Rock Hill Farms Bourbon Bottle Price & Buying Guide (2023)

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Named “The World’s Greatest Bourbon” by Washingtonian Magazine—Rock Hill Farms is a smooth bourbon defined by rich tradition.

Although Rock Hill Farms doesn’t get much attention nowadays compared to its other sibling from Sazerac, we’re amazed at how it left a strong impression on our palate.

Keep reading and learn more about Rock Hills Farms’ bourbons, its manufacturer, some interesting facts, and why it’s so elusive in the bourbon market.

About Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon

Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon Bottle on a Table

Rock Hill Farms is a single-barrel straight bourbon named after rich farmland along the Kentucky River. It is bottled at 100-proof, having 50% alcohol content.

Aside from the limestone waters from the Kentucky River, this bourbon uses a high-rye mash bill known as Mash bill #2 from Buffalo Trace, containing around 12% to 15% rye.

Who Makes Rock Hill Farms Bourbon? 

The Sazerac Company makes Rock Hill Farms bourbon.

It’s one of the world’s leading American alcoholic beverage companies based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sazerac also produces iconic brands such as Van Winkle, Blanton’s, Eagle Rare, Elmer T. Lee, W.L. Weller, and Buffalo Trace.

These Rock Hill Farms’ siblings are all manufactured in the same distillery, the Buffalo Trace Distillery, considered the oldest operating distillery in the US, located in Frankfort, Kentucky. [1]

How Old Is Rock Hill Farms Bourbon?

refilling whiskey barrel

Rock Hill Farms bourbon doesn’t carry an age statement.

But some whiskey nerds believe it was barrel-aged for more than eight years because of its great mouthfeel and tasting profile.

Also, one noticeable thing about this bourbon is that although it has a high proof of 100 and uses rye on its mash bill, it doesn’t give a harsh or intense burn on the palate. 

Interesting Facts


Compared with its comparable siblings, Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel and Blanton’s Single Barrel, which both use Mash Bill #2, Rock Hill Farms has a higher proof but with a great tasting profile.

Even though those bourbons are distilled in the same distillery, its warehouse aging locations vary, and it imparts unique characteristics to the bourbon. [2]

The creamy dose of flavors and silky mouthfeel of Rock Hill Farms balances its rye spice.

This extraordinary drinking experience outshines other bourbons under the same mash bill category.

“Rye is a gloriously spicy grain…It’s big and full bodied. It’s what you want to graduate to if you’re an American whiskey drinker.”

– Dave Pickerell, Master Distiller

Tasting Notes

Close up Shot of Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon Bottle

Palate: Light creamy, oaky, and silky mouthfeel with flavors of caramel, and vanilla, with subtle spices on the mid-palate, toffee, and dark chocolate.

Nose: It opens a nice rye spice with pleasant aromas of vanilla, lots of baking spices, notes of cinnamon, and charred oak. 

Color: It has a deep orange-amber color hue.

Finish: Smooth, velvety medium finish with lingering spice, toasted oak, and sweet vanilla. 

Bottle Design 

Rock Hill Farms has a simple bottle design with a large cork topper. It has hand-painted-like horses in the front, keeping the Kentucky horses theme, likely similar to Blanton’s bottle stopper.

Aside from its printed name on the back of the bottle, it only includes some details, including its volume, ABV, and distillery address.

Cocktail Drinks

Rock Hill Farms’ versatility in drinks is commendable. Although it is well-balanced and best to sip on its own, its spicy bourbon character is also good for making cocktails.

It’s perfect for an Old-Fashioned drink, or add fruit juices like lime and lemon or club soda to make a fizzy cocktail.

Price & Value 

Rock Hill Farms is so elusive on liquor store shelves, and this Rock Hill Farms would cost around $250 (Drizly) per 750ml bottle.

With a high price tag and low product releases, it’s hard to find a bottle of this delicious bourbon, but it might be harder to get it in a reasonably priced bottle. 


Is Rock Hill Farms bourbon hard to find?

Yes, Rock Hill Farms bourbon is hard to find. These single-barrel bourbons are not limited editions but are speculated with low bottle releases.

Is Rock Hill Farms bourbon discontinued?

No. There are rumors that Rock Hill Farms bourbon has been discontinued, but there’s no official statement from its manufacturing company, Sazerac, that it has been discontinued.

In addition, you can still see Rock Hill Farms’ flagship on Sazerac’s official website.

Final Say 

Rock Hill Farms is a single-barrel expression from Buffalo Trace.

This no-age-statement bourbon stands out because of its high proof of 100 but offers a balance, velvety-tasting profile.

Rock Hill Farms bourbon is likely to be untouchable, but what’s strange is that Sazerac and Buffalo Trace have been quiet concerning its production releases. 

But if ever you get the chance to see a bottle of Rock Hill Farms at a fair price, don’t hesitate to buy one. 

Drink it neat, make cocktails, or in any way you like—Rock Hill Farms is a palatable dram that makes a solid drink.



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