Sweetens Cove Bourbon Bottle Size & Price Guide (2023)

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This is where we are supposed to say, “roll out the barrels,” but we don’t do that here.

Once again, we bring our (drinking) experiment results from our bourbon experts and enthusiasts ( or shall we say ‘bourbon scientists?’) for this ultimate Sweetens Cove bourbon review.

Everything about Sweetens Cove bourbons is coming up.

All About Sweetens Cove Bourbon

Sweetens Cove Bourbon

Sweetens Cove bourbons is from a celebrity spirit brand named after the 9-hole golf course in Tennessee. However,  the real powerhouse is not the celebrity backing up but their female master distiller Marianne Eaves who is well-respected in the industry.

So far, they have released three variations of bourbons which seemed to be well-received by the public.

Some say the bourbon’s success is due to the fame of the owners, while others insist that the bottle speaks for itself.

Key Facts

Key Facts

History and origin

In 2019, a group of famous celebrity athletes acquired the Sweetens Cove golf course. The owners decided then to launch a whiskey company named after it.

The company started operating in 2020 and released its first limited edition, which became a huge success despite its price tag.

The course’s traditional ritual of first-time players taking a complimentary shot on the first tee before beginning their rounds has been preserved as they toast glasses of their own blended bourbons.

How It’s Made

Oak Barrel

Marianne Eaves started with her own blended bourbon signature process of tasting every single barrel, taking notes then pulling out the unbalanced ones while keeping what’s best.

Starting with the older products first, she created small batches. She added the younger products layer by layer until she created a cask-strength bourbon masterpiece finished in stainless steel submerged with spiral toasted sugar maple wood.

Aging Process & Age Statement

The aging process from the three variations of barrel craft spirits also varies.

The first released limited edition in 2020 is a 13-year-old masterpiece, while 2021 blended bourbon blends three different ages – 4, 6, and 16.

On the other hand, the newest release, Kennessee bourbons, has its aged and mash bill undisclosed.

Mash Bill & Alcohol Content

Bourbon Mash Bill Ingredients

The first released Tennessee straight bourbon has a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye & 8% malt at 51.4% ABV.

Next is the blended three Tennessee bourbons 2021 has only its age being disclosed at 4, 6, 16  blended at 56.85% ABV.

Lastly, the Kenneesse bourbons have no mash bill and age being disclosed.

Ownership & Distillery

Sweetens Cove Spirit Company, founded by the world-famous ‘celebrity’ athletes Peyton Manning, Andy Roddick, and others, is named after a Tennessee golf course.

The company was launched in 2020 with its top-notch blender Marianne Eaves, a female master distiller.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes


A  warm sensation creating a nicely tempered flush of caramel, sweet vanilla, baking spices, brown sugar,  a hint of citrus, green apple, and gentle syrupy oak is the best description of the palate in every rich yet gentle sip as the flavors kick.


The color is amber. In the bottle, the Tennessee 2020 looks ruddy gold; in the glass, it’s more greenish gold.

The later released bourbons were almost the same but a bit lighter in colors, especially the Kennessee.


Sweetens Cove with glass

The Kennessee brings the impression of warm toasted oak, graham cracker, chocolate cake, rich hot spice, orange peel, almond drifting, cream soda, and a hint of dried pome fruit to the aroma.

It’s a bit hot on your nose but not displeasing, but a delicious medley, like a delightful concoction of smell standing on equal ground.


The well-balanced flavors of oak spice and brown sugar taste shine through the long finishing sensation with lingering warmth and a sweet soft woodsy in the end.

A taste of banana bread, toasted almonds, black cherry, and dark chocolate creates a pleasant flare of flavors at the end.

What’s a Kennessee bourbon?

Sweetens Cove Kennessee bourbon

Available in 12 states in the US and still counting, Kennessee bourbons are the newest release and the ‘mainstream’ product of the company.

It’s the combination and harmony of the rivaled powerhouse whiskey states Kentucky and Tennessee finished in a toasted sugar maple wood.

Common Sweetens Cove Bourbon Whiskey Price

Common Sweetens Cove Bourbon Whiskey Price

Type Size Alcohol by Volume Average Price


Sweetens Cove Kennessee 750 ml 53.35 % $ 58.41
Sweetens Cove Tennessee (Blended) 750 ml 56.85 % $ 189.99
Sweetens Cove Tennessee
(aged 13 years) 
750 ml 51.4 % $ 219.99

Compared to Other Bourbons

Compared to Other Bourbons

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Tennessee Bourbon

Both have the features of the typical Tennessee bourbons. The Kennessee bourbons are a bit stronger with 51.4% ABV compared to the latter with only 46% ABV.

A 750 ml bottle of Bib & Tucker Small Batch Tennessee Bourbons costs around $55.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is quite different from Sweetens Cove. It’s not classified as bourbon with only 35% ABV. It’s well known for Its sweet honey flavor.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee honey is cheaper at around per 1-liter bottle.

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

Regarding specs, George Dickel Tennessee is comparable to the first released Tennessee Bourbon. Still, the price of both has a large difference.

Dickel Tennessee whiskey 750 ml bottle costs around $30.

Popular Sweetens Cove Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

Popular Sweetens Cove Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

The Defending Hideki

Prep Time: 5-10 mins.

Total Time: 5-10 mins


  • .75 oz of Kennessee Bourbon 
  • 1.5 oz of Japanese Bermutto 
  • .75 oz of Suntory Toki Whisky 
  • .25 oz of Honey Syrup 
  • Lime Wedge

Instructions: Squeeze the lime wedge over the top of the glass, then discard it once it is in the drink. It should be served in a Rocks glass on a big cube garnished with a grapefruit peel.

Serving: 1


Is Sweetens Cove bourbon hard to find?

Yes, the first and second released bourbons were all limited editions and only available in a few selected states; they were focused on Georgia and Tennessee.

But now, the latest Kennessee bourbons, the company’s first foray into the all-access market, are much more accessible, being available in 12 states(  Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Illinois) on its release and at a more affordable price.

Does Peyton Manning own Sweetens Cove bourbon?

Yes, Manning is one of the owners of the whiskey company; alongside him are also big names like Andy Roddick, Tom Nolan, Rob Collins, Mark Rivers, and others. [1]

Final Verdict

The Sweetens Cove Spirits deserve their top spot as their key distiller Marianne Eaves with her proven records in the industry, sets the company apart from other celebrity spirit brands.

With its lower price, their newest release, Kennessee bourbons, surely competes well with older brands in the game.



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