9 Bourbons Similar to Bulleit Ranked & Compared (2023)

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Bulleit bourbons are known for their spicy notes. 

If you are branching out to other whiskies and enjoying the sweetness and spice of Bulleit, we compiled Bulleit alternatives, their flavor profiles, and their price point.

Read on for our expert picks on the best bourbons similar to Bulleit. 

Top 9 Bourbons Comparable To Bulleit Bourbon 

9. Bulleit Barrel Strength 

PalateGentle spiciness, tones of oak, caramel, nutmeg
NoseSweet oak, vanilla, and maple
ColorMedium amber
FinishLong, dry, with light toffee and deep oak notes
How It’s ServedNeat and on the rocks
Comparable ToElijah Craig Barrel Proof and Four Roses Private Select

Average Price: Roughly $59.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 59.5%

Why We Like It:

Bulleit Barrel Strength uses a similar high-rye grain bill of Bulleit bourbon and has been widely acknowledged by different spirits competition for its bold and rich taste. Also, it is bottled at high proof. 

8. Bulleit 10

Bulleit 10 year bourbon bottle
PalateConsistent dried fruit, spicy vanilla, rye, and caramel
NoseRich toasted oak, black pepper, butterscotch
ColorDeep Russet
FinishLong and smoky
How It’s ServedNeat, on the rocks, and in a cocktail drink
Comparable ToEagle Rare, Bulleit, and Four Roses Single Barrel

Average Price: Roughly $49.99 (Drizly) 

Alcohol Content: 45.6%

Why We Like It:

Bulleit 10 is a bourbon whiskey aged in a newly charred oak barrel for ten years. The result is a deep, rich, and smooth sipping experience. 

Bulleit 10 uses a similar recipe (68 percent corn, 28 percent rye, and 4 percent malted barley) as the Bulleit bourbon. 

7. Angel’s Envy Port Wine Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Bottle and a glass
PalateSweet rum, soft oak, brown sugar, rye spice, and sherry wood
NoseCitrus, caramel, maple sugar, hazelnut, and rye spice
ColorReddish amber
FinishMedium, sweet, dry, and spicy 
How It’s ServedOn the rocks
Comparable ToBulleit Rye whiskey and Evan Williams single barrel

Average Price: Roughly $54.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 43.3%

Why We Like It:

It has a mingling spiciness, sweetness, and earthiness like Bulleit bourbon. 

The whiskey is a not-so-typical-bourbon because it is finished in port wine casks, providing a sweet flavor profile. 

6. Broken Barrel Small Batch

Broken Barrel Small Batch Bottle
PalateRye spice, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and cherry
NoseRye spice, cornflakes, oak, honey, and vanilla
ColorYellow Gold
FinishMedium with sweetness and a hint of sherry cask
How It’s ServedNeat and in a cocktail drink
Comparable ToMaker’s Mark 46 and Four Roses Yellow Label

Average Price: Roughly $40 (Official Website)

Alcohol Content: 47.5%

Why We Like It:

Broken Barrel leads the charge in adding staves in their whiskeys [1], and with this, their whiskeys have amazing tasting notes and remarkable finish.

It features a satisfying flavor and heat on the way down with a touch of rye spice, oak, and vanilla. 

5. Yellowstone Select Bourbon

Bottle of Yellowstone Select Bourbon
PalateSmokey, vanilla, rye, and cinnamon
NoseRye spice, cherries, leather, and maple syrup
ColorDeep golden chestnut
FinishSmoky with oak and brown sugar
How It’s ServedSplash of water and on the rocks
Comparable ToBuffalo Trace and 1792 Single Barrel

Average Price: Roughly $41.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 46.5%

Why We Like It:

Yellowstone straight bourbon is a blend of 4-7-year-old bourbons featuring a delicate fusion of flavors. 

It drinks nicely on the rocks, and its strong rye spice notes suit Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned well. 

4. Old Grand Dad Bonded

Old Grand Dad Bonded
PalateRye spice, cinnamon, peaches, spicy caramel
NosePeaches, oak, corn, pepper, vanilla
ColorDark honey
FinishMedium, soft, rye spice, and wood
How It’s ServedNeat and on the rocks
Comparable ToBasil Hayden, Bulleit bourbon, and Evan Williams

Average Price: Roughly $24.99 (Total Wine)

Alcohol Content: 50%

Why We Like It:

Old Grand Dad carries 68 percent corn, 27 percent rye, and 10 percent barley, giving cocktails a nice spicy touch. 

3. Wolcott Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bottle of Wolcott Kentucky Straight Bourbon
PalateRich vanilla, cinnamon, rye, and wood
NoseWood, citrus, berries, and leather
ColorRich amber
FinishLong, lingering, dry, with a touch of apricot
How It’s ServedOn the rocks and in a cocktail drink
Comparable ToBuffalo Trace, Bulleit bourbon, and Four Roses

Average Price: Roughly $50.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 45%

Why We Like It:

Wolcott Kentucky bourbon is from 1792 Barton Distillery and is known for its spicy character.

“The white oak gives a delicious toasty vanilla caramel in Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye”

– Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of the Whiskey Portfolio in North America for Diageo

It is matured in new charred oak barrels to develop color and taste profile [2]. 

2. Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon

Old Grand-Dad 114 Bottle and a Glass
PalateFruity, sweet, rye, and caramel
NoseCinnamon, baking spice, and orange peel 
ColorLight brown 
FinishFull-bodied finish with a candied fruit aftertaste
How It’s ServedNeat and in cocktails
Comparable ToBlanton’s Single Barrel Proof and Benchmark Full Proof

Average Price: Roughly $29.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 57%

Why We Like It:

OGD 114 can be a great substitute for Bulleit bourbon because it contains high rye on its grain bill (63 percent corn, 27 percent rye, and 10 percent malted barley.

It is one of the best values in the bourbon world, plus it is easy to find in any liquor store. It is bottled at 114 proof so expect that 

1. Four Roses Small Batch

Four Roses Small Batch Bottle
PalateMellow, dried spice, berries, and toasted sugar
NoseRich fruit, corn, mellow spice, and wood
ColorGolden amber
FinishSmooth, sweet, soft, and pleasantly long
How It’s ServedNeat, on the rocks, and in a mixed drink
Comparable ToJim Beam single barrel, Bulleit bourbon

Average Price: Roughly $39.99 (Drizly)

Alcohol Content: 45%

Why We Like It:

Four Roses is a great alternative for Bulleit because they share similarities in tasting notes.

It is tasty and smooth and gives one of the best values in the bourbon world for its price. 


What bourbon has a similar price to Bulleit?

Yellowstone and Four Roses are two bourbons with almost similar prices as Bulleit. You can find their price in the online liquor store Drizly, but the price may vary at other local liquor stores. 

What makes Bulleit bourbon different?

Its mash bill ratio and taste are what make Bulleit bourbon different. Unlike other bourbon whiskeys, Bulleit bourbon is known for its spicy character and high rye content. 

Final Thoughts 

Bulleit is a well-rounded bourbon, and if you want to step up and try other whiskeys that are almost similar to its flavor profile, Old Grand Dad, Wolcott, and Michter’s are worth trying. 

However, if you want the best bourbon, almost similar to Bulleit, you never go wrong with Four Roses. 



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