

If you have a few drops of whisky left in a couple of bottles, try creating a home blend using the leftover liquid in a bottle– no need for a fancy decanter shape.

Some people build their infinity bottles by carefully blending various components into one large bottle [1]. Others think it’s a collection of memories, and they believe anything can go. 

5. Lamp (Or Twinkle Lights)


This charming lamp creation can be added to your home office desk or favorite nightstand. You might need to install the light bulb of the lamp carefully, but for something worth having, never mind the trouble, right? Also, for a more creative lamp, you can put twinkle lights instead of a light bulb. Feisty!

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6. Lantern


Make your favorite whiskey bottles a beautiful and creative lantern for your bedroom, balcony, or home office. This DIY lantern project may involve some more things or working equipment for upcycling, assembling, and decorating. It may take some time, but, trust us, it’s worth it! 


7. Scented Candles Container

Scented Candles

Light up your night for a more relaxing time with your scented candles placed in your DIY candle container. Ready your materials like whiskey bottles, wick, candle wax, sandpaper, sponge, and Dremel tool with a diamond wheel. 

Decide how tall you want your candle containers would be, draw a line on it and cut straight all the way. Finish the edges, wash the bottles, and decorate as you like. Voila! Enjoy your scented candle! 

8. Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Level up your bathroom’s interior with a DIY soap dispenser. If you have smaller whiskey bottles, we recommend turning them into soap dispensers or lotion dispensers. 

Rinse the whiskey bottles well. Then, add the stuff you prefer, like soap or anything you desire. Put on the dispenser nozzle on top, and you’re done. Place your DIY soap dispenser in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your house. 

9. Vessels For DIY Tiki Torches

DIY Tiki Torches

You can make DIY homemade tiki torches out of whisky bottles. You’ll need a copper coupling (make sure it fits your bottle), a funnel, Teflon tape, a Tiki replacement wick, and a Tiki torch fuel. 

If your coupling doesn’t hold tightly into the whisky bottle, use Teflon tape to secure it around the bottle opening. After that, you can feed the fuel through the coupling. Finally, use the funnel to put fuel into the bottle. 

After securing the coupling, cut the exposed wick to 1 inch. For about 10 to 15 minutes, let it absorb the fuel before lighting. Enjoy! 

10. Whisky Tumblers

Whisky Tumblers

This do-it-yourself whisky tumbler is also a perfect gift to your whiskey drinker friends or family members. We prefer using striking old whisky bottles. You will need more tools here, and we recommend watching tutorials first before starting this project. 

You need to measure and cut your whisky bottles using a glass cutter, depending on how tall you want your glass or tumbler would be. After cutting, finish the edges and rinse the bottle until clean. You now have your recycled beverage glass or tumbler. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do with an empty whiskey tube?

Empty whisky tubes can be an additional decoration to your home. You can transform them into various things like lamps, candle holders, lanterns, soap dispensers, and many more. These ideas may involve a complicated process, but some tutorials might help you do them.

Can you sell empty whiskey bottles?

Yes, you can sell empty whiskey bottles. There are whiskey drinkers collecting bottles of whiskies, especially the premium brands. 

What can I make with empty whiskey bottles?

Empty whiskey bottles can be repurposed in various creative ways. Some popular ideas include turning them into decorative vases, candle holders, or unique lamps. You can also create DIY whiskey bottle dispensers for liquids like olive oil or homemade syrups.

For those with a green thumb, consider using them as planters or terrariums. Additionally, empty whiskey bottles can be transformed into stylish glassware or even be used as part of artistic displays.

How do you decorate an empty whiskey bottle?

Decorating an empty whiskey bottle offers endless possibilities. You can paint the bottle, either entirely or in specific patterns or designs.

Adding twine or ribbon around the neck can create a rustic or elegant look. Applying decoupage with images or fabric can personalize the bottle further.

For a vintage aesthetic, consider distressing the bottle or using techniques like etching.

Adding fairy lights inside can turn the bottle into a charming lamp or centerpiece.

What can you do with empty bottles of alcohol?

Empty bottles of alcohol have numerous repurposing options. Beyond whiskey bottles, you can use them for storing infused oils, creating unique kitchen decor, or making your own flavored spirits.

Some people collect them for home brewing or as part of a distinctive bottle collection. Recycling options are also available, ensuring that the glass is repurposed sustainably.

Do you keep empty whiskey bottles?

Whether or not to keep empty whiskey bottles is a personal choice. Some people keep them as mementos, reminders of special occasions or memorable bottles enjoyed with friends. Others repurpose them for DIY projects or as decorative items.

Some may choose to recycle them, contributing to environmental sustainability. Ultimately, it depends on individual preferences and the sentimental value attached to the bottles.

Why do people save empty liquor bottles?

People save empty liquor bottles for various reasons. One common motivation is sentimentality, as the bottles may hold memories of celebrations, milestones, or shared moments with loved ones.

Some individuals appreciate the unique designs and labels on premium or limited-edition bottles, using them as decorative pieces or collectibles.

Others may repurpose the bottles for creative projects or simply keep them as a visual reminder of the diverse spirits they’ve enjoyed over time.

The reasons for saving empty liquor bottles are as diverse as the individuals who choose to do so.

How do you reuse empty bottles?

Reusing empty bottles offers a range of creative possibilities. One popular option is turning them into decorative items such as vases, candle holders, or unique lamps. Repurposing them as storage containers for liquids like oils or homemade syrups is another practical idea.

Additionally, empty bottles can be transformed into stylish glassware or utilized in DIY projects, such as creating personalized dispensers or even planters.

The key is to let your imagination guide you, turning the bottles into functional or artistic pieces.

How do you display a whiskey bottle?

Displaying a whiskey bottle can be done in various ways to highlight its aesthetic appeal. One simple approach is to showcase it on a well-lit shelf, allowing the bottle to catch the light and emphasizing its design.

Displaying it alongside complementary glassware, like whiskey tumblers or crystal glasses, enhances the overall presentation. For a more sophisticated look, consider placing the bottle on a decorative tray or using specialized bottle stands.

The goal is to draw attention to the bottle’s unique features and make it a focal point in the space.

How do I display my whiskey collection?

Displaying a whiskey collection can be a curated and visually appealing process. Use dedicated shelves, cabinets, or a whiskey rack to organize and showcase the bottles. Arrange them by brand, type, or even region for a thematic display.

Incorporate additional elements like personalized whiskey glasses, tasting notes, or relevant artwork to create a whiskey-themed ambiance.

Ensure proper lighting to highlight the collection, and consider using unique bottle holders or stands for added visual interest.

How do you wrap a whiskey bottle?

Wrapping a whiskey bottle can be a thoughtful way to present it as a gift. Start by choosing an appropriate wrapping paper, perhaps one with a whiskey-themed design or a classic solid color.

Place the bottle in the center of the paper, and fold the paper tightly around the bottle, securing it with tape.

Add a decorative ribbon or bow for an extra touch. Consider including a personalized note or a whiskey-related card to complete the gift presentation.

What can I do with old Jack Daniels bottles?

Old Jack Daniels bottles offer various options for reuse and display. Consider turning them into decorative items, such as vases or unique lamps, by adding lighting elements inside.

Transforming them into candle holders or incorporating them into DIY projects like soap dispensers or planters can also be creative options.

Some collectors appreciate vintage bottles for their unique labels and designs, making them suitable for display on shelves or in glass cabinets.

The key is to explore your creative side and find a purpose that aligns with your preferences and style.

Final Thoughts on Repurposing Empty Whiskey Bottle Ideas

There are many exciting and creative ways to upcycle your empty whisky containers. Turning the bottles into a more fantastic work of art is the best way to keep them with you for life, in the best possible way. 

So, start your DIY projects now and make use of your precious whisky containers.


  1. Cocktail Queries: What Is an Infinity Bottle, and How Do I Create One?

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