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10 Best MGP Bourbon Brands To Try (2024 Updated)

MGP Bourbon Brands

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Midwest Grain Products, or sourced whiskey, are pretty commonplace in the whiskey world and have been around for decades, even though brands do not disclose it.

And although hardcore bourbon purists will look down on this mass-produced “garbage,” we must admit that most of it is good stuff. 

Here are a few MGP bourbon brands that source their whiskeys from the MGP distillery (some of them might shock you). 

10 MGP Bourbon Brands You Might Not Know About

10. Savage & Cooke

Savage & Cooke

ABV: 44% 

Average Price: Around $50

Savage & Cooke Bourbon is the marriage of four-year-old whiskeys from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, matured in Cabernet barrels. It is cut with the purest spring water from the Alexander Valley in California. 

The Cabernet barrels give the bourbon a potent vanilla profile, with the taste of butterscotch candy and caramel apples. The dram is much warmer on the mid-palate, continuing the hot trend to its long finish. 

9. Old Elk

Old Elk

ABV: 46% 

Average Price: Around $70 

Old Elk’s bourbon is made from a whopping 45% wheat, which takes the term “wheated bourbon” to a new level. 

This spirit is decidedly sweet and pleasant on the palate, with a faint hint of baking spice on the nose. The long finish continues the pleasantly sweet trend.

Old Elk continues to contract MGP to produce custom mash bills, but they do not purchase a standard product from MGP and label it as their own (sourcing).

8. Joseph A. Magnus 

Joseph A. Magnus

ABV: 50.35% 

Average Price: Around $100 

Betcha didn’t know that Joseph A. Magnus sources their whiskeys from MGP! This blended bourbon is made of 11 and 18-year-old bourbons. It is also finished in ex-Armagnac, Cognac, and sherry casks. 

As a result, this spirit is more fruity thanks to the casks, with the taste of stewed prunes, figs, and apricot jam. The whiskey is reminiscent of sticky toffee pudding paired with the best black tea. 

7. Belle Meade

Belle Meade

ABV: 54.65% 

Average Price: Around $50 

The Belle Meade Single Barrel is probably one of the most luxurious bottles from MGP. These barrels are carefully hand-picked and manually tasted by master distillers before they are bottled for sale. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Belle Meade Bourbon is its high proof — it is decidedly spicy with black pepper notes and cinnamon.

As the flavor opens up, you’ll notice creamy vanilla, chocolate sugar, and floral honey in this bourbon.

6. Barrell Craft Spirits 

Barrell Craft Spirits

ABV: 60.3% 

Average Price: Around $70

It might come as a shock to you that Barrell Craft uses bourbon sourced from MGP, with the word “craft” clearly on its name.

When demand for their products grew in 2015, they decided to bring in MGP bourbon to sell, and the rest is history. 

Barrell bourbon starts with plenty of fruit notes, sweet potato pie, walnut, and freshly ground coffee. This is overall not a bad sip and will be a great ingredient in a Boulevardier [1].

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5. Smoke Wagon

Smoke Wagon

ABV: Varies 

Average Price: Around $100 

Smoke Wagon hit all the high points when it comes to sourcing the best MGP whiskeys during modern times.

Our personal favorite is the brand’s Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon Whiskey, made from a high-rye bourbon mash bill.  

This spirit has a nice caramel fragrance, rife with candied pineapple, baked apple, and rye spice. 

4. Nashville Barrel Co. 

Nashville Barrel Co. on desk with glass

ABV: 59.32% 

Average Price: Around $100 

If you’re a big fan of Nashville Barrel spirits, you might’ve noticed that most (if not all) of their bottles say that the spirit had been distilled in an “undisclosed distillery in Indiana.”

The brand carries great labels, but our personal favorite is the Single Barrel Bourbon.

This single barrel bourbon whiskey has classic notes of brown sugar, light vanilla, and a touch of leather. It has a velvety smooth mouthfeel, perfect for drinking neat or in your favorite bourbon whiskey cocktail. 

3. Brother’s Bond

Brother’s Bond

ABV: 40% 

Average Price: Around $40 

Brother’s Bond is a fairly new bourbon brand, so we’re not surprised that their whiskey was sourced from Indiana.

This celebrity whiskey brand made quite the buzz when it was first released as it was heralded by two of the hottest Hollywood actors, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.  

This four-ingredient bourbon (corn, rye, wheat, and barley) is mild and pleasant, even for those starting to get into whiskey. It has apple cider, soft caramel, and a hint of oak. 

Its finish is shorter than what we prefer, but this great whiskey is an excellent choice for a nice Highball. [2]  

2. Redemption 


ABV: 57.2% 

Average Price: Around $100 

Redemption is one of the biggest whiskey brands that source their bourbon from MGP. Their high-rye whiskey is made from 60% bourbon, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley. 

This high-proof rye whiskey has a spicy whiplash on the nose, but if you can move past that, you’ll notice a wonderful marriage of vanilla and floral honey. 

You might want to add a bit of water to this whiskey as it’s a bit too harsh for sipping neat. 

1. Bulleit


ABV: 45% 

Average Price: Around $30 

Bulleit bourbon is famous for its rye whiskey, made from a whopping 95% rye and 5% malted barley — which comes from MGP. 

This whiskey brand has one of the industry’s most iconic bourbon and rye whiskies.

It is unmistakably hot at first, but if you can move past that, you’ll notice fruit notes of peaches, cherries, and a bit of orange zest. The spicy trend continues in its finish. 

Bulleit Rye is best sipped neat so you can experience all its flavor nuances. 

Other Bourbon Brands From MGP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MGP make other alcohols aside from bourbon?

Yes, MGP produces a variety of spirits beyond bourbon. In addition to bourbon, MGP distills rye whiskey, corn whiskey, and wheat whiskey. They also produce a range of neutral spirits, gin, vodka, and various specialty spirits for blending and bottling under other brands.

MGP’s diverse portfolio reflects its versatility as a distillery and its ability to cater to a wide range of preferences within the spirits market.

Are all MGP bourbons the same?

While MGP bourbons share a similar mash bill and are produced by the same distillery, they are not all the same. MGP offers a range of bourbons with varying ages, proofs, and flavor profiles.

Different brands that source bourbon from MGP may have their own unique specifications, such as barrel aging, blending techniques, and finishing processes, which can result in distinct characteristics among bourbons sourced from MGP.

Additionally, MGP offers custom distillation and blending services, allowing brands to create bespoke bourbons tailored to their specific requirements.

Therefore, while MGP bourbons may share a common origin, they can exhibit notable differences in taste, aroma, and overall drinking experience.

Is MGP Bourbon a distillery or a distiller?

MGP Bourbon is neither a distillery nor a distiller in the traditional sense. MGP, or Midwest Grain Products, is a distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, that specializes in the production of various spirits, including bourbon, rye whiskey, and gin, among others.

While MGP operates its own distillery, it also functions as a contract distiller, providing distillation, aging, and blending services for other brands.

Many brands in the whiskey market source their bourbon from MGP, which is then bottled and marketed under their own labels. In this capacity, MGP serves as both a distillery, producing its own branded spirits, and a contract distiller, providing services to other companies seeking high-quality whiskey production.

What sets MGP Bourbon apart from other Bourbons?

MGP Bourbon is distinguished by its high-quality ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and adherence to traditional bourbon production methods, resulting in a range of flavorful and well-balanced whiskies.

Can you name some brands that source Bourbon from MGP?

Several well-known bourbon brands source their whiskey from MGP, including Bulleit Bourbon, Angel’s Envy, George Dickel, Smooth Ambler, and many others.

What is the mash bill typically used for MGP Bourbon?

MGP offers a variety of mash bills for bourbon, including high-rye, traditional, and wheated recipes, allowing brands to select the mash bill that best suits their desired flavor profile.

Is MGP Bourbon considered craft Bourbon?

While MGP produces bourbon using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients, the term “craft” is subjective and often associated with smaller, independent distilleries. However, many brands that source bourbon from MGP are considered craft distilleries.

Final Thoughts 

These ten brands listed source their bourbon from MGP. Most of these brands are famous for their award-winning, quality spirits.

This is a testament to the fact that not all bourbon and rye Midwest Grain Products are run-of-the-mill, mass-produced whiskey.

Bulleit, Redemption, and Nashville Barrel are all well-loved by bourbon aficionados worldwide (ourselves included!). 

Of course, some people opt not to go for brands that bottle MGP whiskey because they would rather support those who have put effort, time, and labor into crafting their products. 


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