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15 Non Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar: Listed (2024)

Non Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Lydia Martin

Whether you are the assigned driver or don’t feel like getting drunk, there is nothing wrong with drinking non-alcoholic drinks at a bar. However, you do not control how well the bar is stocked with quality mixers and fresh ingredients. 

Good thing we curated a list of non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar. They are most commonly available, and you will surely enjoy them. 

15 Non Alcoholic Drinks To Order At A Bar 

15. Virgin Wine Spritzer

One of the non-alcoholic spirits you should order at a bar is the Virgin Wine Spritzer. It can be your go-to mocktail because it tastes like a real wine spritzer. 

Instead of mixing wine and sparkling water or club soda, the bartender will mix a classic pink rose or non-alcoholic sparkling white with sparkling water.

The non-alcoholic cocktail is enjoyable and fizzy. Check out some non-carbonated alcoholic drinks in a can here.

14. Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule

Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule

Every bartender knows Moscow Mule, and you can enjoy an alcohol-free version at the bar. The popular non-alcoholic drink includes ginger beer, simple syrup, club soda, and lime.

It is a booze-free beverage that you can elevate by replacing club soda and lime with apple cider or apple juice. 

Non-alcoholic cocktails can be enjoyed at the bar, especially if you are not used to drinking liquor. This one is a refreshing, slightly tangy, and spicy mocktail. 

13. Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito

Many people love mojito because it is refreshing and easy to make, and if you are not drinking alcohol, you can still enjoy this non-alcoholic beverage.

This popular non-alcoholic drink is easy to make, and the only difference from the real drink is the lack of rum

Virgin Mojito combines generous mint leaves, fresh lime juice or lemon juice, sugar, and soda water. Don’t forget to garnish it with a lime wedge to get the Mojito vibes. 

12. Kombucha

If you want something funky, most bars have been stocking some fizzy kombucha as a great alternative to club soda. It is a fermented tea with a very low ABV. The drink has the same threshold as non-alcoholic spirits and wines. 

Kombucha is sweet, sour, and fizzy. Studies also show that drinking Kombucha can help prevent or relieve health problems [1].

11. Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned 

Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned is one of the classic whiskey cocktails most people order at the bar, and you can enjoy one sans the whiskey. 

The non-alcoholic Old Fashioned is all about good quality ingredients, and if the bar carries Seedlip, it can be a solid alternative for whiskey.

Otherwise, you can opt for a herbal iced tea mixed with lime juice and bitters for an almost similar flavor profile. 

10. Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers

If you are a fan of Shirley Temple, you can try the classic Roy Rogers as an alternative mocktail.

Roy Rogers is a non-alcoholic beverage made from grenadine syrup and cola. It is garnished with a maraschino cherry. You can opt for a diet coke if you are cutting some calories.

Roy Rogers is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks you can try instead of a classic Shirley Temple. Most cocktail bars do not run out of grenadine syrup and coke easily. 

9. Ginger & Juice

Ginger & Juice

Non-alcoholic ginger beer can be an excellent base for alcohol-free drinks. Ginger and juice is a versatile mocktail because you can round out ginger beer’s spice with any juice the bar can offer. 

It blends greatly with ginger beer, whether cranberry juice, pineapple juice, or orange juice. Also, you can mix it with lemon or lemonade if available. 

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8. Virgin Piña Colada

Virgin Piña Colada

Piña Colada Mocktail is a classic tropical mocktail that’s fun to drink and alcohol-free. Unlike other virgin drinks with substitutions, the Piña Colada mocktail does not need one.

All you have to do is ask your bartender to omit the rum, and you can enjoy the alcohol-free Piña Colada. 

Piña Colada Mocktail is one the best non-alcoholic drinks you can order at the bar. You can have it blended or iced and ask for coconut water for a twist- your choice. 

7. Soda & Bitters

Soda & Bitters

Soda and bitters is a common and classic mocktail that is refreshing and bubbly with minimal trace amounts of booze. You can mix soda, tonic water, or non-alcoholic seltzer with a dash of bitters and soda, and it’s good to go. 

Bitters have alcohol content, so make sure to use a minuscule to ensure that it remains one of the best virgin drinks. 

6. Fizzy Fruit Juice

You can enjoy a fizzy mocktail at the bar by ordering your favorite fruit juice and soda water on top. 

Orange juice and soda water can make a solid virgin mimosa, but if you want anything too sweet, you can stick with grapefruit juice. Also, you can ask for fresh fruit on top of your beverage. 

5. Virgin Margarita

Virgin Margarita

Yes, you can enjoy a glass of alcohol-free margarita by ordering the virgin version at a bar. Skip the tequila [2] and ask your bartender to mix tonic water, lemon syrup, and orange or lime juice.

To balance out the citrus, ask for some agave syrup or simple syrup, and don’t forget to get a salt rim. 

4. Gin-Free Tom Collins 

Gin-Free Tom Collins

Gin-Free Tom Collins is a classic mocktail made from lemon juice, sugar, and tonic water. It does look like a classic Tom Collins, and you will not notice the difference.

If the bar has some grapefruit sodas, they can give your alcohol-free spirits some yummy twist. Also, you can use some lemon-lime soda for your mocktail. 

3. Virgin Bloody Mary

Virgin Bloody Mary

Virgin Bloody Mary can be an easy brunch mocktail you can order while you are out alone or with friends. It is similar to the original cocktail minus the alcohol.

If you think you need some bitterness since it lacks vodka, you can ask for a dash of pickle juice or olive juice. 

2. Sunrise Mocktail

Sunrise Mocktail

If you don’t drink alcohol but want to try a colorful and bright Tequila Sunrise, you can ask for some Sunrise Mocktail.

It is a mix of grenadine, orange juice, and soda water. For the sunrise effect, you can ask for some maraschino cherries on top and a drizzle of grenadine on edge. 

1. Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy

Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy

A non-alcoholic hot toddy is one of the alcohol-free spirits you should try ordering at a bar. Irish pubs serve Hot Toddy as a warm-up beverage, and you can order one without whiskey.

It is a combination of tea, honey, various spices, and lemon. As expected, there’s some cinnamon and cloves, but you can ask your bartender to get creative. Check out some non-alcoholic whiskey brands here.


What is the best non-alcoholic drink for a girl to order at a bar?

The best non-alcoholic drink for a girl to order at a bar is the Sunrise Mocktail. It is colorful, refreshing, and easy to make, so your bartender can whip it up in just minutes. 

Can you drink non-alcoholic beverages when pregnant?

Yes, you can drink non-alcoholic beverages when pregnant. Non-alcoholic beverages do not contain alcohol, so it is safe for your baby. 

What are non-alcoholic drinks? 

Non-alcoholic drinks are beverages that do not contain alcohol, making them suitable for individuals who prefer not to consume alcohol or are abstaining from drinking.

What non-alcoholic drinks can I order at a bar? 

There are plenty of options! You can order refreshing choices like virgin mojitos, virgin daiquiris, Shirley Temples, sparkling water with lime, mocktails, or specialty non-alcoholic cocktails created by the bartender.

Are non-alcoholic drinks limited at bars? 

Not at all! Many bars now offer extensive non-alcoholic drink menus to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a delicious and satisfying beverage.

Are non-alcoholic drinks cheaper than alcoholic beverages at bars? 

Generally, yes! Non-alcoholic drinks tend to be more affordable than their alcoholic counterparts since they do not contain alcohol. However, prices may vary depending on the venue and the ingredients used.

Can I still have fun at a bar without drinking alcohol? 

Absolutely! Bars offer a vibrant atmosphere filled with music, socializing, and delicious drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can enjoy the experience and camaraderie without consuming alcohol.

Final Verdict

Whatever your reason for skipping alcohol, you don’t need to stick to water, iced coffee, iced tea, or soda in a can. You can sip something delicious without worrying about getting drunk because the list above is all non-alcoholic. 

Alcohol-free drinks at a bar are a trend, and you can ask your bartenders to get creative. From cold to hot mocktails, you will surely enjoy a glass of alcohol-free drinks, especially if you want to enjoy the rest of the night without getting buzzed. 


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